The Globalist's Doomsday Weapon Designed to Bring Down America


There is an insidious plot to bring down America. Over the next several days, a series of articles and interviews are going to be released which will leave no doubt that there is a plot to bring down America and the main thrust of that plot is being financed in places like Humboldt County and it will be manifested through the CALEXIT movement in which major parts of California will become its own country and function as a protectorate under the United Nations. The globalists motivation lies in the fact that if they can exit California from the United States, the USA will collapse. California has about 40% of American retail running through the state. If California experienced widespread crop failure, it would bring famine to the USA and to various parts of the world who depend on California. If California were to become independent, the USA would collapse. The CSS and researchers like Paul Preston have discovered that there is a hierarchy for a planned collapse of California and subsequently the USA. The hierarchy can be simply expressed in the following:

  1. If CALEXIT is voted into existence and the inevitable happens. Despite the fact that CALEXIT is reaping huge windfall from drug trafficking, child-sex trafficking, water theft (Pelosi) and gun running, the voters will not likely ever approve CALEXIT.
  2. The Plan B for the CALEXIT crowd lies in what one would call "white genocide" committed by the cartels. Paul Preston had an embedded source at some of the CALEXIT meetings where it was discussed to commit white genocide against those of European descent. There are many that believe that the Vegas massacre was a beta test to that end. Keep in mind that the guns came from CALEXIT partners. This will be expanded upon in a future article. Certainly, all of the California Legislative action has been designed to expel from California middle-class white small business owners through extreme environmental regulations and high taxes.  The drug cartels are rewarded because they believe they are going to control much of a present eight state region that they call Reconquista de Aztlan as compensation for the land lost during the Mexican War in the 19th century.
  3. Many of us who have been researching this are convinced that Plan C has to do with using the Oroville Dam as a doomsday weapon. We are witnessing depraved indifference in managing the faults of the dam. The dam could kill up to 2 million people if it should break through neglect or through a false flag. The Chinese, who hope to occupy California for its agricultural prowess, as it could solve much of China's food shortages, would be very unhappy because the agricultural rich farmland in the Central Valley would be destroyed if the dam fails. Regardless, the failure of the Oroville dam would accomplish what CALEXIT failed to do. Retail and agricultural exports would be reduced to next to nothing and the USA's economy would collapse.
  4. With a collapsed economy, the USA would be vulnerable to invasion or an economic absorption by the central bankers. Either way, this would be the end of Aerica.

Many of us have published facts related to this hierarchy. However, how these moving pieces fit together, have not been clear until now. AS the readers will discover the key players in this plot are Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, George Soros, HSBC Bank, The Bank of China, the Mexican consulate, numerous drug cartels, et al. And yes, we will be naming American politicians who are clearly part of this such as Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum, an Sen Rubio from Florida. What did he do? He voted against the National Emergency Declaration and he belongs to a church which is receiving illegal aliens and reportedly many of them are being trafficked. In fact, most of the Senators who voted against Trump have similar allegiances.  Stay tuned, it is going to be a wild ride. In the meantime, Plan C may come sooner than expected. The Oroville Dam is in trouble, again!

Despite Spending $1 Billion, the Oroville Dam Is In Danger of Breaking AGAIN!

If one spends a billion dollars fixing a problem, one would expect results. However, that is not the case at the Oroville Dam.

The Oroville dam, the nation’s tallest, remains intact, but barely. The emergency spillway, which protects against the overflow of the dam when water levels are high, and seriously eroding as discovered on Sunday. The pipes supporting the spillway are failing. Paul Preston and myself related this exact same scenario as it was happening two years and a local sheriff evacuated 200,000 people.
Paul Preston has been to the site and has seen the pipes that are failing.  As he said, the dam could break in the face of spring runoff or through the spreading of the leaking causing the dam to buckle.
I just hung up the phone from speaking with Agenda 21 talk show host, Paul Preston.  Paul shared details about the situation that are not being shared by the corporate controlled media. Here is what I have learned. Paul Preston and Epoch Times visited the Oroville Dam this past weekend. The dam is once again leaking. The water levels are high and the risk of catastrophic failure, is once again a real possibility.

Worst Case Scenario

In the worst case scenario, one official said, an uncontrolled release from the dam could send a 30-foot wall of water downstream. Here are some details that Paul Preston has been able to learn would likely happen if the dam does fail.
1. In addition to the 30 foot wall of water, a 10 foot wall of water would engulf the entire valley below the dam in only a few minutes.
2.  Where Paul lives, in Yuba City, the expected wall of water would be rampaging at a high rate of speed and maintain a depth of 10 feet.
3. Further downstream, lies Sacramento. Sacramento has a population of about 2 million people in the region. Further upstream in the Oroville area, authorities are having great trouble evacuating 200,000 people. How long would it take to evacuate 2 million? The rampaging wall of water that would hit Sacramento would be at least 5 feet high.
4. A warm, wet storm is expected on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. This could melt the snow and increase the pressure on the dam from snow melt and absolutely lead to a breach in the dam.  Paul Preston and myself are very concerned that these coming strones, which are predicted to slam the Oroville are could break the dam. It is not a prediction, but it is a legitimate concern. And where are the California authorities, who are beholding to CALEXIT entities? They behave as if there is nothing to worry about. They don't because they are being taken care of. Even if the dam holds through the predicted severe storms, there is still the Spring run-off to worry about.
Much more to Come