Red Alert! We Are Rapidly Coming Down to 'General vs. General', Demilitarization of America, Antifa Weapons Caches and the Antifa Manual for Engagement!


The following 5 reports come from local law enforcement and federal law enforcement personnel and they are all saying the same thing. The Civil War has clearly begun! All of the information has come from Federal and local LEO's. This paints a very grim picture of what the future holds for America

1. The coming Civil War will be General vs General and not that is happening. The actions of fired Defense Secretary Mattis is calling for the military to disobey the Commander-In-Chief. This is treason! 

Please note that this report was already demonitized before it was fully published. What does Steve Quayle say about what it means when you are taking flak?


2. Both Federal and local law enforcment agents are actively being disarmed. In a surprise military or paramilitary terrorist invasion, these people would be the first line of defense. In addition, these officers and agents are vulnerable to Antifa and any other terrorist group!

3. As if it wasn't enough for law enforcement agents to be disarmed and jeopardize their role as America's frontline defenders, now the officers and agents themselves, and their families, are being targeted for violence. The following report provides the details. 

America, the line in the sand has been drawn. As Mike Adams and I said in recent interview, America is past the point of no return. These are three very clear signs that the United States is plunging into civil war and World War III. 

4.  A federal insider has given me details on stored weapons caches including large explosives. There are stored for use by Antifa and it is suspected that there are several of these around the country. 



5. The following represents excerpts from the Antifa Manual which, to date, have been difficult to obtain. The quality of the document is not good, but the probative value of the document cannot be overstated.  Please take note of the Anfifa Manual. Pay particular attention to White Privilege, New World Order and One World Government.  This clearly reflects the philosophy of the owner, George Soros...






People wonder why I refer to today's Democratic Party as the Bolsheviks of Lennin fame? If the Democrats win this election, we will live through the purge. If the Democrats are not able to win the election, we will first have a civil war led by American military traitors such as Mattis and retired Marine Corps General John Allen, along with the embedded terrorists and the UN vs American forces loyal to the country. This will be followed by CHICOM and Russian attack upon a weakened America.