Putting America In the Rearview Mirror! When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease


No reasonable person is saying the the virus is a hoax. However, and as has been pointed out, the numbers are greatly exaggerated in ways that have been identified in previous articles. The most notable fake science comes from the fact that "flu-like symptons" are being added to the CV-19 numbers in order to exacerbate the threat and to prolong the threat for as long as possible. 


It is accurate to state that America has embarked in a three step approach that will doom America and end its future. 

Economic Collapse via Lockdown

It is time to metaphorically to start shooting silver bullets. For anyone who has eyes to see, it is crystal clear that the main purpose behind the lockdown is to achieve the destruction of the American economy. A collapsed economy achieves the globalist goal of bringing America back to the pack. 

It took 2.5 years for the collapse of the American economy, during the Great Depression to reach record unemployment levels. America has surpassed the economic lows of the Great Depression in less than 60 days. In December of 2019, there were approximately 110 million workers. Nearly 27 million people have applied for unemployment benefits. I know that government is claiming that the unemployment rate is 14%, but that number is flawed. That number is based on the fact that 157 million Americans are working. And this number represents all the people who are employed even those who might only be working 1 hour per week. Subsequently, to get an accurate picture of the unemployment rate, one must only look at full-time employees. The unemployment rate is 25% and that number will number will double by June. 

Nothing is being shipped, trade is dead. Manufacturing is at a standstill. 

If Fauci has his way, America will be shut down at least for 18 months or until Bill Gates decides to unveil his hastily prepared vaccine with unknown ingredients.

The lockdown has sucked the life out of America, however, many Americans are showing some level of resolve and are beginning to fight back. This even is making conspiracy theories the fastest growing cottage industry in America. Some cities are opening under pressure brought by the public. 

People are angry because the box stores are given special treatment while not following social distance mandates that are being used to keep small businesses and churches closed. 

The rising tide of anger and populism is amazingly happening without any support from Trump. However, this rebound effect was clearly anticipated and the globalists are moving to the second phase and that is the use of food as a weapon to thwart the rebellion of America. From the globalist perspective, America cannot be allowed to begin the rebuilding process. For the New World Order to gain control, American exemplerance must be destroyed. Food will soon be used as a weapon in order to control the people as the fear of the pandemic is losing its grip on the average citizen. 

The Food Chain Collapse Is Underway

 “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

Over the past two years, many acres in the "breadbasket" have been destoryed by extreme weather (do you believe in coincidence?). Normally, and in order to cover the deficit, America could import its shortfall of food needs from its trading allies. However, global trade is dead and the food cavalry is not coming to the rescue. 

Nine, count them, as of this past Thursday, nine major meat packing plants have closed in the past few days due to the "coronavirus". Now the number has skyrocketed to 17. What an amazing coincidence that this is happening all at once. Why aren't the employees of Walmart and Costco experiencing similar outbreaks? After all, these box stores, that are not practicing social distancing, but have somehow escaped an escalating infection rate which are alleging shutting down food plants. What an amazing piece of coincidential luck. Do I suspect a false flag set of events in the meat packing plants? Yes, I do, I am not a good coincidence theorist. 

Let's assume for a moment that the meat plant closures are just bad luck, then these coincidence theorists are going to have to explain the following: In the Phoenix media, the reporters were honoring nurses who have been assigned to New York City to help with a presumably understaffed medical corps in their fight against the virus. These nurses are members of the National Guard. Subsequently, I began to question why the National Guard cannot staff these closing meat plants with National Guard troops. Clearly, the continuity of the food supply should be of the upmost imporance to the country and this should be considered to be critical infrastructure. Yet this obvious solution, easy to carry out, is being ignored. Within two weeks, pork will be an extreme rarity and the rest of the nation's meat supply will soon follow suit. With this set of facts, how can anyone not see that this is a planned event, a plandemic if you will. How many more foods are going to be following suit. I have previously covered how food reserves across the country are emptying out. And as the United Nations stated, we are facing famines of "Biblical Proportions" because of the coronavirus. 

From Stalin, to Hitler, to Mao, history is replete with examples ofusing food as a weapon to subjugate the American people. Henry Kissinger's quotes are notorious along these lines.

 food as a weapon

How complete can the use of food as a weapon be? The draconian answer to this question is hiding in plain sight. Please consider the food provision of Executive Order 13603. 

Problem, reaction, solution, this is the plan for America. Obama's EO has given total and absolute control over all food where Obama's EO 13603 clearly states:

e)  “Food resources” means all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption.  “Food resources” also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product. (f)  “Food resource facilities” means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer…”

This unconstitutional EO is particularly disturbing in that it clearly states that the government has control over anything that is “capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals…”  If you thought that you and your loyal dog, Fido, were going to get through the coming food crisis by storing and consuming dog food, think again. How will farmers maintain the nation’s food supply when all fertilizer, their farm equipment and all of their vehicles are under the control of this sociopathic  President or the next power-hungry President? The term “all food storage facilities” includes your refrigerator, your pantry and even the very food in your cabinets as well as what is on your kitchen table. In short, anywhere you keep food is now under the control of the government and can be redistributed. My advice to all of you that have stored food is to learn how to hide it with a few well-placed guns and ammunition. 

This will enable the government the ability to use food as a weapon in order to control the people. 

The control of food is not the end game. After the people are under control and the economy contiues to go into free-fall, the military will be at extreme risk. 

The Victor In a War Masters the Ability to Convert Peacetime to Wartime Industries

Prior to WW II, the Germans and Japanese were much more prepared for war than the Americans. However, America's industrial might was converted to peactime production to record wartime manufacturing. As the lockdown continues, every aspect of our economy is collapsing and our military has no hope of sustaining a major war effort. Was this predicted back in 2013? 

Some of you may be familiar with the Deagel Report. It used to a warning sign we that we simply discussed. However, in the midst of this plandemic, the dire predictions are especially noteworthy.  And the overall effect results in the destruction of the American military and everything else falls into oblivion as well. 


  Category                           2013                  Projected 2025                 Net Change

Per Capital Income                 $13,328                           $52,838                                       -75%

GDP                                          $ 17 trillion                     $921 billion                               -94.6%

Military Budget                     $726 billion                      $8 billion                                   -98.9%  (disarmed)

Population                              316 million                       69 million                               79% reduction in population


As I have covered before, the Deagel Report is a CIA endeavor and is supported by many partners from other intelligence agencies. 

What do the projections tell us? 

Americans will be barely at the subsistence level, or below, as they will be earning 75% less and the current Covid situation is accomplishing this on its own. Likewise, the GDP is predicted to nosedive a whopping 95%. Both of these statistics could be accounted for by an economic collapse due to the virus and the effects of the lockdown. However, there is much, much more that the projections tell us. Look at the military budget. For all intents and purposes, the military is nonexistent and it has been thorougly wiped out. Is the result of the shutdown of the economy and the fact that the military was wiped from the face of the earth because a diminished economy kept the military from resupply? Then, look at the population numbers. Rarely, if ever, does a country experience an 80% reduction in population as the result of war. The worst number that comes to mind in which the Soviets lost about 1 in 6 citizens in WW II (approximately 20 million), which was horrific. However, the 80% figure was not even approached. This speaks clearly to a projection of catastrophic levels of genocide never before seen on the planet!

 The coronavirus is a threat, but clearly when we take a long range view, the cure is worse than the disease. Americans need to immediately return to work regardless of what the government say.