Have We Entered the Tribulation? Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges

four horeseman

When I discovered that my beloved Chriistian brother, Steve Quayle, has arrived at the belief that humanity was indeed entering the Tribulation complete with the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, I thought it was critical that I share Steve's beliefs with my audience.

In the present time, we are so buried in fear, as exemplified by our obsession with collecting toilet paper, that I feel that many people are forsaking their spiritual lives and subsequently their relationship with Jesus. I have doubts about America's future, but I know that the Lord will never forsake me. He will send his Holy Spirit to protect and sustain His believers.  Therefore, I wanted to present Steve's thoughts on this critical issue, which are becoming very apparent for all to see, with my audience. My loving advice is to humble yourself before the Lord and thank him for the warnings he has divinely offered us through Scripture and then ask for his complete guidance. 

I do not know the hour of the day of Jesus' return, but my eyes were further opened by Steve's observations about the period we have entered and make no mistake about it, Satan is here and he will decieve as many as possible and he will physically and spiriutually destroy as many people, including Christians, as possible. My beloved friends, we have entered a New Age and those that come to recognize this new reality and ask for the Lord's guidance, will survive. 

Steve Quayle and Gensix was originally going to offer a wonderfully informative in-person conference at Branson, MO., in July. However, Steve did not need to be told by public officials that this could be dangerous and perhaps not even legal by that time. In an attempt to protect everyone, including the wonderful town of Branson, the Gensix conference will be held as a streaming event and participants will also have access to last year's streamed events. I have been a participant in the last two Branson events, one as a member of the media and the last one as a member of the media and a panel participant along with Steve Quayle and Pastor Paul Begley, and I can honestly state that the two events were paradigm-altering events. I am certain that the Lord will bless this event, particularily given the severity of the times. For the moment, the streaming event is still listed as the original dates in July. That will soon be corrected. The dates of the live streaming have been changed to May 12-14, 2020. 

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This very important interview, between Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges, can be accessed by clicking this link.