China Is Moving to Control the World's Mineral Resources: America Is Facing Death by a Thousand Cuts


An article about an airplane crash would seem obscure and trivial based on what is normally covered on the CSS. However, this airplane craft is significant because it further signals how the CHICOMS are trying to compensate for the inability to project their military power across the globe in a manner consistent with what the United States can do. However, the Chinese are attempting to seize key natural resource elements across the planet, thus denying access of these resources to the United States in an attempt to level the military playing field. The crisis in Chile is an example of this looting of several countries natural resources by China. This will all be exposed in this breaking and exclusive report. The CSS was hours ahead of the MSM on this story which was produced before midnight Mountain Standard Time. This video is an excellent preview of what is coming. 

This story begins with the description of a mysterious C-130 plane which has crashed in route to Antarctica after departing from Chile.

Missing Flight

The Chilean Air Force revealed that last night, Monday, a C-130 Hercules aircraft has gone missing after taking off from an air base in Puntas Arenas, Chile. The C-130 was bound for the Eduardo Frei Montalva air base in Antarctica. Chilean Air Force officials stated that the craft is presumed "lost at sea." A rescue mission has been launched however, the conditions of the water are so harsh, that the hope of finding survivors is almost nonexistent.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera tweeted that he was en route to Cerrillos to monitor the search and rescue operation along with the Chilean defense minister. aircraft had departed from the Chilean capital of Santiago and stopped briefly in Punta Arenas near the country's southern tip. The Chilean government is reporting that the aircraft then continued toward the country's Antarctic base before losing radio contact near the Drake Passage, which is a  body of water between the tip of South America and Antarctica. The chances of finding the craft and the bodies is slim. The Drake Passage ocean depths are between 11,500 and 15,500 feet deep.

A Contrary Explanation of the Craft and Its Circuitous Route

Within an hour of the plane crash, Paul Martin contacted me and one of his sources said there had been strongly suspected foul play with regard to abovementioned plane crash. It is clear that a cover-up is underway.

Paul Martin’s source describes the path of the ill-fated C-130 as being much different than the apparent cover story created by the Chilean government. The following is what Paul Martin sent me from his source. This represents a Spanish to English translation, therefore, the idioms make the reading of this difficult but it is still understandable:

Chilean Leadership aboard C130 went down in drake passage...  Note they were heading south on VZ and Argentinian, China controlled area of ops.  Plane went down.

Chilean Leadership bagging ass for Antarctica.  On that particular flight path...  Why?

Makes no sense, when they can supposedly go through own airspace, kick out away from Argentina at the tip then vector in


There are twitter accounts now appearing on the event (how's your Spanish?)  

The route of the airplane has been fabricated in the mainstream media. I have had this confirmed with a source that contacted me in the early morning hours after I sent out an all-call for information. I have a source that was willing to give me limited information. The sources stated that a  cover story has been created to lead people off the trail about who was killed and who and what was behind the take-down of this C-130 plane. So what exactly is going on? We have a C-130 plane allegedly with a passenger list of military personnel and contractors. The truth of the matter as the CSS was told by a CI, that the intelligence word on the street is that some of the people killed in the C-130 crash are top level government bureaucrats. What is interesting is that passenger list was missing several key people, government officials, who were on that flight. The back-story, which is now being restated by a second source is that these officials were summoned to their intended destination and foul play is strongly suspected. Why? This will be covered in the conclusion as the CSS will connect all the dots. As a starting point to where this story is going, let's look at China's extreme interest in rare earth mineral resources as well as oil. 

South Africa

I have been in contact with a former South African pastor, Abri Bracken, who relocated to New Zealand in order to escape the persecution of whites in South Africa. Previously Pastor Bracken sent me the following email:

Hi Dave.

Dave FYI, President Trump needs to move on the South African issue. China is taking  Southern Africa and it is linked to the land grab from farmers in South Africa. China has reportedly deployed and installed a dreaded new generation of surface-to- air missiles (SAM) in Zimbabwe, in what is seen as direct preparation for defending her vast economic interests in the country. The story broke today on South African Radio stations as well. 

(Editor's Note: The link for the story connected to the missiles is listed below. Certainly, the Chinese do not need SAM missiles to defend against any African military. These missiles intended for the United States should they intervene in South Africa in order to stop the genocide against whites which is in the early stages of unfolding. The South African ANC ruling party would surely welcome Chinese military support against a potential US intervention force.).

Again, from Pastor Brancken about the Chinese incursion into South Africa.

Hello Dave. ...I was right. There is much more behind the white farm confiscations than what meets the eye. China is behind it! An article just broke in a credible SA news agency (Maroela Media that the reason why the ANC government is "stealing" the first two farms is not for agricultural reasons. It is for the minerals, coal to be specific. It will go to the Chinese. The farms are game farms, you cannot do agricultural farming there, meaning that the confiscation of the first farm is not to produce food or to enable new black farmers to learn about agricultural farming. It is used for high end game hunting. China is moving into Southern Africa for the fertile quality of agricultural land in order to produce food for China and for the natural resources, gold, diamonds and coal. That is why they are placing surface to air missiles in Zimbabwe. What do they fear? Southern Africa is not exactly the best and most advanced when it comes to air forces. No Southern Africa country will strike them. Are they expecting a greater power to counter their moves? USA? The Communist ANC is fulfilling the wishes of the communist Chinese.  Blessings, Abri Brancken


For at least 9 months, the US government has known that the Chinese have established a base of operations in Afghanistan.

