'Elon sold out': Twitter users in meltdown over new CEO Linda Yaccarino's take on free speech - as video remerges showing she is a pro-mask, pro-vaxx campaigner



Twitter users have accused Elon Musk for 'selling out' after a video re-emerged showing the social media platform's new CEO campaigning for pro-mask and pro-vaccine initiatives. 

Musk was also forced to jump to the defense of new Twitter chief Linda Yaccarino after a separate video showed her raising the possibility of allowing advertisers to have influence over the platform's content. 

'I hear your concerns, but don't judge too early,' Musk said. 'I am adamant about defending free speech, even if it means losing money.' 

Before taking on the role of Twitter's CEO, Yaccarino served 11 years as chairman of global advertising at NBC Universal. 

And her commitment to free speech over catering to advertiser wishes was brought into question as footage of her interviewing Musk a month before her appointment came to light. 

The media executive encouraged Musk to facilitate the return of an 'influence council', which would allow advertisers to hold more sway over the content on Twitter. 

The advertising executive said the council was 'much loved' and was a 'feedback loop from your key stakeholders', as she attempted to get Musk to commit to reinstating the panel.