New Coronavirus Statistics Are Far Worse Than Feared

coronavirus in china

I know from inside sources that the so-called Coronavirus protocols are being decided at this very moment. In 3-4 days, the final decisions will be made. The data they are looking at is similar to what is listed below. This came to me from a trusted insider. 

This is disturbing but the information is consistent with other sources of information that I have received.

Subsequently, I have some important information to share about the “Wuhan virus”;  where it came from, what’s happening and what you can do about it.  This is a transcript from a text chat, it isn’t “official” information, but the source is trustworthy. I’ve known him for many years, and he has inside knowledge of the true situation.  It’s quite sobering and is presented with minor editing.  It follows this introduction and you should do your own research.  You may freely post this document, provided you post this entire document. 
This virus is not naturally occurring, it was created in a lab. There is a bio lab in Wuhan with these capabilities and it either leaked out by accident or somehow was released.  There is no cure available to the public.

You have to remember that China is a communist country which is notorious for lying about things like SARS, the state of the economy, etc.  Everything touched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is evil – they already killed 80 million of their own citizens since 1949, would they have any problem with murdering another 80 million pwople?  

Today in China, the CCP persecutes good people like Falun Gong, who peacefully meditate in China and around the world.  Falun Gong practitioners in China are imprisoned, tortured, killed and have had live organ harvesting, against their will.  These are people who practice Truth Compassion and Tolerance – that is what the CCP is against.  

The CCP does not value anyone’s lives, they only value their own power.  If before, you thought “this persecution is in China, it doesn’t affect me”, you will now understand the whole world is being persecuted.  Here is the transcript:


Hi Dave,

About TWO years ago a level-4 (the highest level, most highly Secured) Research & development Bio-Warfare Lab was constructed in Wuhan.   Known as Wuhan 34.
The Chinese public was told that the Wuhan 34 facility was a civilian use only, virus R&D lab.
The facility is actually a Top Secret Bio-Warfare agent MILITARY lab.
The public is not being told.

There are very Obvious reasons why this information has not been released publicly.
Bio and Chemical weapons are outlawed Globally.

The USA has designed methods to work Around these agreements [ed note: using binary components for chemical weapons and bio weapons]
Binary Chemical weapons are non-toxic until they are released and explode.... then mixing two different "glass" tubes of non-toxic chemicals in a bomb --- creating a very toxic mix. BIGEYE [ed note: air launched nerve agent VX binary chemical weapon]

SAME concept goes for bio weapons

So Each country can say they have no such dangerous weapons in stock inventory.  Because they are not toxic unless activated, they are legal under treaties.
This virus was developed, then went to Canada to Wuhan 34 [ed note: it was stolen from Canada by Chinese agents -].  It was intentionally released – the timing is too suspicious.  I am certain several people know in different countries.
People in Wuhan have been hit very hard psychologically.  At night they are yelling out windows reassuring each other they are still alive, throughout the city.

***How it spreads***
It can go airborne, hitching a ride on particles and air pollution.  It’s also being boosted at night time via chemtrails, which are sprayed [from aircraft] at night when there is no UV to destroy the virus.  Chemtrails are relatively harmless compared to the rest of the story, [ed note: this shows the premeditation to this program] 
Transmitted via body fluids eyes mouth nose tears coughs talking sweating sharing food et cetera.  The transmission rate is double anything seen in the past 200 years.  One infected carrier yields 14 more infected.

******Fatality rate is 23% for the released agent.  Estimated fatality rate at age 66 is >50%.  It’s expected to spread for a couple of years.******


Humans exposed to the virus have an incubation period of 15 days before any symptoms that are detectable appear
Once you are exposed, you immediately become contagious.  There’s no incubation period for contagion, or it’s a very short period.
Blood types A, AB and Rh-neg are most affected.

*** How to manage the virus ***
There is an antidote...a vaccine.  The vaccine is of course for those in a position to acquire it. The vaccine isn’t for you.
UV can be used to destroy the virus, if the UV dosage/time is high enough.

A water solution with powdered pool bleach is effective. The powdered bleach is a very effective oxidizer, is cheap, widely available and has a long shelf life.
Latex gloves are useless.  It’s porous, 100 micron holes and the virus is less than 5 microns.  Study the Army NBC Manuals for more information ( abstract&did=1035).

Surfaces where the virus is on, such as a counter where someone coughed, need to be sprayed with bleach, the air misted with bleach and anyone in contact needs to shower.
The virus can live “in the wild” longer in cold than warm climates. Meanwhile there are a few things an ordinary person can do to survive if infected.
40,000 IU of D3 every 12 hours until pneumonia symptoms cease. Before becoming ill, folic acid (to raise White Blood Cells) and drinks, acidic such as strong lemon drinks and increasing oxygen intake, which changes the pH of the blood. Hyperventilation as a last resort.

Get a high quality oxygen concentrator.  A bed inside a hyperbaric chamber would help too.  But that’s going a bit far for most people.
Isolate yourself from others and have food sources that are dated prior to about three weeks ago.  I would stock up and other packaged items depending on where they were acquired. [ed note: people may need to shelter in place for several months, you will need a non-perishable food supply in your home.  Freeze dried foods made more than a month ago and any canned goods should be fine]

There are bigger fish that may strike soon but hopefully miracles will happen Meditation and quieting during the solitude should be very helpful.
Have been eating fruits and vegetables and canned foods and bottled drinks also paying attention to their manufacturing source The internet is so full of Confusion and disinformation that no one will be able to sort it out. This information is changing over time.  Re delivery and delivery subsystems.
U.S. lockdown could happen as soon as 10-20 days [ed note: watch financial markets closing, air travel restrictions from China, etc]

This is a novel virus with no publicly available cure.  Doctors and hospitals can  provide supportive care and that will be difficult once they get swamped with thousands of patients.  Because this virus mutates rapidly, an effective vaccine will be very difficult to create.  For this reason, people should look outside medicine and reconnect with their spiritual sides.  Miracles can and will happen if our thoughts are righteous and our prayers are sincere.


I have noted that the information is seemingly reaching a consensus point and much of this is represented here. The transmission rate is off the charts. The death is severe and is among the worst ever witnessed. Medical science feels powerless in the faceof combatting this virus and its subsequent mutations.

One final note, the Communist leader of China is missing all of his media appearances. Is he hiding outside of the country? If so, this would be an indicator that the death rate and transmissibility rate are as reported in this release.