There is only one reason that the Supreme court has agreed to hear three cases involving voter fraud beginning this Friday. And that reason does not involve justice and the search for truth!

If the Supreme Court was truly interested on administering justice, they would have acted on the voter fraud cases by now. They would have acted, on an emergency bases immediately after the election. Certainly, SCOTUS would never have allowed the December14th Electoral College certification to take place. And as a last resort, the Supreme Court would never have let Congress certify the election on January 6th, but none of that happened because 6 to 7 members of the Supreme Court are complicit in the coup against America. However, more resistance is occurring from the State level, to counties to cities and at the grassroots level that was anticipated by the Left and they are afraid. So the Supreme Court has been brought in to quell the storm of dissidence.

As this article will detail, the Supreme Court is only interested in perpetuating the myth that some semblance of law and order still exists in America. The job of SCOTUS is only to placate the American people. Justice is the farthest thing from their collective minds. These black-robed bastards have no intention on conducting fair trials.

Sidney Powell’s case involves voter fraud in Michigan. Hint: Millions have already seen the videos of poll watchers, in Wayne County, MI., being blocked from observing the voter fraud that was transpiring in real time. Republican Rep. Mike Flynn’s case, regarding Pennsylvania voter fraud will also be heard, as will Lin Wood’s case against Georgia. All three cases are scheduled to be heard on February 19, four days from now. Again, please don’t hold your breath expecting justice, the fix is already in. I can already write the majority opinion. SCOTUS will rule that some level of voter fraud in all three jurisdictions did indeed occur. However, too much time has passed, and the amount of voter fraud is not likely to be sufficient enough to have made any difference. The minority opinion of the losing conservatives will conclude that voter fraud did occur and that safeguards should occur to protect the sanctity of future elections. The later point of view is exactly why the Supreme Court has finally agreed to hear a voter fraud case, after the fact, at this late date. If the Supreme Court was truly concerned with voter integrity, then they would have issued an injunction against certifying the vote until all the evidence could be heard.

These facts beg the question, why is SCOTUS even bothering to hear these 3 remaining cases belonging to Powell, Wood and Flynn? Over half of this country is extremely angry. These angry people are armed to the teeth and they are sick and tired of being disenfranchised. The country knows that the judiciary is corrupt. How else could explain, that with all the evidence that has been publicly available, then how is it possible that not one of the 30+ cases, alleging voter fraud were dismissed by summary judgment without hearing one ounce of evidence?

Personally, I will not vote in another election. Why? There is no point because as anyone who has eyes to see, we all know that important elections are filled with fraud in order that the Democrats will win. So, why bother?

Americans now live in a (cancel) culture that is devoid of any civil liberty rights for the political opposition. As has been documented several times, America is headed down the path of genocide for those that will not submit. However, the Left is not yet prepared for the political and potential violence that is coming their way. Therefore, someone in the Deep State issued the order from on high for SCOTUS to hear and dispense of the cases involving voter fraud. The Left can no longer rely on QANON because it has been so thoroughly discredited, that nobody will believe the 65,000 indictments and the expansion of GITMO to accommodate all the criminals in their outrageous stories of fake justice . But America has had enough. There are mask rebellions, the continuing accumulation of arms and growing undercurrent of extreme resentment is growing as this country knows that a dementia patient and a prostitute stole an election that they lost by a landslide.

It is this kind of pent-up frustration that concerns society’s liberal managers. A self-perceived disenfranchised  mob is ready to act. Therefore, SCOTUS has been chosen to play the role of QANON. Placate the masses, pretend there is still some semblance of justice left in this country. At last, hear the voter fraud cases! Draw out the trial, pretend to look at the evidence. However, at the end of the day, the vote will be 6-3 against America. Meanwhile, the Left will have bought the time they need to totally crush the opposition and real depopulation will begin in earnest. I firmly believe that because Biden has not completed the military transition for his administration, he does not have the muscle to act against the American people with a complicit military. These court cases may buy Biden the time he needs to finally wrestle control of the military and have it be subservient to this new Bolshevik administration.

What else could we expect from a Supreme Court that would not even investigate the murder of one of its own in the Justice Scalia case. After all, Scalia, a Catholic, was found with suffocated with a pillow case over his face. This Catholic’s body was cremated before an autopsy was performed. The Supreme Court did not raise one voice in opposition because they all know that they could be the next Scalia. All the judges know, from the Federal District level to the Appellate Courts, that it is better to just do what the criminal cartel running this country want. Dismiss all cases and take the CHCOM, Eric Swalwell bribery money and just enjoy life.

Please pray for the safety of Powell, Wood and Flynn. There cases will fail, and following the trials, their lives will be in danger. America, this is only going to end one way and this is being written by someone who is dedicated to nonviolent change.