Lacking Resolve, Most Americans Have Already Accepted Their FEMA Camp Fate

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America has many brave and intelligent people. However, we don't have enough brave and intelligent people. There is a core of Americans capable of resisting the tyrannical takeover of our country. However, these great Americans, do not have the civilian "foot soldiers" behind them. Too many of our fellow countrymen have become what Thomas Paine, in his Common Sense writings, "Sunshine Patriots".  This point is exemplified in two places in our country, Fresno, CA. and Seattle, Washington. 

Fresno Resists Tyranny-"kind of"-

Yesterday, I watched a video (too filled with horrible language to play here) in which average citizens in Fresno, CA. blocked the entrance to a restaurant in order that the police could not enter. The restaurant was bravely  and flagrantly disobeying Newsom's lockdown order, which he awaits the completion of the Gate/Fauci vaccine. These Americans were incredibly brave and the police, for the 20 minutes that the video lasts, never made it into the store, despite arrests that were made. The Fresno Police did indeed represent jack-booted Nazi thugs. These so-called police have their incomes, they violate social-distancing but they were denying the right for average Americans to put food on the table of their kids. A few blocks away, a Walmart is open for business and they have no restrictions on people that are being enforced. This is a flagrant abuse of the 1st Amendment, 5th Amendment and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. 

Unfortunately, I only counted about 30 people, maximum in the video. There should have been 3,000 people who rallied at the restaurant. Then 3,000 people should have become 300,000!  I have called for 1 million people in California to flock to the beach in violation of Newsom's unconstitutional order. I have called on all businesses to open up. I have also called for people to not shop at the box stores (eg Walmart) who are receiving undue preferential treatment under the law. The people must paralyze government's ability to respond. 

The use of MLK sit down strikes is appropriate at this point. Isn't it ironic that Newsome lets out murderers, rapists and pedophiles from jail because they might contract CV-19, and we are putting law-abiding Americans, turned into criminals through unconstitutional edicts into the same jails and prisons? This is the illogic and immorality of the left on display for all to see. Yet, there is one thing missing. What's missing are people with courage. The numbers to bring this tyrannical new and unconstitutional government to its knees are not there. The American male has been sissified. I see more acts of courage from the single moms of this country and from women, in general, that I do from the men. Where have all the real men gone?

Where have all the real men gone? Well, there is a real man that was wearing a real police uniform that stood up to unconstitutional orders and his name is Greg Anderson, formerly of the Seattle Police Department. 

There Is a Seattle Area Cop That Refuses to Enforce An Unconstitutional Order

Former Special Forces member, Greg Anderson, recently employed by the Port of Seattle Police Department, made a video stating how he was not going to enforce unconstitutional orders and he encouraged people to do the same. Here is that video. 

What happened to Greg for his "inappropriate" declaration of loyalty to the Constitution is stunning. He was called at 5AM and was told by Command that they appreciated his stance. At that time, the video only had 4K views. Three hours later, the video had hundreds of thousands of views and he was told to take the video down and he refused. He was called again and was told he would accept a letter of reprimancd and to take the video down. Finally, the "spineless" Chief of Police called him and told him to take down the video because the Governor had determined that Greg was going to work as a police officer in the state of Washington, he must take the video down and not espouse these radical views.

At this point, the Police Chief should have told the Governor to pound sand and that he was not going to fire a cop for saying that he will not break the law. This cowardly Police Chief, Rod Covey, hid in the corner and carried out the Governor's orders. What if the entire department walked out? The Governor would have been forced backed down. So we don't just have a failure at the level of the Chief of Police, we have a widespread failure among the cops in this department that will apparently say and do anything to one day be able to collect their pension.  

Most Americans know the COVID-19 numbers are fake and the test kits are useless as they have not been standardized. Yet, like Covey, the masses lack any real courage, their inner compass points anywhere and everywhere and very few Americans stand for anything. 

When the concentration camps open up for business in February of 2021, the male wimps of our society had wished their testosterone levels were operating at normal levels. 

                                        What Would Normally Follow This Event?

In most places which are experiencing this type of governmental and police tyranny would have led to widespread, uncontrollable civil disobedience. There are indeed places around the country where people are taking to the streets, like in Michigan. There are not evough Americans to pay the price. And there is a price that is going to be exacted. 

The Deep State controlled government has now decided it is round up time in America. Take a look at the legislation that just passed Congress. 

This is tyranny on steroids....

2nd Session

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.H. R. 6666



What does the phrase "for other purposes mean"?  Does that mean for transport to a Medical FEMA Martial Law Camp? In short, it means whatever Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci says it means. 

HR 666 6 is really clear. but in Part II, I will share what I have learned is coming.  Celeste Solum also knows what I know and you should listen to her in the upcoming GEN SIX Conference.