Deadly-Disease-Carrying Immigrants Crossing the Border In Record Numbers


There are diseases crossing the Southern Border of the United States. As we are seeing with the mainstream media, google is purposely covering up this fact. Both the MSM and Social Media is complicit in the coverup.

I conducted an internet search using the following search term:

“Immigrant diseases crossing the border “

The results were dramatic. Every single listing on page one of the Google inquiry, using he search phrase, mocked or denied the fact that immigrants are, in deed, crossing the border and spreading disease and viruses for which we American have no immunity. Below are the results of the coverup by Google as listed on page one of a search engine inquiry.

Infectious Diseases Making the Border Crisis Worse | Center for ...

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Mar 13, 2019 - Instead, it focuses on the response of U.S. Immigration and Customs ... In fact, concern about diseases crossing borders is not unique to the ...

Tip sheet offers sources to debunk claims linking immigrants to ...

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Dec 13, 2018 - There is also a specific disease surveillance infrastructure between the U.S. and Mexico border, called the Binational Border Infectious Disease ...

DGMQ Overview | CDC

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DGMQ prevents the spread of disease, protecting people and helping keep America ... because diseases and outbreaks can quickly cross international borders. ... health screenings for all immigrants and refugees entering the United States, ...

FACT CHECK: Does Immigration Across the Southern U.S. Border ... › Fact Check › Politics

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Nov 5, 2018 - Anti-immigration memes make sweeping speculations about ... Mr. Cabrera warned that diseases brought across the border could easily ...

Our History of Blaming Immigrants for Disease – Featured Stories ...

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Apr 12, 2019 - Our History of Blaming Immigrants for Disease .... Presented with the possibility of Ebola flooding our Mexican border, Dr. Thomas Frieden, ...

Migrants don't bring disease. In fact, they help fight it, report says

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Dec 5, 2018 - People who oppose immigration often argue that migrants bring disease with them, ... Border battle: Trump defends use of tear gas on migrants.

Dated photo used to make false claim about migrants, disease ...

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Claim: Says photo of man shows "diseases coming across the border."

Claimed by: Bloggers

Fact check by PolitiFact: False


No, this isn't a photograph of an immigrant with smallpox | PolitiFact ...

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Claim: A photograph shows an undocumented immigrant with smallpox.

Claimed by: Viral image

Fact check by PolitiFact: Pants on Fire


Less than 2000 people in ICE custody quarantined for contagious diseases

Mar 11, 2019 - More than 2000 people in Immigration and Custom enforcement Custody are being quarantined amid an outbreak of mumps and other ...

Could it be any more clear as to Google's, and for that matter, the entire MSM's intent?

Despite Google's Coverup, the Infestations Have Historically Been Growing Exponentially

The infestation of diseased illegal immigrants is not new and is certainly not a recent phenomenon. The current spreading of diseases, rare to the United States has been going on, in earnest, since 2014. 

In the previous Central American immigration invasion, in 2014, I interviewed the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) , Dr. Jane Orient. Dr. Jane Orient stated that,

“Tuberculosis (TB) is the single most dangerous disease because it is highly contagious and can be easily picked up at the mall, at a school, or on the bus... Cases coming from south of the U.S. border can be very resistant to medications. They don’t respond to traditional antibiotics, and the few drugs they may respond to are often toxic, with lots of side effects... Legal immigrants have always been required to undergo health screenings

Orient continued,

“but these kids coming have no medical screenings... They’re likely coming here with a number of infectious diseases that will spread like wildfire.”

Ebola heorrhagic fever broke out in West Africa in March 0f 2014, and became totally out of control as one of the most deadly illnesses has crossed into seven African countries. The illness causes fever, headache, and internal and external bleeding. It is transmitted person to person through body fluids, and has up to a 90% mortality rate. This was reported in the Washington Post on June 29, 2014. Adding fuel to this fire is a statement that comes from the chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), Zack Taylor, in June of 2014, who states that West African illegal immigrants are presently coming into the U.S. through Mexico. These West Africans have been apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley sector in the last few years. Some of these groups speak Spanish in order to infiltrate into the United States posing as Central American immigrants. This speaks to planning and collusion that some of these groups were taught to speak Spanish so they will "blend in" with other illegal immigrant groups. This is another piece of evidence that the coming series of pandemics has some governmental agency fingerprints o both the 2014 and 2019  invasion if illegal immigrants. Smart money would say that the CIA is involved.

