How the Bolsheviks of the Democratic Party Overthrew the United States of America-How Will Conservatives Respond?

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At midnight (EST), President Trump was cruising to victory. He was pulling away from Biden in all 5 swing states. At 130AM (EST) a family member told me to record the numbers as they sat at that moment because shutting down the reporting meant that voter fraud was going on . I went one step further, as I recorded in the early morning hours of November 4th as I established the probabilities of what Biden had to accomplish to in in each state based upon the number of outstanding, uncounted votes and what Dementia Joe must get in terms of votes to win by one vote. I published these results on the CSS.

In none of the 5 states, could Biden have received less than 60% of the remaining vote. In Wisconsin, he had to receive 65%. Biden did not receive 65%, he received 111% in order to steal that state! In Pennsylvania, after being closed for 4 hours, 138,000 votes showed up and 100% were for Biden. This is just a sample of the fraud that has happened in this election. In Pennsylvania and Michigan, poll watchers were not admitted to the counting areas which is their legal right to do so both under state and Federal election laws. This is where Trump made a tactical mistake. The moment the first report came in regarding this flagrant violation of the law, Trump should have dispatched the National Guard and seized control over the votes and arrested anyone, including police officers who were obstructing poll watchers. Yes, police, should have been arrested! In Detroit, it was the police officers who blocked entrance. That's right America, the Detroit police department blocked poll watcher entrance and then used pizza boxes to cover up the windows so the poll watchers could not view the theft that was in progress. 

I have a report that will be getting national attention before much longer. The postmaster in Ash Fork, Arizona, is on leave. Why? Because he is receiving undue pressure to change ballots, using sharpies that will invalidate Trump or Senator McSally votes. The pressure is coming from the postal union. More on this will be coming out in the next few days. 

More Corrupt Government Officials

In Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County, USA, voters in many polling places report being forced to use sharpies which would have produced the same result as in Ash Fork. The Arizona ballots, exactly like the one that I cast, clearly state that black ball point pens should be used. The polling places that were impacted were mostly located in the Southeast part of Maricopa County, where there is a huge LDS presence. And who do these people usually vote for? Overwhelmingly, they vote Republican. When the astute poll watchers saw what was happening, they showed up and distributed black pens to the people in line. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Department was called and these people were threatened with arrest if they did not cease handing out the ball point pens. I have videos and eyewitness statements that validate this statement. The Sheriff of Maricopa County, Paul Penzone, is a Democrat. In the later hours following the election, when the fraud became obvious, protesters gathered and began insulting the complicit mainstream media. Chants like "F the media...etc" were common. This may be in bad taste but it is not illegal. Yet, Penzone's storm troopers threatened the crowd with arrest. Please keep in mind that Czar Penzone was part of a law enforcement group, a few months earlier, to burn, loot and murder in Phoenix with minimal interference from law enforcement. Most of the destroyed businesses were minority owned. It was not until the terrorists reached affluent Scottsdale, did law enforcement stop the rioting. And then this communist and two-faced Sheriff had the nerve to threaten to arrest conservative Republicans with arrest if they did not stop insulting the complicit and Democratic Party media. Penzone and every Deputy who interfered with the distribution of black pens should be arrested for election interference. Yet, these kinds of actions were commonplace in battleground states. 

This election has been stolen. The Democrats and their Deep State allies have done a masterful job of organizing. They have done everything from shutting down the observance of their fraud from poll watchers to shutting down the voting in 5 swing states so they could bring in fake ballots when the vote reporting was shutdown in the middle of the night.

On October 25, 2020, Biden admitted that the Democratic Party has "The Most Extensive and Inclusive Voter Fraud in the History of American Politics".  Here are Biden's words, yet, America continues to slumber as our election is stolen from directly under our feet. 


Now. there are recent reports of Democratic Party election corruption that threaten to tear this country apart! 

"President Trump won every state except for New York in
in-person votes on election day"  -- Head of RNC

In my statistical calculations, the President had well over 300 in electoral college at 4am EST four hours after election day was over.  NOW do you see why they brought in the China virus & "mail-in" ballots? 

The China virus. In retrospect, it is clear to see that the Democratic leadership conspired with China to send out the virus. The CSS will be reporting on this in short order. For now, remember that it was Nancy Pelosi that on February 24, 2020, on Bay Area TV, she encouraged people to come to Chinatown in "large numbers". She wanted the virus to spread. It was the only way that the Democrats could win an election by using COVID. At the same time, it was Biden calling Trump "xenophobic" by closing travel with China to prevent COVID transmission. Now, both of these criminals said Trump killed 230,000 Americans by not shutting down the borders. This was the plan all along!

However, President Trump has laid a trap for the Democrat cheaters. The Official Ballot Paper has watermarks & nano particles. The ballot scanners had software to read it and was recorded to blockchain technology. This is why you keep hearing the term... "Legal Votes"... All fake mail-in ballots can now be verified. However, look for the Democrats to begin to destroy these mail-in ballots and dare the judges to make a ruling which they do not want to do. 

This is key as there is proof from a government website in which there are some Ballots Watermarked

Any Democratic Republic in which an election is stolen as this one is, is no longer a viable government. Rep. Omar will be pleased with this comment. Today, the United States is now a third world country run by the warlords of the Democratic Party. We live in Somalia. Under this new and criminal regime, your conservatism will be dealt with in the same manner as it is in Somalia. Despite all that has already happened, the purge against Christians and conservative Americans has not even begun!

For the record, anyone who voted for Biden-Harris is not an American. They are part of the Bolshevik communists who have overthrown this country.

Stolen elections, drug dealing, child trafficking, treason involving 3 foreign countries relegates Biden to the status of being an enemy of the state. My fellow Americans, we living in occupied territory. America has been overthrown. You are now counter-revolutionaries. Make preparations, because these criminals will not leave you alone when they fully and formally assume power. 

Despite all the proof, I am not confident that any court will overturn this election. It is incumbent upon all Constitution-supporting Americans to formulate an action plan that paralyzes the new government. Republican Senators and conservative Supreme Court Justices better hire extreme security because their lives will soon be in danger because they are an impediment to the radical left and their agenda.