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NBC says they are misinformation, but are likely to be effective (since they are true). Here’s the quote:

Burgert warned these tactics could be effective.

They even quote me in the article as being responsible for the ads and for pushing unproven treatments (you know, treatments like fluvoxamine which has been shown to reduce death by a factor of 12, better than any other drug).

I’ve reviewed Maddie’s medical records myself and Janet Woodcock promised me the FDA would investigate. Nobody from the FDA, CDC, or NIH ever reached out despite repeated pleas from Senator Ron Johnson.

Maddie’s story

Maddie de Garay, a 12-year-old participant in the 12-15 year old Pfizer trial was paralyzed less than 24 hours after her second shot. She’s now on her way to being a quadriplegic. In the trial, they reported her injury as “abdominal pain.”

The FDA, NIH, and CDC never investigated this case and they refuse to discuss it. This shows not only clinical trial fraud but corruption at the very top of the FDA, NIH, and CDC. Nicole Scott wrote on Twitter: “To not properly report her injury is not only clear negligence, but reeks of malfeasance. Those responsible should face criminal charges.”

The press isn’t covering this at all because they want to keep America in the dark. The press doesn’t want America to know there was fraud in the Phase 3 trial and that the FDA and CDC are covering it up.

Maddie’s story is very important. The fact she was paralyzed means that the risk of paralysis from the vaccine is likely fewer than 1 in 20,000. Why would you do that for a disease with a near zero chance of killing you? See this article for more details.

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“If Pfizer and the FDA can cover up Maddie’s injury, how can we trust they won’t do the same to your child?” #MaddiedeGaray

— Trevor Fitzgibbon (@TrevorFitzgibb1) January 11, 2022

The Trusted News Initiative (TNI)

Here’s why you can’t trust the TNI, even though they have “trust” in their name.

What is the Trusted News Initiative? #LBRY via @OdyseeTeam

— Steve Kirsch (@stkirsch) January 13, 2022

Debate challenge

My debate challenge to Dr. Natasha Burgert, a Kansas pediatrician who is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics who was quoted in the NBC article. Please like and share.

My team at VSRF created the Maddie de Garay ad. I was wondering if you care to debate our team of experts on vaccine/masking safety and efficacy. If you want to stomp out misinformation, this is your chance.

— Steve Kirsch (@stkirsch) January 13, 2022


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