Drug Resistant TB, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya

In the aforementioned interview, Dr. Orient spoke of a mosquito-transmitted disease known as Dengue fever,. Dengue fever comes from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. According to my Border Patrol contact, many more illegal immigrants from these regions are making their way into the United States. This illness took a fatal hemorrhagic form. There is no vaccine and no drug therapy for this viral disease that is almost always fatal. Dr. Orient speaks and writes about Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus from both Africa and Asia, which surfaced in the Caribbean in December 2013. As of June 3, 2014, more than 100,000 confirmed and suspected cases had been reported from 17 countries in the Caribbean and South America. Dr. Orient stated that the CDC predicts the disease will continue to spread in the Americas and it did. If people from these regions are coming to America, Chikungunya is spreading to the United States. Chikungunya and dengue are carried by the same mosquitoes and can be difficult to distinguish between the two. Chikungunya is not always fatal, unless it has been weaponized, and certainly, Americans will have no immunity for Dengue Fever and Chikungunya. ALTHOUGH BOTH OF THESE DISEASES ARE FIRST TRANSMITTED BY MOSQUITOES,  BUT THEN THEY ARE THEN TRANSMITTED BY HUMAN TO HUMAN CONTACT!

Drug-resistant TB has already made its way into the United States as a result of the presence of the illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol was privately stating that they were impacted and at least one confirmed case of TB has shown up among the Border Patrol as have scabies and other select illnesses. Dr. Orient was aware of this, as was I. However, the government was actively covering this up by threatening criminal prosecution of any whistle blowing Border Patrol agents. Dr. Orient said that the Border Patrol were laundering their work clothes on site so as to lessen the chance of spreading disease to their family members at home.

The CDC kept no figures on new incidences for most of these diseases that crossed our border in 2014.

That Was Then, This Is Now

Today's danger of spreading pandemics, at the southern border, has been multiplied exponentially simply because of the great increase of numbers at the border. Lightening has stricken twice at McAllen, TX. As the CSS has previously reported, 20 Congolese immigrants were detained for suspected Ebola. At least three of them test positive and now they are missing!!!! This occurred in April of 2019.

The fear among federal employees is that immigrants are going to become suicide bombers. They will be infected  and intermingled among large population groups inside the United States. And these immigrants are bringing diseases to our country.

Presently, we are shipping potentially disease ridden populations to every major metropolitan area in the United States. The illegal immigrants normally spend about 24-72 hours in detention and are released through the use of tax-supported public and private transportation and are subsequently delivered all over the country. Local officials, attempting to find  housing for these illegal immigrants, are making use of closed schools and abandoned buildings. This places our local communities in direct contact with the immigrant population which will increase the rate of the transmissibility of these diseases and viruses. Further, as these illegal immigrants are landed in our international airports, they are having transmissible disease type contact with regular travelers who will become potential carriers to their points of destination. If you are old enough to remember the movie, Outbreak (1995), then you already know where this is headed.


From the Daily Caller:

...In one case, a teenager arrived at a medical clinic at the Texas border with a “vile-smelling wound on his foot,” which a pediatrician warned could cause the teen to lose his leg. At the same clinic, a young girl arrived with a 104-105 degree fever and a cough and chills.

A rotating medical team near the southern California border reportedly discovered hundreds of cases of communicable diseases and other conditions in the first two months of 2019, including 362 cases of lice, 113 cases of scabies, 22 cases of possible flu and four cases of chickenpox.

According to a November report from the Tijuana Health Department, thousands of migrants have been treated in Mexico for infectious diseases. The diseases ranged from the flu to HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis...

In March of 2019, Reuters published an article entitled Mumps, other outbreaks force U.S. detention centers to quarantine over 2,000 migrants.

...ICE health officials have been notified of 236 confirmed or probable cases of mumps among detainees in 51 facilities in the past 12 months, compared to no cases detected between January 2016 and February 2018. Last year, 423 detainees were determined to have influenza and 461 to have chicken pox. All three diseases are largely preventable by vaccine...


 This is only the bare tip of the proverbial iceberg. America stands defenseless against the omnipresent danger. The Democrats demand that we should be forcibly vaccinated, but they refuse to screen disease carrying immigrants for diseases for which Americans have no immunity for many of these border-crossing diseases. 

Considering the fact that the Border Patrol and ICE arrested 100,000 in April alone, the problem is going to grow to epidemic proportions.

Meanwhile, the MSM constantly minimizes the danger and mocks a concerned public.

From Google in response to a search engine inquiry about diseased immigrants:

Migrant caravans won't bring disease — anti-vaxxers will - The Verge