The True End Game Agenda of the O'Biden Administration Is On Display for All to See


The single goal of the Biden administration is to destroy the United States. If we apply the principle of “judge a man by what he does, not by what he says”, this is an easy call to make.

First, we should answer, who is really running the Biden administration? That is an easy question to answer. Obama and Susan Rice are making the general policy decisions. Implementation of these policies is directed by the National Security Council, plus Sec Def Austin and Secretary of State Blinken. This is the communist brain trust that is running America. And George Soros and the CCP fund the critical areas where a Democratic Socialist must rule. All of these individuals have a history of hating what America traditionally stands for. They hate individual success, they hate freedom and most of all, they hate God. In fact, the globalist puppet organization, the Democratic Party took God out of their party platform several years ago. It is no secret that occultic, Satanic practices dominate key members of the Democratic Party, which should really be labeled as the Bolshevik.  

True to their Bolshevik nature, the Biden crime family, as I have come to label them are planning a purge to rid themselves of any dissent and subsequent meaningful opposition.

There is already a multitude of reports, as we have pointed out on the CSS, that tell us that these camps exist and we have exposed the documentation from REX 84 to FM 39.4 to the recent CDC website proclamation that state that unsafe people will be quarantined against their will. Adding fuel to the fire, the Biden administration is already stating that people who are unvaccinated constitute a clear and present danger to the safety of the nation. I have repeatedly stated that the Biden administration’s approval rate is so low there is danger of a public pushback of their power. The Biden controllers need a game-changer and I have repeatedly been saying, as many of media guests are saying the same thing in that we have entered the so-called “false flag zone.”

I firmly believe that we can expect multiple false flags to occur in the next several months and Trump supporters, gun owners and anti-vaxxers will be blamed. This will provide the impetus for the Biden administration to protect the public from the new domestic terrorists.

Further, I have been shown an internal document which states that alt media figures will also be rounded up and sent to isolation facilities for inciting domestic terrorists with their journalism.

My colleague, Steve Quayle has had an experience which validates “the purge is coming” belief. We are soon going to do a joint interview to expose this agenda.

In all, I estimate that at least 80 million “domestic terrorists” have been targeted. However, I also have reason to believe that this list will be expanded to all Christians because of who most of the leadership of the Bolsheviks serve. Further, it also well-known that communists hate God and they commit genocide against their political enemies. So, I ask, should we be surprised by any of these developments.

Perhaps the more naïve Americans might wish to delay the labeling of this article as hysterical conspiracy theory and begin to apply the lessons history combined with the current events of today as a repeat of an all-to-familiar pattern that plagued people ruled by Stalin, Hitler and Mao.   

How close are we to Biden administration perpetrated violence? Consider this one line from Biden’s speech announcing federally mandated vaccinations: “…if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as President to get them out of the way..."

The United States has not seen such inflammatory rhetoric since the Civil War in the 1860’s. In short, Biden has declared a violent “Jihad” against 80 million Americans who disagree with the head of the Biden crime family and associates.

Biden pretends to care so much for Americans, he has left thousands behind in Afghanistan to await their fate at the hands of the Taliban.

Biden pretends to care so much for Americans, that he permits Covid positive immigrants to flood across the border, ship them to 4 corners of country, while not requiring covid testing and vaccinations like he is for American citizens.

Biden pretends to care so much for Americans, that he repeats to abortion mantra, “my body, my choice.” But that so-called universal right disappears when it comes to determining if one is going to allow themselves to be forcibly vaccinated by Executive Order.

Biden pretends to care so much for Americans, that while he requires you to the vaccine, he has exempted the White House staff, Congress and their families, 600,000 postal workers and Federal judges and their families. Why are Congress and judges exempted? Because these are the two groups who could put a legal end to this unconstitutional authority and now they have been bought off and the complicit support has been obtained.

Stay tuned for the Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges interview revelations on what lies ahead for those that won’t comply with this tyranny.