The Fuse Is Lit In China: Will It Be Civil War or World War III?


This article is going to anger some. Specifically, who will it anger? It will anger the Deep State. Which Deep State will it anger? What country? For what purpose? All of these questions will be answered directly, or through the process of osmosis, as certain facts are revealed here on The Common Sense Show.

Before the revelations in this article are set forth, let’s define the Deep State. Every country has a Deep State. The goals and purposes are altered as the circumstances as manifested in each country, however, every Deep State owes its point of origin to the Bankers from Basel. Yes, I am going conspiratorial, I am specifically speaking of the Rothschild banking cartel and their “affiliates”. I believe that Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann can provide some details on the affiliates, their identity and place of origin.  

In the United States the Deep State has a face, actually it has several faces. These people would be the leadership of the Democratic Party, namely, Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Warren, Biden, Feinstein, etc. However, not one of these Democrats are the American Deep State. They are the puppets of the Deep State, the face of the planned communist takeover of our country. Therefore, in America, the Deep State and its operative minions are separate and apart. However, in a nation like China, the Deep State has public faces and today, these faces and their Deep State power is one in the same, unlike in America. Why is this different between China and America? Because in America, the Deep State must hide behind their main operatives of the Democratic Party. The voting public cannot be allowed to see who is really calling the shots because the people still have some measure of power. However, in a fully autocratic state, the CHICOMS do not have the time nor the patience for such facades. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that the face of the Chinese Deep State and one of the powerbrokers of the Deep State, is their current Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe. You may recall Wei Fenghe from a five part series I wrote about a  speech that Fenghe gave to the Central Planning Committee of the Communist Chinese Party in which he called for a series of war-like actions against the United States culminating with race-specific bioweapons designed to be the “Great American Genocide”. As Wei Fenghe said in a leaked transcript of his speech, a decimated America will be easier to conquer and the United States is the only country in the world that can meet China’s resource requirements and therefore, China is not interested in joint occupancy, but rather they favor genocide followed by colonization. Because China’s goal is occupation, they are not interested in the use of nuclear weapons or an EMP, at least not yet, because they want to take over a country with as little damage to its infrastructure and resources as possible. Therefore, the weapon of choice are bioweapons. There is one caveat to this story…. Wei Fenghe is a symbol of power of the Chinese Deep State that has only managed to take over a portion of both the government and the military.

For contextual referencing, the readers may wish to review the five part series written about Wei Fenghe’s telling speech which was published in July of 2019.

  • Part 1- The domestic reasons the Chicoms feel it necessary to send millions of colonists to the United States.
  • Part 2- The planned methodology for the elimination of the American threat by committing genocide against the United States through the use of bioweapons that are genetically based.
  • Part 3- The UN is facilitating a Chinese takeover of the planet. The Chinese have been selected by the United Nations to facilitate their globalist takeover and that begins with the destruction of the US and elimination of its people. The Deagel report tells us that 90% of all Americans will not survive what is coming.
  • Part 4- The Chinese are beta testing the use of bioweapons against the United States through the weaponization of selected immigrants. Interview with Paul Martin.
  • Part 5 of this series dealt with the number one economic reason that Chinese want hundreds of millions of colonists to occupy the United States,

Please note that in Part 4, written months before the Wuhan release of the Coronavirus, I stated that the Chinese were beta testing the use of bioweapons as well as infecting selected immigrants. Over a thousand Chinese immigrants have been apprehended at the US-Mexico border. Are they, as Steve Quayle states, infectons? Absolutely this is true. Additionally, average people in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador are being infected with the Coronavirus, through injections, and being sent to the United States to further spread the virus. I will be conducting a radio interview in the next 48 hours that will shed light on this development.

Where does this leave the current President of China? He is presiding over a divided nation. Even the military is split between the Chinese Deep State and the present government in China. The question is, will China be able to carry out its globalist-mandated role of the World Policeman in an attempt to facilitate the submission to and the organization of the New World Order? Or, will China descend into the civil war that could engulf the entire planet. This will be a stunning statement, but right now the  Chinese President Xi Jinping is an unannounced ally of Trump for reasons that will be made clear in the next article. I would add that Paul Preston holds that same information although it comes from different sources. This division in China is problematic for the New World Order. Will China be able to hold it together long enough to push the world into solidarity as one, with the help of the release of the Coronavirus? Or, will China descend into civil war?

I have what I believe are some answers to these questions and my source for being to answer these questions, in part comes from a significant part of the American Deep State, The Council on Foreign Relations. With help, I have been able to become privy of certain information that was not intended for public dissemination from the CFR. I will not reveal the source of my help, nor how I was able to gather the information, however, I will be presenting some bombshells with regard to China. For documentation purposes, I will be able to be able partially document my revelation from the CFR’s publications.   

As a prelude to what is coming, the Chinese troops in the Baja are NOT under the control of the President of China. The military in China has bifurcated and is somewhat divided along regional lines. However, there is much to learn about the details of this division that I am not yet aware of . Stay tuned for the next part in this series.