Knowing This Could Impact Your 4th of July Plans


A Multi-Agency alert has identified several terrorist plots to disrupt 4th of July celebrations. If the interdictions are successful, you will never be told. However, the warnings are general and brief. A totalitarian government enjoys issuing such warnings even when they are fake because it gives the illusion that the governing authority is keeping the people safe and compliance is easier to obtain. However, the people I speak with feel that a false flag attack will be perpetrated because it would provide another avenue of criticism against Trump and his policies if he ostensibly cannot keep the people safe. 

Regardless, in these highly volatile times it is important to be vigilant and well-armed. Remember the Vegas massacre. This is the season and climate for just such an action. The most specific threat is the fear that separate component parts for a dirty bomb have been smuggled across the border to be assembled and used on a day, or an event, like the 4th of July.