Coronavirus spreads to NYC, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee and Nevada as epidemic sweeps across America

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Coronavirus update highlights for March 5th, 2020:

– Two more coronavirus cases are now confirmed in New York City. Importantly, the origin of these cases cannot be found, meaning it’s almost certainly a local, sustained outbreak in NYC. This means NYC infections are about to explode. “Neither patient has a connection to travel nor any of the other local individuals diagnosed with COVID-19,” tweeted Mayor Bill de Blasio.

– The State of Texas has now confirmed a Houston resident as positive for the coronavirus. A secondary positive test is currently pending. The Texas DSHS says the case is “travel related” and did not originate in Texas. It’s unknown how many other people in Houston were exposed before this patient was identified as infected.

– The first case has now been identified in Nevada.

– New Jersey now has its first positive case for coronavirus. It’s a male in his 30s, demonstrating yet again that the coronavirus can strike anyone at any age, not just the elderly.

– Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee just announced the first confirmed coronavirus case in Tennessee.

– Scientists have identified a coronavirus infection in a dog that they believe is a human-to-animal transmission scenario.

– California has a whole new cruise ship emergency as the “Grand Princess” (not to be confused with the Diamond Princess) has been ordered to halt its planned docking with San Francisco. All passengers and crew are being tested for the virus, as it is suspected some may be infected.

– The evil tech giants like Google, Facebook and Netflix are increasingly canceling public events and ordering workers to work from home. Facebook just closed an office in Seattle after an employee there tested positive. It’s now clear that the coronavirus is going to sweep through the labor pool of moderators and engineers that power the world’s most evil techno-fascist companies.

– The US Dept. of Health and Human Services announced plans today to purchase 500 million N95 masks — the same masks the U.S. Surgeon General recently declared “don’t work” as he was begging people to stop buying them. Once again, the government keeps buying up all the medical supplies and food supplies while telling the people that stocking up is silly.

– On an international note, Iran just put armed roadway checkpoints in place, a form of medical martial law that will likely be coming to America soon. Most schools and universities are also now closed across Iran as the coronavirus explodes there.

– Celebrity health guru “Dr. Drew” continues to insist the coronavirus is “no worse than the flu” and that people should stop talking about it or writing about it. That’s the problem with celebrities: They have no idea how stupid they sound when they open their mouths.

– On the subject of coronavirus testing kits that the Trump administration promised would be produced and distributed by the millions: “There won’t be a million people to get a test by the end of the week,” stated Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida. “It’s way smaller than that. And still, at this point, it’s still through public health departments.” In other words, local hospitals still don’t have testing kits, just as we’ve been warning about for weeks. Nobody at the CDC seems to mind this fact, as they just got an extra $2 billion in emergency funding by allowing this virus to spread out of control across the USA.

– Importantly, NIH director Dr. Fauci warns that 15-20% of infected patients may require hospitalization. That means America might need tens of millions of hospital beds, yet the entire country only has 980,000 hospital beds in existence… and most of those are already occupied. Once the hospital beds get full, the mortality rate climbs to around 15% as infected people are, effectively, sent home to die.

It’s too bad no one in the government will dare recommend natural medicines, supplements, vitamins and herbs that can easily halt infections and help stop the spread of the virus:


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