The Day America Was Conquered! Has America Truly Reached the Point of No Return? Mike Adams and Dave Hodges


I recently interviewed Mike Adams regarding his positions on various aspects of the coronavirus and its ultimate impact on America and the world. Among a plethora of topics, Mike highlighted several key areas which partially included the following:

  • The deceipt behind CV-19 testing
  • The total mismanagement of the lockdown  
  • The death toll associated with the lockdowns and how it exceeds the death toll of COVID-19
  • The unsustainability of the lockdown
  • The real goal of the Democratic mayors and governors behind keeping America locked down as long as possible
  • The real goal of the Deep State and their globalist benefactors and what they truly want to happen to America and 90% of the world
  • The pseudo-science and the "Mark of the Beast" qualities behind the coming vaccine
  • The inexcusable conflicts of interest by all members of the COVID-19 team
  • The goal of the extreme censorship related to the virus, the origin and the true nature of this pathogen
  • The extreme criminality of Fauci
  • The sudden leadership impotence exhibited by President Trump
  • Trump's relection chances
  • How the virus was reactionary to the populist movements all across the planet
  • How we know the virus represents the final push for the globalists
  • The coming famines across the planet and in America
  • The future of America
  • The future of humanity and the intentional global depopulation agenda

Mike Adams is also giving a nearly 3-hour presentation about the depopulation agenda at the upcoming May 15-16th online streaming event.

This important interview with Mike Adams can be listened to by clicking this link.