Fauci, Newsom & Ducey Are Lifing Restrictions

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If one were to hire a private detective to follow Fauci, Ducey and Newsom around, one would falsely think that the lockdowns are over, but actually, they are only over for the three aforementioned despots. For these three, life goes on as normal, however, they do not lead by example. 

Fauci, Newsom & Ducey Are Lifting Restrictions...for themselves only! 


He is technically a Republican, but he is a Repuiblicanonly in drag. He is the least known of the three, but he is easily one of the biggest phonies in the country. His administration is marred by scandal because of his blatant conflicts of interest. 

A photo of Gov. Doug Ducey attending a party without a mask or practicing or social distancing is circulating on social media, raising questions about how closely the Republican leader is following his own COVID-19 prevention advice. 

The Governor's Office, meanwhile, has called the photo as a baseless "personal attack" designed to mislead constituents and engage in a smear campaign.  It is true, Ducey has smeared himself that refuses to follow the same rules that he enforces on everyone else. . 

The author of the text is Carter Santini posted the photo to Twitter. It clearly shows Gov. Ducey standing by several other people at what appears to be a backyard event, chatting near a pool decorated with red and white banners for an obvious graducation party for a Brophy College Prep grad.

The twitter caption reads: "Governor Ducey, that's not social distancing."  

A photo of Gov. Doug Ducey attending a party without donning a mask or practicing social distancing is circulating on social media.

A text exchange posted stated thatt the text and picture wer taken at a Brophy College Preparatory graduation party on July 6, when the majority of the state had mask mandates in place, and COVID-19 infections were skyrocketing even though the state's numbers were called into accuracy. .

 One more point for hypocrisy. Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey sits on the Board of Governors for an institute that is accepting state health department funding to conduct Coronavirus testing in the state of Arizona. TGEN is a partner of a nonprofit that is working to develop a Coronavirus vaccine that is not expected to begin clinical trials until late 2020. This is why Ducey is so interested in keeping Arizona locked down until the vaccine is ready. It's all about the money. 


The entry on Fauci's duplicityis short and sweet. The nation is under fask mask mandates. However, here is Fauci back in March saying that a mask is not needed and they should be reserved for the professionals


There are pictures that are circulating on the internet that show Fauci taking off his mask, repeatedly, after press conferences. And of course, he is on the Board of Directors for the Gates Foundation. His wife is in charge of product safety for the Gates vaccine. What could go wrong? Do we not follow conflicts of interest laws anymore?


California Governor, Gavin Newsom, is operating the winery that is still open.  

The CSS is  working on a story that will expose Newsom for being involved in a plot to launder money through a phony face mask program with the CHICOMS. Why would he do such a thing?

The answer is clear Newsom is $185 billion dollars in debt. He cannot even pay the 2 million jobless claims. Newsom has failed to spend the federal COVID money on approved programs. He is suspected of laundering the money. He could be headed to prison if Trump is re-elected. 


By Labor Day, 33% of the country will default on rent/mortgage payments. This will bring down the banks. Trump will get the blam and be unelected. The Bolshevik revolution will more forward and a year from now, some of us will be discussing the best places to hide out because of the commencing purge. We might want to think about engaging in civil disobedience, immediately!