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The 9 Elements of Genocide Are In Place and Are Awaiting the Right False Flag


If we take an objective look at today's America, we can clearly see that all the elements of a genocide, all nine elements, are in place and the event is simply awaiting the right catalyst.

Almost everybody knows that something is terribly wrong. Even the most politically unaware person has a sense of foreboding, the calm before the storm feeling, if you will. Unfortunately, most Americans have been conditioned, dumbed down and kept in the dark regarding the hell that will soon await them. Thanks to technocracy and the likes of Google and the social credit beast system being installed in both China and America, Americans now live in a complete police state. The framework has been completed and now the real construction and implementation of this police state apparatus has begun in earnest. the full implementation is simply awaiting the right leader at the right time, following the right false flag. Our enslavement became a primary emphasis of the Deep State controlled government under President Bush. Out banker hijacked government had eviscerated the Constitution through tyrannical legislative acts such as The Military Commissions Act, The Patriot Acts I and II, The John Warner Defense Act, The NDAA, Quantitative Easing I, II and to infinity. Today, it is Red Flag Laws. Most disturbingly, our Deep State government shows every sign of beginning to carry out the Bill Ayer’s promised extermination of millions of Americans who could not be re-educated. Who was Bill Ayers? Ayers and fellow communist terrorist, his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, paid for Obama’s Harvard education and launched his political career in their Southside Chicago neighborhood home.

How do I know the American Genocide is ready to commence? I know this partly because all the pieces are in place. Further, every totalitarian regime commences its initial reign of terror by following the same exact steps. The steps never vary.  The plan is already in motion and consists of the following parts.

I. Gun Confiscation

Outlawing guns, followed by gun confiscation is the key step which precedes an impending holocaust. The masses must be rendered defenseless prior to the reign of terror commencing.It worked for Hitler, Stalin and Mao and now the same plan is being put together by Obama. Suffice it to say, Pelosi and friends have turned the tables on America. The border wall issue has been flipped into the Red Flag issue in which guns can be taken because someone BELIEVES someone constitutes a threat with no proof. Disarming the population is the first step to genocide. The University of Hawaii's Democide project clearly illustrates that whenever there was gun confiscation in the 20th Century, it was followed by genocide.

II. Regime Control of All Communications

The state must prevent a coalescence of consciousness in which victims of the regime are allowed to communicate with another as a prelude to organized resistance. Therefore, every totalitarian regime must and will seize control of all major communications. It worked for Hitler, Stalin and Mao and now it is being put in place by by the various social media outlets. Publish something about Christians on Facebook and Youtube and see how quickly it disappears. It is bad enough that Amber Lyons, three time Emmy award winning reporter and former CNN journalist, had revealed that CNN accepts government payment to cover some stories and to ignore other stories. Her six-year-old revelations are now coming into full view. We also know that over 95% of the media is controlled by 6 corporations, all who have the same plans for global enslavement with a one world government, one world economy, carbon taxes, no freedom of speech or religion and no private property ownership. The plan is simple, control the message and the regime stands a better chance of controlling the people. As previously reported on the CSS, Obama gave the codes to the Internet DNS servers, which will lead to the total control the internet, Chinese style. This means that the UN has absolute access to the DNS servers and some behind-the-scenes foreign bureaucrat will shut your website down for daring to expose the truth about the oppressive world government being installed. When the internet is gone, the last uncontrolled mode of communication will be gone with it. Many in the patriot movement bemoan the abject ignorance and apathy of most of their fellow Americans, now you know one of the major causes. The media is anesthetizing the American people prior to the coming genocide. The Jussie Smollett case was an attempt of getting the people to commit genocide against each other. the Smollett endgame was clearly a race war, helter skelter style and the MSM was caught red-handed participating to further the false flag.

III. The Construction and Staffing of Concentration Camps

The Deep State has to have a place to put the dissenters! All totalitarian regimes must have a place to house targeted groups and potential dissidents as the last societal remnants of protest are removed. It worked for Hitler, Stalin and Mao and now the same plan is being put together by Obama.   The construction and staffing of FEMA Camps, has been fully admitted by the mainstream media for years. KBR’s complicity in the construction of these camps, as well as the activation and staffing of these Bill Ayers type of re-education camps, has been fully acknowledged. Do you know where Hitler got the idea for concentration camps? Surprisingly, he got the idea from subjugation of Native Americans into reservations. The concept is on the verge of coming full circle. If anyone challenges the authenticity of FEMA camps, simply go to a search engine and search the term FM 39.4.

