Media cheered o Stacey Abrams for challenging election but trashes Trump for the same thing

stacey abrams

 by Rick Moran


It appears that some election challenges are more equal than others.

In 2018, Stacey Abrams was in a hard-fought election for Georgia governor. It’s a race she narrowly lost to Republican Brian Kemp, but it was the aftermath of that election that was truly significant.

Abrams charged that Republicans were guilty of “voter suppression” because of the fantasy votes that were never cast for her and refused to concede. Of course, the media jumped on that bandwagon immediately. It had to have been voter suppression, specifically, suppressing the black vote.

Fox News:

“Despite the final tally and the inauguration [of Gov. Brian Kemp] and the situation we find ourselves in, I do have a very affirmative statement to make: We won,” Abrams told the crowd at the annual convention of the Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network roughly six months after her loss.

But while Abrams’ strategy made her a fan favorite of the left who was long rumored to be a candidate to join Biden on the Democratic ticket, Trump’s claim that illegally counted votes showed up after Election Day and poll watchers were blocked from observing the counting have been mocked and dismissed by the press.

There were all sorts of stories of how this “voter suppression” worked. For example, it was considered suppressing the vote because 87,000 Georgians registered to vote after the deadline and weren’t allowed to vote. Another 107,000 people were purged after not voting in four straight elections. Tens of thousands were removed because they were duplicates or because they died or had moved. This was all “suppressing the vote” because the voter rolls were cleansed,

It should be noted that this purging of voter registration rolls was a liberal reform measure that was used to break the power of entrenched interests. It has contributed to freer, cleaner elections.

But for Trump to challenge the votes cast in an equally tight election, he is held to a far different standard. Not only is he being criticized for his legal efforts, but it’s now taken as another sign of his authoritarian impulses.

The media are not even trying to hide their partisan biases anymore.

“Expectations are so low for the mainstream liberal media, that consistency in treatment of Democrats and Republicans is a bridge too far,” Jacobson told Fox News. “Stacey Abrams’ fictional claims that she lost due to voter suppression similarly are amplified, not critically examined.”

What does it say about the media, whose hypocrisy knows no limits?

“Whether it’s CNN or The Washington Post, she’s welcomed as a conquering hero while any and all discussions or curiosity about transparency are treated like some obscene gesture that’ll lead to an FCC fine,” Houck said. “When you have a media culture where not conspiracy theories but actual, dissenting views are treated as beyond the pale, you have a sad commentary on how the liberal media view the First Amendment rights of people other than themselves.”

Forget Fox News or conservative websites. The liberal partisan Democratic media still dominates America. Along with Big Tech, they have a stranglehold on opinion and influence. If they want to dismiss Trump’s claims as the rantings of an authoritarian sore loser, they can easily make that happen. If they want to lionize a black female liberal for doing the same thing, they can.There are no checks, no balances on their power. And like all absolute power, it has corrupted absolutely.

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