As an American citizen, I would like to know who to blame for the economic collapse of my country, the subsequent weakening of the military and the often cited social misery score that is off the charts. I want to know if the lockdown is worth cost relative to the projected CV-19 deaths? On the surface, it looks as if we are destroying our country. How bad is a self-inflicted wounds?

Social Misery Rates

Sociologists often talk of social misery rates which includes varaibles like domestic violence, suicide, poverty, homelessness, etc. How has the Covid-19 event impacted our social misery score. Is this a case of the cure (ie lockdowns) being worse than the disease (ie CV-19)? 

Speaking of the Social Misery Score, suicides are up, in places like Phoenix, spousal abuse reports have increased 15% in one month and anxiety and depression are now commonplace and we are living in an environment where there is nowhere to go and get treatment. Let’s cut right to the chase. Is the cure worse than the disease?

How Costly Is the Lockdown In Terms of Mortality of Imprisoned?

I have come across figures which state that for every 1% rise in the unemployment rate, ten thousand people die. I have seen other articles which state that the number is as high as 40,000. This is an extremely hard number to quantify. However, as the reader will soon discover (see Yale study below), there is a decided cost in regard to human mortality in the midst of an economic downturn in which unemployment rates spike. Although, it may be difficult to accurately quantify the numbers, we can certainly estimate the gravity of the relationship between unemployment and early mortality.

The Real Unemployment Rates

Let’s start with the real unemployment rate. The US government would have you believe that anyone who works at least one hour is gainfully employed. That number topped out at 157 million people at the beginning of the CV-19 event. However, when more realistic figures are employed, the number of fulltime employees, working 30 hours or more per week, was 110 million at the time of the outbreak of CV-19.

Last Friday, on May 1st, the number of Americans filing jobless claims grew to 30.5 million Americans. This is a third grade math problem. The REAL unemployment rate in America, as of last Friday, May 1st, was 27.72%, or nearly 28%.  This is a dubious distinction because this sets a record, as it surpasses the 1932 Great Depression all-time high of 22%. These new numbers grow more grim when we realize that America’s economy is in freefall and the worst of the numbers have yet to be realized. I do not see any way that the real unemployment numbers doesn’t reach 60% by mid-summer, or even earlier.

The Impact of Unemployment on American Longevity

Let’s just take the unemployment rate as of last Friday and apply this to mortality projections based on unemployment’s impact on longevity.

The unemployment rate at the time that CV-19 hit America, was 3.5%. Since the new unemployment rate is 27.72%, we have experienced a 24% increase in unemployment in two months. If we take the low-end estimate of 10,000 deaths associated with a 1% rise in unemployment, we can state that this point in time, America’s death curve will rise by 240,000 people. These numbers are exacerbated by the fake numbers of CV-19 infections. Please allow me to review something I have previously published which have to do with the “fake” numbers, from the government, tied to reopening the economy:


“A downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses within a 14 day period.”


“Downward trajectory of covid-like syndromic cases reported in a 14 day period”


The above is an unmitigated mockery of the research process. The deceit associated with this governmental guidelines which must be met before entering Phase One is disgraceful. In the first paragraph, the government is piling the flu on top of the CV-19. But wait, in paragraph two, the deceit gets far worse. Note the phase “covid-like syndromic cases”. This is clever wording which says that one does not need an affirmative and confirmed diagnosis in order to claim a Covid-19 diagnosis. In laymen’s terms, this is called “cooking the books” and the government is betting on the public’s ignorance about the clever use of vocabulary to confabulate the CV-19 rates as an excuse to keep people locked down.

The fraud does not stop here. In order to move from Phase One to Phase Two, testing rates must detect a decline in symptomology. Anyone familiar with the research process will certainly be aware that a researcher must account for a “false positive rate” when applying any testing to a diagnosis. However, the FDA admitted that they did not have time to validate the testing efficacy, so we have no idea how accurate some of these tests are. And certainly, it is does not appear that a false positive rate has been incorporated into the diagnostic scheme. To make matters worse, the CDC guidelines uses the term presumptive diagnosis. In other words, no confirmation is required to diagnosis Covid-19. This is fraud on top of fraud! My former research colleagues must be climbing the walls at these tainted, biased and shoddy research practices which are clearly designed to fool the public.

What the REAL Research Says About the Relationship Between Mortality and Unemployment

Yale University (May, 2002) reported on landmark studies which demonstrated that the relationship between unemployment and mortality is real and decisive!  

In the midst of the controversy regarding the impact of the current lockdown of America as a preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19, people are beginning to debate the efficacy of the approach. Is the cure worse that the disease, so to speak? Some prefer to go right to the bottom line. Will the cure (ie lockdown) kill more people than the CV-19 virus, itself?

In an attempt to answer that question, I decided to do some digging. Some will be surprised that I will cite Yale's review of studies is tellin, indeed.

Despite Yale’s leanings toward the Deep State and the Democratic Party that is intent on depriving civil liberties while keeping the country on indefinite lockdown, the Yale study is surprisingly objective. Of course, it should be mentioned that this citation is from 2002, and that is well before anyone thought of the Coronavirus sweeping through the United States. The findings are stunning as we look at the Yale publication and here are excerpts from the conclusion of the research:

Economic growth is the single most important factor relating to length of life,” said principal investigator M. Harvey Brenner, visiting professor in the Global Health Division of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Yale School of Medicine. Brenner is also professor of health policy and management at Johns Hopkins University and senior professor of epidemiology at Berlin University of Technology.

Employment is the essential element of social status and it establishes a person as a contributing member of society and also has very important implications for self-esteem,” said Brenner. “When that is taken away, people become susceptible to depression, cardiovascular disease, AIDS and many other illnesses that increase mortality…”

“…The study also sheds light on and raises sensitivity to the mental and physical health implications on cardiovascular disease and suicide rates…”


More Research

Need more proof? There is another study in which the principal finding was that increases in the unemployment rate are related to increased heart disease and stroke mortality. And there is yet another landmark study that demonstated that both unemployment and surviving layoffs were significantly associated with depressive symptoms and this leads into another study which discussed the positive and linear relationship between unemployment and heart attacks, strokes and suicides, etc. Finally, another study found the same results among the same exact variables. 


It is clear that as the unemployment rates continue to skyrocket, the social misery socre and related terminal health effects will dramatically increase as well. Unquestionably, the cure is far worse than the disease. I am not advocating for throwing caution to the wind, but the Doug Ducey and Gretchen Whitmer approach is flawed and deadly for their people!

This begs the question that at what point to do we question the wisdom of lockdowns? Is there a compromise? When one looks at these numbers objectively, some feel that we should just take our chances and go back to work. One thing is certain, that Governor's Whitmer and Ducey cannot be allowed to rule over their states like tinhorn dictators with no regard for these glaring statistics. Any leader that is promoting a prolonged lockdown could legitmately be accused of manslaughter given what we now know. SPEAKING FOR MYSELF, I CALL THIS PASSIVE EUTHANAISA! 

Modfications (eg Mike Adams style, which are entirely doable and reasonable), or not, enough is enough. Millions of Americans need to take the streets. Protests, lawsuits need to become personal and attention getting for these dictators. What are you willing to do to save your country and very possibly, your own life? Here is yet another example in Wickenburg, Arizona!!!