Signs Are Appearing that the Coronavirus Outbreak Will be Followed by a CHICOM-Led Red Dawn Invasion

china marines

Sometimes, while one looks to the left, they get smacked in the face from the right. While America becomes consumed with the emerging pandemic in our country form the which the results could be catastrophic, this would mark the perfect time to launch a Red Dawn invasion in order to complete the economic destruction of the United States. 

I have it on very good authority that DHS and the Border Patrol are considering closing the border. Many think it will be because of the government's desire to prevent the Coronavirus from coming into America. That is no doubt partially true. However, I believe that the overwheming reason for the Chinese and possibly the Russians and their Central and South American allies to cross the border is because the Coronavirus could produce an America weak enough to attack. Here is what I reported on this topic a few days ago. 


I have maintained for the past 7 years that a Red Dawn invasion emanating from our Southern border would occur when the United States was sufficiently weakened. We are quickly approaching the point to where this country is sufficiently weakened. 

I have made previous reference to the fact that there were tunnels of a military nature going under our border wall and that Trump's mission to build a wall has morphed into repelling a light infantry attack. The new designs of the border wall reflect this changing goal. Unfortunately, this article reflects a change in operations at the border, but specific details are still to be discovered. However, this can be certainly be said with absolute accuracy, the main concern at the border is centered around an invasion of the United States, not with stopping the influx of illegal immigrants. We will be looking at Chinese immigrants. If you don't think so, please consider the fact that there is a dramatic uptick in the number of Chinese nationals that have been intercepted by the Border Patrol at our Southern border.

Did the Chinese swim from China to get here? Or is this the advance guard of an invasion force. Is this group that will attack infrastructure prior to the invasion? Will it be the group that will take down the grid?

In fact, on March 13, 2019, I documented the following:

 Tunnels Under the Wall/Border Are the Primary Concern

Inadvertently, the MSM is revealing the changing nature of the concern at our border. From the Washington Post:

...One tunnel is about 50 feet long, unfinished, and stretches across two countries. It starts along the drainage channels that a U.S. border town shares with Mexico, and abruptly endsunderneath a parking lot in Arizona.

Another one runs about 80 feet, also unfinished. Its opening was found inside an abandoned store in the Mexican border city of Nogales.

A third one is about 30 feet,also found somewhere in Nogales, though it’s unclear where it starts or ends.

These tunnels, which authorities suspect were built to smuggle illegal contraband or people across the border, were found within the past month, as President Trump continues to demand $5.7 billion to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico....

As usual, the Washington Post missed the main point connected to this story. The writer had the essential, operating phrase "built to smuggle illegal contraband or people across the border..."  The writer missed the point. The illegal contraband, not people comprises the main concern among Trump administration officials.

In conversations with a deep-cover intelligence official, it is what is in these tunnels that is the concern. One deep cover official told me that these tunneling terrorists have been discovered to have possession of anti-tank mines. "More RPG's than you will find on most military bases". Also, and along with 50 calibre machine guns as well as massive amounts of C-4 explosives, gas masks and biohazard suits have been found which suggests even more about what is coming north of the border. This is an example of the "contraband" being found in tunnels going UNDER the wall.  This is the prepositioning of weapons that Paul martin and I have spoken about in the past interviews.  One former ARSOF said this is the Mexican Ho-Chi-Minh trail.

These tunnels are electrified and some contain portable air supplies in case of a cave in. They are often well-stocked in terms of necessary survival supplies including food, water, and medical supplies. Upon being told this, I stated that this is military operation and then came the most stunning revelation.

In a discovered tunnel under Tijuana which extended well into the United States, Chinese made weapons were discovered. One border official told me that he has personally witnessed the confiscation of weapons from over a dozen different countries. The same source said that this is the continuation of Eric Holder's Fast and Furious operation. From information sources, both past and present, I have learned that the operation is largely headquartered in Del Rio, Texas.

