Long story short: I just walked to Poland

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Long story short: I just walked to Poland.

It was a hellish 20-hour journey undertaken in the middle of winter with thousands of refugees. I saw some terrible things: 

Vehicles were backed up for 25 kilometers, many out of gas. Several were abandoned as their occupants fled west on foot as fast as possible.   

UA soldiers were stopping cars and busses and yanking out any man aged 18-60 to conscript in the Ukrainian Army. In one place, a commissar was shouting “say goodbye to your daughters, mothers, and girlfriends; you must turn back and fight the Russian invader!”  

We made friends with a 24-year-old named Max who was pulled out of the caravan as he talked with us. I had time to get his number before his conscription and he left with a grin of utter disbelief. I will never forget that face. 

A woman screamed for the army to spare her husband from conscription. A soldier slapped her and took her husband.

Things seem really desperate. 

There were old women carrying rucksacks hobbling along the shoulder. I asked one where she was going and she said “Poland!” She was going to walk the 80km on her own. 

Toddlers took the journey hard. Many were forced to walk the distance despite not knowing what was going on. 

“Forget your wife, forget your daughter, fight for Ukraine.”     


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