Chicago mayor weaponizes police against Christians – who go ahead and worship anyway


Amie Flanagan



CHICAGO, IL –  Sean Feucht is a Christian preacher who is a leader in the “Let Us Worship” Movement. He and his team arrived in Chicago to praise God.

Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Chicago, told the police to shut down the group of people who were tired of the violence, and to pray for the city. This is the 26th city that they have gathered in..


The “Let Us Worship” movement is Feucht’s response to major cities that allow violent protests but won’t allow people to attend church to praise God through singing.

It is a grassroots movement that is a protest, but a peaceful one, where people go and praise God.

In a Livestream on Facebook, Feucht explained that they had alerted the Park Service and the Police of their arrival. He even wore a Chicago Bull’s jersey. They did everything by the book.

Lightfoot reportedly told the police to shut down the gathering. Feucht was told by the police that if he set up the gear they would have to confiscate them and arrest them.

Feucht couldn’t believe it. Chicago is known for its violence, and the week before there were 63 shootings. They sent countless officers to stop Christians from worshiping God, when they should be used to protect the city.


The Facebook Live showed Feucht, his long hair blowing in the breeze, with an incredulous expression on his face.

As he walks around using the selfie mode, he shows that they are at the entrance of a park.

He starts to show the police officers, not to humiliate them, but to document that they are literally doing their jobs. Meanwhile, there are a few musicians on a metal bench playing a guitar and leading the people in worship.


He zeroes in on three officers. They are standing with their hands holding their vests.

They are hanging out, watching the praise, not really bothering anything.

His camera zeroes in on joyful people, African American, White, Hispanics, and all saying hi to him. He shows how the police are slowly encircling them.

The use of force is intended to intimidate, but everybody knows the police are probably thinking what Feucht is.

He points to the head guys just sitting there and hanging out. There are two African Americans. One male that wears a pink shirt, one female that wears a police hat, and a white guy in jeans and a shirt. That’s where he just shakes his head at the situation.


We see a young African American woman in ripped jeans, a jean jacket and a black shirt that says something about God.

Her hand is pointed to sky as the sun sets into dusk. People wave flags of all colors, and they hold brightly colored signs. Feucht closes the video by telling the viewer he will try to talk to the police again.

Social Media started lighting up under the Facebook Post. There were 14,000 reactions, over 23,434 shares, and 378,000 views.

One person, who seemed fed up with the situation in Chicago said:

That’s sad. Mayor Lightfoot needs to get some God in her life.

Another posted a reminder:

Police officers need to hear the gospel too! Let them come so they can blessed!!

A Law Enforcement Chaplin said:

I’m a Law Enforcement Chaplain and can tell you, those COPs need (and most will welcome) all the prayer they can get.


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