Let It Begin Colorado-Brennan and Pelosi's Path to Civil War and Regime Change



In August of 2019, the Communist card carrying sympathizer was stripped of his national security clearance. The former CIA director John Brennan actually threatened to take legal action against President Trump, after his security credentials were stripped. We know that the CIA does not care much about the rule of law, however, Brennan should take note of the fact that the granting of security credentials is solely under the control of the President and he needs nobody’s permission to revoke said clearances. It is clear and will become even more evident that Brennan is no loyal to the United States and has been working to foment a coup against the existing administration since before the inauguration. Please allow me to be more clear on this point. John Brennan and his colleagues, mostly Democratic leadership are involved in a plot to not only overthrow the Ukrainian government in order obfuscate documents with implicate Biden, Pelosi et al, but he seeking the overthrow of the United States government. As this article will demonstrate, Brennan is at the tip of the spear in this coup. Trump was correct to strip Brennan of his security clearances and access to sensitive codes. The President clearly knows that Brennan is the modern day version of Benedict Arnold.

In recent weeks, The Common Sense Show (CSS) has become aware the John Brennan is a player in the corruption (eg money laundering, bribery scandals) in Ukraine. In fact, deep cover sources have informed the CSS that Brennan has combined forces with the Bidens’ in order to initiate a coup against the existing Ukrainian leadership. Why? To obfuscate his criminal connections to the region as well as top Democrats such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff et al. The list even extends to Republicans, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

It is becoming clear that Brennan and the Democratic leadership are not going to be able to legislatively remove Trump from power. Therefore, each day that the Ukrainian crisis goes on, the more exposed these criminals become. Therefore, they need to start a civil war. This is their final solution. 

The Democratic Powers that be and John Brennan plan to use gun confiscation as the tool to accomplish this task. The process is underway in eastern Colorado. 

John Brennan and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have unleashed an army of drones upon the eastern counties of Colorado. To many casual observers, this will seem insignificant. However, to those of us that cover events like this every single day, this is highly significant. Colorado is the contingency capital should Washington DC be destroyed. It is also well-known trhat the CIA is running the show in Colorado, which is why it has turned into a Blue State. 

The transition of power from Washington DC to Colorado was actually rehearsed in 2011 in Operation Mountain Guardian. While the patriot community watched in horros of FEMA snatched elementary school kids from their schools, without notifiying parents and took them to Sports Authority Field, the real action was occuring at Denver International Airport (DIA) as the airport was closed for three days as Obama and other officials were flown into DIA and they disappeared, underground, for the better part of three days. They were practicing the transition of power from DC to Denver. The drones in Eastern Colorado are part of a plot to intiatte widespread violence, revolution, under the guise of gun control. This information surfaced last night. 

Drones In Colorado

The drone story in Colorado began last evening with this late report.


Following my initial conservations with Steve Quayle and Paul Martin, I began to hear from others who had different parts of this story.

As I soon discovered, the media began to report this event in earnest. At least 17 large drones spotted flying search patterns over northeast Colorado baffling sheriffs. Baffled authorities can't explain where they are from or who is flying them. This story has received international attention as the Guardian incompletely addressed this issue. I have heard from several present and former law enforcement officials from Eastern Colorado. Some see this for what it is. Most believe that this will end up be an offensive action against gun owners. Confiscation will not part of the plan, but rather summarily executing gun owners will be. The notion is to maximize the violence and a desired civil war begins. 

The government is maintaining plausible deniablity. The Federal Aviation Administration had no information on the drones, while the Air Force said it is not one of theirs and the DEA denies any involvement in the mysterious sightings, the Denver Post said.  Denver TV station, KUSA, reported that one drone got close to see through a window of a house. The Denver Post is reporting that at least 17 drones, 6 feet wide, have been conducting reconnaissance on a nightly basis for a week.

'If any of these drones fly onto your property or are looking into windows, please call the communications center immediately,' the Phillips County Sheriff's Office posted on its Facebook page Saturday. What a joke!

. What a joke!What's Really Going On?

If Colorado is going to be the headquarters for the new regime because DC lies in ruins, gun confiscation, in order to halt any resistance is needed, at least that is what makes sense. However, as stated, this is just a precusor to widespread violence to perpetuate a civil war..

From people in the know, I have learned that the rural areas would disarmed first and then the circle of confiscation would be contracted to the cities. I do have come to believe that this will be the plan but only after the successful commencement of a civil war.

Summary of the Drone Events

By subjugating the outlying areas, this would prevent escape by people who would otherwise be trapped in the cities. This would make the civil war more manageable. Yet, there is a bigger agenda. the masterminds of this plot, as we are being told, look at gun confiscation as a means to an end. If the drones target gunowners instead of their guns, the bloodshed would be sufficient enough to warrant resisitance. Resistance is what the Democrats and Brennan want as it will lead to civil war, and ultimately, regime change. However, I want to stress that although the drones event is a means to an end, the powers that be do indeed want will intend to get your guns by any means necessary. Civil war gets the Democrats off the hook for their crimes in Ukraine!

Flow Chart of the strategy

Drone surveillance--targeting gun owners--violence leading to civil war--serious gun confiscation during the conflict in order to trap the resisters in cities by starting in the rural areas-complete the civil war and establish a dictatorial government.

And where does Trump fit into all of this? I am convivnced that he is being targeted. The country will not buy another JFK style assassination. It has been suggested to me by Federal LEO's that a mass casualty event could be triggered and the President would become collateral damage and the public would be none the wiser. If the event results in the destruction of Washington DC, the transfer of power to DC would become completely necessary and understandable.  

Relevant Ancillary Developments

If this plan is unleashed California will invade itself with Calexit associated forces like the Chicoms and the cartels as well as the CSMR-  This is why the command and control of any civilian defense force led by sheriffs and civilian militias have had their ham radio repeaters and ultimately their power taken away by the state of California. It appears to me that the roving black outs from PG&E  are part of this plot. This takes away the locals ability to defend themselves against the forces of CALEXIT and the California State Reverve Military (CSMR) by taking out command and control. Newsome, as part of his stake in the rebellion appeards to be prearing to occupy his own state. Virginia has no sworn off the use of their National Guard to seize guns. But who needs them when the Governor has the UN and planned roadblocks. The saga in California will be the focus of another report. 

This is merely the beginning of what is happening to America, but clearly a coup is underway and it is led by Brennan and Pelosi. There will be more to come.