VP Kamala Harris-Arrest Governor Cabeza De Vaca Immediately!


(Editor's Note: Kamala Harris will never arrest Cabeza De Vaca. There are birds of a feather...however, the linkage that this article provides between the criminal elements in the Mexican government and the USA's Deep State are invaluable!)

by Sam Honnold

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Kamala has been put in charge of the border crisis, set up to fail, and not been given the necessary tools to resist the flood of immigrants and drugs surging the US border.  She has a rare chance right now to turn the tables and collar the number one person responsible for the border surge, Tamaulipas Governor Cabeza de Vaca, who has brazenly traveled to Washington DC even though he is a wanted criminal under an active federal arrest warrant from the Mexican Attorney General.

On October 11th, Governor Cabeza de Vaca slithered into Texas (where the US Border Patrol and other agencies know of his culpability) to meet with liberal Dallas Mayor Johnson. Now he has made an even bolder gambit, travelling to Washington D.C. to openly plan treason against both the USA and Mexico.  At this writing, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has historically ventured to Mexico to execute the security and commerce duties for his state.  There is a battle to pull Governor Stitt into the same type of greasy dealing as Cabeza de Vaca (much of which centers ostensibly around energy, both "green" and petroleum).  The corrupt neoliberal faction within the US State Department and Mexican government that would have Stitt sell out Oklahoma is typified by the 20-vehicle motorcade that obnoxiously ferried him to the presidential palace.  The other side to the Mexican government was revealed when his convoy was cited for blocking traffic and parking illegally, and forced to move while the governor was still in meetings.  Like Kamala, Stitt is in position to do enormous damage to the globalist machine, were he to exercise his office.  His State of Oklahoma is under enormous threat from illegal immigration and cross-border drug smuggling, but also globalist infiltration within the bureaus that he supposedly heads.  Above all, the McGert Decision by the US Supreme Court is (in his own words) "tearing Oklahoma apart."  This decision nullifies city, county, and state law enforcement relating to Indian offenders and lands.  Under this pretext, a flood of federal law enforcement is entering Oklahoma and undermining the governor's authority.  Many heinous crimes including child rapes (which was the central event in the McGert case) go unprosecuted, others are being handled by agencies as diverse as the US Marshal Service, FBI, ATF, and even the Grand River Dam Authority, which has expanded far beyond the scope of its design purpose.  All of this is undermining Governor Stitt's authority and enhancing the central control of Washington.

OPERATION CABLE SPLICER "is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government."  This subprogram of the whistleblower-exposed REX84 martial law plan is well underway in Oklahoma.  The McGert decision is a convenient excuse and has opened the way for CROSS-DEPUTIZATION, where pre-screened local officers with a globalist bent are deputized into federal law enforcement, boosting the ranks of those agencies beyond the vast numbers arriving from out-of-state.  Local officers unwilling to betray their neighbors will be eliminated with their departments, which will soon be obsolete.  The governors are of supreme importance in this plan, as Stitt could resist the assimilation of his departments by the federal government or evict subversive federal agencies forcibly from his state.  He could also follow the opposite example of criminal Governor Cabeza de Vaca, who built a militarized state police force with CIA money, then used his state as a base to tear down democratic rule in Mexico and flooded the US border with trafficked migrants and drugs.  GOP governors seem to not understand the nature or scope of the threat against their states and the whole of the Union (even without being openly courted to join the dark side and sell out their constituents).  The rumor is that both Governors Rick Perry and George W. Bush took this left-hand path (as did Bill Clinton before them), smuggling cash, drugs and guns (and later, petroleum) between the CIA and Latin America.  Governor Stitt is being courted to do the same.  In the event of invasion, secession (by Oklahoma or other states), or widespread unrest, Governor Stitt would become one of the most important officials in the US (or what is left of it).  I hope he will execute his office and his oath, and make solid partnerships with the legitimate government of Mexico (where I introduced him as a patriot and an integrante of our own legitimate government).  I also hope Vice President Harris will execute her office and the border control duty with which she has been entrusted by delivering the criminal traitor, Governor Cabeza de Vaca, to justice in Mexico City.