IV. Restriction of Travel and the Dehumanization of the Public

It worked for Hitler, Stalin and Mao and now the same plan has secretly been set inside of FEMA. Where do you think the homeless are disappearing to? The conditioning of the public to accept these invasions into their right to travel has been occurring since 911. Not only do the TSA perverts commit felonies against our flying public every day, as these pot-bellied misfits grope our mothers and our children, they are in the midst of rolling out a far-reaching VIPER program which would make Hitler’s Gestapo jealous. Very soon, if you want to travel on the street, go to a mall, attend a sporting event, enter a  school, attend the prom, board a bus or a train or travel from one city to another on the highway, you will be subjected to the same TSA felonious and invasive search protocols in the pursuit of any of the aforementioned activities. This is all part of the conditioning process in which the average citizen is being programmed that it is the government that is the sovereign, not the people.

V. The Use of Citizen Spies

America is on the verge of reliving the horror of the Salem Witch Trials in which anyone with an ax to grind can bear false witness against their neighbor. Nobody is safe in such a society. Chances are your church is working with DHS to brainwash you through the misapplication of Roman’s 13 as part of the Clergy Response Team. This also means that they are providing access to the personal information of their parishioners. An estimated 100,000 pastors belong to NOVAD's Clergy Response Team. America is also witnessing the establishment of secular citizen groups, such as Infragard, which operates under the authority of the FBI. Infragard members are told to spy on fellow citizens and, in some cases, are even allowed to use lethal force. And of course the DHS has recruited every citizen in the country to spy on their neighbor as illustrated by the following: This goes hand in hand with the complete roll out of the police state surveillance grid in the government uses cell phone tracking to watch your every movement and to spy on you. Then there is the current roll out of light poles which tracks your every movement in a program called Intellistreets. And of course there are the programs like Google's Nest in which privacy is a thing of the past.  Every move you make, every breath you take, the Deep State is tracking you.  

VI. The Rise of Unsanctioned Paramilitary Forces

It worked for Hitler, Stalin and Mao and now the same plan is being put together by Obama. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Obama promised the rise of American Brown Shirts as he stated, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
Obama’s ACORN thugs have been replaced by ISIS, MS-13 and the cartels admitted to America by the borderless Democratic Socialists and they are preparing to carry out their reign of terror.

VII. The Use of Dispassionate, Third Party Entities to Implement Initial Reign of Terror

It worked for Hitler, Stalin and Mao and now the same plan is being put together by Obama. Dictators have long used dispassionate third parties to carry out their heinous acts designed to suppress all opposition to a burgeoning totalitarian regime. For several decades, the Chinese Communists have also suppressed dissent by the use of troops from provinces which are not in proximity to the troubled area. Both Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, have amassed a mighty army of untold number designed to subjugate the American people. Why foreigners? United Nations and Foreign troops will not hesitate to fire on American citizens.  This site has documented the presence of these foreign interlopers on American soil many times. This is the modern day version of Brown Shirts and the Gestapo.

VIII.  Awaiting the False Flag Event to Pull All of This Together

Every fire requires a spark. Every introduction of tyranny needs a provocative false flag event attack designed to give the authorities to roll out into plain view the police state apparatus which has been in the works for some time. It is impossible, with 100% accuracy, to predict the site of such an attack which will serve as the excuse to fully roll out martial law.

IX. The Cognitive Dissonance Factor-The Genocidal Threat Is Omnipresent and Still We Acquiesce

To the person who is a novice to this topic and to those who think this article represents the ramblings of a delusional boy calling “wolf,” please allow me to ask you one question. Does any single example of recent government action fully documented in this article represent anything remotely to do with protecting civil liberties, promoting freedom and defending the Constitution? If you answered yes, then my advice is to go back to sleep because no amount of evidence will wake you up. If you answered no to this question, but are too stunned that Deep State elements of your government could be marking you for extermination, then my advice would be to immerse yourself in the Independent Media. If your bewilderment changes to fear, then begin to do your own research. And then, maybe you will be ready to join the fight, because this is the fight of our lives. To the patriots who are aware,  I know that I could have also added the government control of food and water, the use of GMO’s etc., to the list of enslavement and extermination variables. However, the essential elements of a police state implementation plan are painfully obvious with what is written here. My fellow Americans, please allow me to ask why we tolerate this abuse? The answer is simple, the globalists employ master psychologists whose job is to devise techniques designed to get the public to unquestionably accept authoritarianism. Using the same techniques that humans use to control circus animals and family pets, the American people have been conditioned and domesticated to believe and to accept anything told to them by the MSM. History has spoken will America listen?


