Christians Prevented from Adopting Children in America

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 by Martin Armstrong

Adoption agencies are now preventing some Christians from adopting children due to their "extreme" views. Oregon's Department of Human Services has begun giving hopeful adopters an ideological litmus test to ensure children are only placed in families with woke ideologies.

A woman in Oregon recently attempted to adopt a child. The adoption agency asked the woman if she would accept and support a child's decision to change genders. They asked her if she would allow her adopted child to transition to a different sex, take them to LGBTQ+ events, and use the child's preferred pronouns. When the woman said that ignoring biology violated her beliefs as a Christian, the state of Oregon turned her away. The woman then asked if she could adopt a child without imaginary woke needs, and her request was denied.

Oregon may be acting illegally as they condemn an entire religion from adopting children because they can define "man" and "woman" without confusion. Christians are twice as likely to adopt children in America, and the state of Oregon has over 8,000 children awaiting homes. Technically, this litmus test will prevent anyone affiliated with any religion from adopting children. One must question why it would be preferable to keep children in orphanages instead of placing them with Christian families.