When Americans Call for Help and Nobody Is Left to Answer the Phones

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 I am frustrated beyond all belief that people think they can outwait Biden and this Marxist-Communist storm that has engulfed America, will just blow over. That is precisely what Germans thought about Hitler and we are living in very similar times.

I just completed a TV interview with Robert Griswold, which I held right after I had completed the rough draft of this article. As Robert was detailing what is unfolding in our country, I noticed that it paralleled the hyperbola that I constructed in the following paragraphs. It should also be noted that although this article contains an element of sarcasm and hyperbola, it is much more factual than anyone living in the cognitive dissonance zone would care to admit.

Although the following events will not likely occur in the exact manner in which I present, the effect of what is presented is right on the money.

When You Call for Help This Is What You Will Hear

“Hello and thank you for calling, Safeway, King Soopers, Kroeger and all CHICOM controlled grocery stores. Unfortunately, there is nobody left alive to take your call. Although, we cannot take your call, we recommend that if you are looking for food, please observe the World Economic Forum’s suggested dietary program consisting of aquatics, plants, bugs and fake lab meat.”

“You have reached the Critical Care Unit at Banner Health, Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health and what is left of the rest of the medical industry. I am sorry, we are not accepting anymore medical appointments because we cannot schedule anymore life-saving chemo treatments, or emergency surgeries at this time because we just fired 50% of our doctors and nurses for refusing the jab. Thank you for social distancing and wearing your mask in public. Please stay on the line for a message for the Minister of Health, Dr. Fauci and may the odds be forever in your favor.”

“Thank you for calling 911. This number is no longer in service… We are sorry for any inconvenience, but if you are calling about an intruder, have you tried hiding under the bed? All of our police are either fired for not taking the jab or are home protecting their own families.  When facing off against any potential intruder, please make sure you are obeying all the new mandates for gun control in your quest for self-defense.”

“This is a recording from your Highway Patrol…We are sorry, we cannot respond to your call at this time. If you are calling to report a car accident, please press 666 and stay on the line…” “Hello, and thank you for staying on our automated line. We are sorry we cannot respond to your car accident as 60% of our officers have been fired for refusing the jab…if you are calling to report a fatal accident, please move the vehicle off to the side of the road and stack any dead bodies next to the vehicle and pack the bodies in ice and the CHICOM military will dispose of the bodies after harvesting their organs.”

“This is the Pentagon… we are no longer accepting citizen calls regarding Communist China’s troop activity in your area… We have had to abandon DC as the Chinese tanks have rolled in…Do not attempt to surrender to the CHICOMS as they are executing every American man, woman and child in sight. Run for the hills and attempt to conceal yourself for as long as possible. We regret any inconvenience, but unfortunately, our military has crumbled. Before the CHICOM attack, we discharged over 400,000 soldiers for refusing to take the jab and this created a massive manpower shortage of critical personnel which made it impossible to defend the nation. Unfortunately, the rest of our remaining, but vaccinated military, are all too ill to repel this invasion due to massive vaccine injuries. We are sorry but there is nobody left to fight.”

“You have reached a recording of the Supreme Court and the Federal Judiciary. We are no longer hearing cases as the CHICOM Generals are deciding the fate of all governmental employees and random American citizens that they encounter. Rest assured your judiciary personnel is in great health as we were never required to take the jab. We have good news for all American citizens…At least your final fate, America’s FINAL SOLUTION, HAS BEEN DETERMINED-STAY TUNED!"

“Hello, you have reached the White House, unfortunately nobody can take your call right now as our completely unvaccinated staff, due to the President’s exemption, is busy surrendering to the Chinese military. Chinese-appointed Provincial President, Nancy Pelosi and her Secretary of State, Hunter Biden, will soon be addressing the Nation on CCP TV! Please stay tuned for this glorious broadcast.”

"Hello, this is your friendly neighborhood 501c3 Pastor. We regret to inform you that we are no longer holding religious services, but re-education courses are readily available."

As a side note, I have written more about FEMA camp legislation and practices than anyone else in the country.  I have now shifted my thinking and have come to the conclusion that FEMA will not be administering the horrors of the American concentration camp system that knowledgeable people know fully well that that they do indeed exist. The so-called FEMA camps will should now be known as Chinese Recreation Centers because I am convinced that is what we are going to see. Readers may recall that Paul Preston and I ran a report a couple of months ago about English-speaking CHICOMS training at Camp Grayling, a known FEMA camp training center. How’s your Mandarin?