The Only Safe Places Left In the US Economy-CSS-Bob Kudla

economic collapse

Robert Kudla of Trade Genius Academy. Kudla has served as one the primary consultants that The Common Sense Show uses to help our audience make sense out of an insane global economy. The world's economy is falling apart. Europe's debt is driving more countries to reject the EU and seek their own version of BREXIT. Hungary, Poland, Italy, Spain and Greece are among them. Even the once strong German economy is faltering as the French are due to enter their own version of economic decline because their people are rejecting globalist-driven climate change policies which will bankrupt the country. The French Yellow Vests are threatening to overthrow their leader, Macron, in favor of a leader who will not betray his citizens. The Yellow Vest movement is a real threat to the French government and now the movement has spread to Canada. The world is in both a political, but mostly economic chaos! The Chinese economy is so bad that they are literally and figuratively exporting extreme Chinese deflation. The Chinese debt is paralyzing the country as they have no leverage with the Trump administration. The Chinese beat the war drums, but unless the Chinese could win in a single day, they cannot sustain a war effort. Even North Korea is pursuing their national course of action, independent of the Chinese as they pursue talks with the United States. This is an earth shattering moment in world economics and politics. Here in the United States, the picture is a little better, but not much. Our unfunded mandated liabilities (eg Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc) total up to $240 Trillion! Our national debt is a staggering $22 Trillion! And of course there is the credit swap derivatives debt estimated to be $1.5 quadrillion dollars. The latter debt never can be paid, but it serves to keep nations like the US indebted to the bankers. In the midst of all the debt, is there anywhere that people with any discretionary income can turn. The answer is yes and that is the topic of the following interview.

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