Second wave of coronavirus lockdowns return to China, shattering narrative that Beijing “has it all under control”

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By now, regular readers know from our reporting that the Communist Chinese government has been anything but transparent in providing factual details about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), how it spreads, how it infects, and — importantly — how lethal and widespread the virus has been.

As early as March 1, Natural News reported that China’s response to the virus was merely the latest in a string of cover-ups and suppression.

The latest lie from the regime is that things are ‘much better’ now — infection and death rates have plummeted and the people are back to work singing happy songs about Xi Jinping and how it’s wonderful to be alive in a Communist system.

As noted by Zero Hedge on Wednesday, the government lifted its quarantine and ordered people back to work too soon; now the Communist government apparently has a second virus outbreak on its hands: 

Having lied for the past two months about the severity and the extent of [the] coronavirus pandemic which its virologists started in Wuhan, eager to convey the message that the crisis [is] “under control” just so people return to work, full of hope and enthusiasm, rejoicing at the surge in China’s just as fabricated PMI numbers … earlier today the US finally cracked down on the relentless barrage of Chinese lies, when US intelligence accused China of deliberately lying about its coronavirus figures.

No sooner than the accusation was made public, Reuters reported that a county in central China’s Henan province coincidentally announced that it had “virtually banned outbound movement of people, following several cases of coronavirus infection in the area.”

You don’t say? 

According to a post on its social media site, Jia county, home to about 600,000 people, announced that no one was permitted to travel out of the county without the proper authorization. Also, residents are not permitted to leave their places of residence for work unless they are cleared to do so by government officials.

‘Needless to say, this is a problem’

Zero Hedge noted that local media reports said that Henan Province broke its 30-day streak of reporting no new COVID-19 cases on March 29, announcing that one person tested positive following a trip to Pingdingshan, where Jia County is located. 

On Saturday, provincial officials reported a single confirmed case in Luohe city, where local authorities said that the victim was in contact with two doctors from Jia county who also later tested positive for the virus though they were not demonstrating any symptoms.

As a result, according to Bloomberg News, cited by Zero Hedge, beginning April 1 all residential complexes would be under “closed-off management’ and everyone needed to wear masks and have their temperature taken while entering or exiting the compounds.

And thus, the coronavirus remains alive and well in China, though Beijing has reported that the government had everything under control, undermining the country’s Communists and their lackey apologists at the World Health Organization.

“Needless to say this is a problem, because the risk of stop-start restrictions on people’s movements mean that any calls for a V-shaped rebound in global economies and stocks can now be ignored as China will soon be forced to go through the entire shut down exercise all over again,” Zero Hedge reported.

Bloomberg’s Simon Flint noted overnight Tuesday that “as China’s economy restarts, there is every risk infection rates [will] tick higher once again, requiring renewed control measures and potentially the beginning of a stop-start pattern of lockdowns” followed by easing of restrictions.

Now, multiply that over the number of countries dealing with this Chinese-made virus and you can quickly understand how utterly devastating this is going to be on the world for some time to come. 

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