From the Military Times:

There is mounting evidence that Chinese ground troops are operating inside Afghanistan, conducting joint counter-terror patrols with Afghan forces along a 50-mile stretch of their shared border and fueling speculation that Beijing is preparing to play a significantly greater role in the country's security once the U.S. and NATO leave.  The full scope of China's involvement remains unclear, and the Pentagon is unwilling to discuss it. "We know that they are there, that they are present," a Pentagon spokesman said. Yet beyond a subtle acknowledgement, U.S. military officials in Washington and in Kabul would not respond to several detailed questions submitted by Military Times.

What is in Afghanistan? Drugs, lots and lots of drugs and since the Chinese control the drug cartels, this makes a lot of sense. 



As I investigated further, I discovered that the Chinese ships in Venezuela, were not there for humanitarian aid as had been previously stated. This flotilla contained Chinese oil workers who work under the umbrella of the Chinese military. The Chinese all but control Mexico's Pemex oil. The Chinese coalition is located off of the EAST coast of Venezuela. This will make sense after one reads the following paragraphs. From Reuters on September 14, 2019:

China and Venezuela had signed a “memorandum for cooperation in Ayacucho bloc 6,” located in Venezuela’s vast oil-rich Orinoco Belt, without elaborating.

China will drill 300 wells in Ayacucho and extend $184 million in financing for the joint oil venture Petrozumano, the statement added. A source at Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA , who asked to remain anonymous because he is not allowed to speak to media, said oil services and procurement at Sinovensa would be handled by Chinese companies.

The Chinese are also after Venezuelan Palladium as well.


It is common knowledge that the Chinese are active in Mexico. They largely control the cartels and reap profits from drug and child-sex-trafficking. Additionally, the CHICOMS largely control PEMEX oil and it is also common knwledge that the Chinese maintain a strong military presence in Northern Mexico. I have previously published.


Chilie is unbelievably rich in mineral resources and it is easy to see why the Chinese have set their sights on Chile as evidenced by the following:   

From AZO Mining

Globally, Chile is:

  • A leading producer of
    • Copper, accounting for 34% of global production
    • Iodine, 60% of global production 
    • Rhenium, 52% of global production
    • Lithium, 35% of global production
  • The second largest producer of arsenic
  • The third largest producer of boron and molybdenum
  • The fifth largest producer of silver
  • The sixth largest producer of pumicite and refined selenium

Six months ago, I began to publish accounts of Chinese incursions into Chile. It was reported that entire Chinese villages were being imported to Chile, ostensibly to take over the mines when the ongoing regime change is completed. Further, it has been widely reported that the CHICOMS have have infiltrated local Chilean police and are among the most brutal when supressing the ongoing riots. I published notifications from the local American consulate advising ex-pates to stock up on supplies and to bascially be prepared to be on their own. China is fueling the ongoing revolution.

The United States

The Chinese have a clear pattern of attempting to garner as much of the world's mineral resources as possible. Ultimately, this is a direct threat to the United States, both economically and militarily. This past summer, I published a transcript of a speech made by Chinese Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, which was made to the CCP. In the speech, Fenghe stated that it Chinese policy to eventually occupy the United States so they could extract America's vast mineral wealth. Co-tenancy was eliminated in Fenghe's speech. He was very specific about the genocide that he wanted to bring to American how it would be completed. 

Connecting the Dots

 It is clear that a strong case can be made in favor of China's intention to control the world's mineral resources. There is another factor that should be considered when it comes to the Chinese and it has to do with their modus operandi. Both people and nations follow repeat behaviors when dealing with a certain kind of issue. The Chinese are no different. After the murder of the 9 Americans in Mexico, Trump issued a warning to AMLO to clean up his mess or America would do it for them. It was clear that America was baited into coming across the border and that would have invited UN intervention under the Kigali Principles.  AMLO moved to arrest the Guerro gang members who committed these murders. The Chinese were futrious and used the Guerros and retaliated by attempting to assassinate the Mexican Secretary of the Navy. Marilyn Rupar and myself published a twitter of the Mexican National Guard involved in a high-speed test to run down the Guerros in which five gang members were killed. We documented the story from the Mexican media. This attempted assassination was a clear warning to AMLO, by the Chinese, to not play ball with the Americans. The Chinese Modus Operandi continues in Chile.

Both Paul Martin and myself have information which states that several top Chilean bureaucrats were on board the crashed C-130. As published, Paul Martin received a communication that the C-130 followed a highly irregular flight path and flew over an area controlled by the Chinese. If we can infer that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. the Chinese brought down this C-130 as a way to intimidate the existing administration. The Chinese are beginning to exhibit a proclivity to assassinate top level bureaucrats, and not heads of state. Why? Because the general public is none the wiser and intimidation comes right to the forefront. I already have information that the passenger manifest has been forged. Again the long-term devastation that will be directed against US interests cannot be overstated. This is a death by a thousand cuts strategy. This is an open story and updates will be provided.