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Revelations chapter six ... Four Horse of the Apocalypse... and read the book by William Cooper , Behold a Pale Horse


Dave, God has given us a reprieve with Trump. Had Obama stayed in office by declaring martial law, or Killery got into office we would have been dead or waiting to be killed in a fema camp. God is not only cleaning up the corruption in the USA, he's cleaning it up world wide. But whatever happens we better be right with the Lord and instead of spewing pure gloom and doom, you might want to start proclaiming the good news the gospel of Jesus Christ ! Heaven is forever and so is Hell Dave. John from Oroville, Calif


This is all being done today by Satan to preempt HOLYDAYS 2 & 3... search for "pentecostnation" website and read "The PSYOP” article.


we need new government that reflects the constitution not all the illegal add ons that have been added from 1776!


>The answer is simple, the globalists employ master psychologists whose job is to devise techniques designed to get the public to unquestionably accept authoritarianism We see this play out now in the unwavering support for Donald Trump, even though he has done a total 180 on his promises. No more interventions have turned into never leaving the war zones they have been in for a long time an which they created and now lining up more countries for invasion; Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, maybe Bolivia. All this is based on big lies about the countries they intend to invade so they can take their resources. They act like a mafia gang of thieves and murderers. Yet, no opposition from is supporters. You say we are just awaiting the right leader to set this off? He is already in place. He told the Democrats how to get the guns! He has conned the nation and can do just about anything he wishes and will not get any push back.


You have been talking about this stuff for years are you running out of things to write about. Can you write any positive stories? Obama is no longer president. I know we have a bunch of goons in the congress. I am a vet of Viet Nam and they are going catch a lot of TRB from us vets. When do you think all this trash will begin? Any Idea?


No, America, for the most part, won’t listen.


Good luck getting the guns Dave. We the people will not surrender our firearms, period. When will you have live shows again?


As TSA Ventures out away from the airport I consider them fair game for hunting. They have no business anywhere but the airports.


Americans are basically a gutless lot; but they always hope that something better will come along to replace that which is faulty (globalism) or defective (global village complete with spies, surveillance, 5G cancers, etc.) Let them ALL go back to sleep Dave; so that they will wake-up on a mattress in a FEMA Konzentration Kamp, or shipped off to other 'Black Sites' for torture, organ removals without anesthetics, or drop-dead GULAGS similar to Vorkuta on a global scale! I know families now who stock-up once a month, and remain at home with their adult children, only venturing out once a month to stockpile, as this minimizes their exposure to tyrannical jackbooted thugs known as Police! & when they do go out, they have on Kevlar, and many semi-automatic firearms in their cars to fend off police abuse! If this weren't so, why was the director and producer of 'Gray State' 'suicided in his home with his family?


Right on Dave, known well that high percentage of the population always rejects or denies new information.... and certainly they won't even research for them selves... so away they will be taken and remember that those who learn last are the first to be hurt.... life is just too burdensome for them to protect or thrive.... have to let them go....


If anything exemplifies that the American people are living in a totalitarian police state is the swatting arrest of Roger Stone in the early morning hours with CIA controlled CNN there to film the operation. The CNN recording was then put on the "news" to show American slaves "look what we can do and there is nothing you can do about it". Stone was then paraded in court arraignment bound in chains as if he were a mass murderer. That the people have allowed the killing of 70 million babies in the womb and are how considering killing post birth babies says it all. Instead of burning the killing clinics to the ground and stringing up the abortionists the American people are now in the near future going to get exactly what they deserve. The good, the bad and the ugly. God and his Son Jesus Christ will not be mocked for only so long.

Comment A democracy cannot function without a moral and well informed people. Draw your own conclusions.


Since the Act of 1871 and the satanic robber barons took over the controls of this great United States if America into the US Inc empire, we have bee ruled secret societies and luciferians.. We have been terraformed into their beast control system. They have poisoned us with every means they can think of.. They are killing babies at an industrial scale.. They have robbed us of our God given rights. And they have more coming to cull millions using 5G and secret bio chemical WMDs. The FEMA camps are prepped and ready just like entering Auschwitz and Birkanau concentration camps... Arbeit macht frei... One thing is for sure, we will not submit to this satanic agenda when all we have left is ourselves.


To John Weiss.....ah not until "they" have disarmed us 1ST. This why now all stops are being pulled out 8n that Leftist requirement = "they" don't want to end up swing from lamposts acrossed America @ gunpoint if "they" get too hasty...


"V - Use of Citizen Spies" Now, also, the "Red Flag Laws" where a citizen contacts the authorities & says another citizen has "issues" & guns......On THAT PREMISE ALONE, the Gestapo goes to that person's house & confiscates his guns. Any resistance to the illegal confiscation will be met with lethal force, as a senior citizen in a suburb of Baltimore, Md. found out recently.......Murdered by the cops.


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