From these covert sources, I have been able to learn how interwoven various criminal activities have become. For example, in Del Rio, children, for child-sex-trafficking are flown into the town from various locations around the world. Then, they are distributed to many of the Mexican resort vacation spots. Contraband flows the other way as well. Massive amounts of weapons are flown in as well and are sent to places in Southern Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

As far back as November of 2013, I was writing about the Chinese military threat to the United States, I previously identified Obama's treasonous act of letting the Chinese participate in our Grid Ex (grid down) drills. Obama permitted the Chinese to see how to take a our grid down. I expect to see our grid go down as a prelude to a Red Dawn invasion. Here is what I previously wrote in late 2013. 

The Chinese Are Our Enemy

For the first time in American military history, the United States is allowing the communist Chinese troops to train on American soil. Like the Russians, the Chinese military will be a part of the upcoming Grid EX II drill in which they will be providing military support by a simulated attack of a rogue "third world nation" upon the US and its power grid infrastructure. The Chinese will have boots on the ground from November 12-14 in Hawaii. This is an incredible act of treason being committed by the White House. The Chinese government is the enemy of the American people. Just like Russia, the Chinese have threatened to nuke the United States over a potential invasion of Syria and Iran. Just like Russia, the Chinese have been involved in the purchase of Iranian oil for gold which undermines the Petrodollar. The latter is a direct attack on the United States economy. In my book, when a nation threatens to nuke us and attacks our economic interests, they should be considered to be a hostile enemy and should be kept at arm's length.

I inventoried my previous articles in which I wrote about Chinese involvement in a  Red Dawn invasion of the United States. I have covered this topic 28 times in almost 7 years. The evidence is overwhelming. It is only a matter of time. The weakening of America through the Coronavirus is the perfect time to launch such an attack. Even if the attack is not successful from a military perspective, it could collapse the economy of the United States and cause the people to lose faith in Trump (the goal) prior to the election. 

Overwhelming Evidence of a Coming Chinese Invasion

The sample size of evidence, which anticipates a Chinese led Red Dawn invasion represents maybe 5% of my existing evidence and previous publications. The clouds of a perfect storm (ie pandemic, economic collapse, depleted military due to the virus) is in place. And if this evidence is not enough to convince the reader about the inevitable, please consider the latest evidence to cross my desk. 

The Chinese Threat Is Imminent

The following is a communication that went to John Moore and Paul Martin before it reached me:

This is Brett XXXX and I wanted to give you a heads up.

I told you about my brother before.  He was also LE, Homeland Security and was a Navy corpsman.  He has some real good connections and I've been receiving intel before it becomes news. He called me yesterday and we were talking about the possibility of China releasing the Coronavirus in order to weaken its surrounding countries (Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and South Vietnam) that they would love to conquer (as well as the USA of course).  He then told me a story that came directly from a mutual friend of ours that works for the CIA....

Our friend was stationed down in Mexico and stumbled upon a warehouse filled with Chinese military vehicles and weapons.  He was shocked and could not believe what he was seeing.  He said in no time, this could be brought across the border, right into Texas.  He documented everything of course, then called my brother to discuss what he saw.  This was about 7-8 years ago.

Could it be that this is a long game they have been planning?  Could they be supportive of Mexico and in exchange, Mexico allows them to store their military there?  Could Mexico be part of it as I do not believe that Mexico is very fond of the US?   

If we were drawn into a war in the Middle East, and at the same time, our country is in disarray due to the Coronavirus, it would be a perfect opportunity to cross the border and attack the USA.  We've not made life easy for China, and we are surrounded on our southern side with many enemies.  

China has already proven that they are willing to attack us with biological weapons...  From 1993 to 2003, Chi Haotian who was the Minister of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China, gave a speech in 2005, where details the annihilation of the West and talks about world domination. He said, "the first target will be the United States as the most powerful of the free (and hence enemy) countries, whereupon all the other enemy countries will be easier targets.  As for the United States, up to two-thirds of its population will be poisoned (chemical war) or infected with mortal diseases (biological war), and all of their property will be transmitted to the new settlers as to the superior race. One-third of Americans will be left alive to be servants of the new superior race."



In the short-term, it may prove to be a good idea to stay away from public gatherings. It may be wise to wear a mask and gloves. However, while you are preparing for the Coronavirus, and you should, please realize that you may just want to lock and load because the coming invasion is when the real fun will begin.