The Pedophile Enterprise Sits at the Right Hand of Satan-Where Is Government Witness Kathy Hall?


Advocates for kidnapped and trafficked children are disappearing. Whistleblowers who shine light on child-sex trafficking are murdered. They have their own children stolen by the courts. Judges attempt to silence the media when a high profile politician is murdered for investigating child-sex-trafficking. At the heart of a lot of the trafficking is Child Protective Services. Which ones? Pick one, pick them all. Because we have a police force with courts and laws to enforce, CPS is redundant. We don't need them. But the Epstein crowd does. They provide an endless string of children who service perverts like the Clintons. The corruption never ends and will not until we collectively stand up and say "enough is enough" and do something about this.

In my journalism career, I have been involved in two highly publicized child abductions by CPS and the courts. Although neither case involved people who were child sex trafficking researchers, I learned first-hand how corrupt and evil the Child Protective Services across America are.  

The first case I was involved with was Stacy Lynne. Stacy had successfully stopped several Agenda 21 projects in Fort Collins, Colorado. A New World Order Judge, Julie Kunce-Fields (former World Bank and IMF attorney) stole Stacy’s son Jaden without so much as an allegation of wrong-doing. The boy was given to the boy’s father, who had been absent for the first 8 years of the boy’s life. As my research discovered, Stacy was getting dangerously close in exposing Larimer County’s long-term involvement in child-sex-trafficking. In order to slow her down, Stacy’s parental rights were stripped, without cause, and she has not seen her son in 7 years.

The other case I was involved with was with State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski. Monika was an NRA member, a staunch conservative, a Trump supporter and was very anti-Obama. She was outspoken about some of the wrong-doing that she witnessed in government. And for this reason, the Virginia version of the CPS stole her child, without an allegation, and placed the 5 year-old in foster care with two gay men in which Monika found evidence they were sexually abusing him and planning to trafficking him to their "friends". On the advice of her father, who was a listener to my radio show, Monika contacted me. I raised $50,000 and was able to bring in two attorneys and Monika was able to get her son back.  Unfortunately, she remained in corrupt Virginia, one of the hubs for child sex trafficking. Her ex-husband, Jorge, from Peru and was an attorney, re-entered their lives. He teamed up with a very corrupt judge and two years later, she lost her son again, and has not seen him since. Jorge and his wife Gloria, as I have covered in the past, are the attorneys of record for the Nigerians in the Jussie Smollet fake racial attack. I could not make this stuff up. On my radio show, Monika spoke out against the ultra liberalism in the State Department. She discussed child sex trafficking, particularly when her son was placed in the foster care of two perverts who no doubt had planned to sell him to child sex traffickers. It was our attention to this matter that prevented that from happening. Since that day, Monika has been hounded and harassed by the Deep State elements in DC.

I have seen first hand how evil, corrupt and even Satanic these forces are. But the saga continues. In Arkansas, Linda Collins-Smith, was shot to death in her own home. And what was she looking into? She was busy gathering evidence of Child Sex Trafficking by the Arkansas CPS.

Collins-Smith death was taken out of the limelight by a gag order a judge issued in the case. Why was her death subject to a gag order by a judge. This was a death of a public figure and should have not been subject to censorship from the local media. But I almost forgot, this is Arkansas. How close to the hub of child sex trafficking can we get?

According to KAIT-TV, the body was discovered at former State Senator Linda Collins-Smith’s Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren?) home. Her dead body was found wrapped in a blanket. Eventually, a “Lee Harvey Oswald” figure was arrested. The forensics and circumstantial evidence, along with the motive are as suspect as Epstein’s extraction from prison.

On her Twitter page, Collins-Smith described herself this way, “91st, 90st, House 88th. Christian Conservative; Pro-Life, Business, Family, Guns, Veterans, Better Education & Patriot. Love God, Family and Country!” THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE MOST AT RISK IN OUR SOCIETY TODAY. 

I have said for years that we were approaching a time when conservative talk show hosts and conservative politicians would be murdered when they get too close to the truth in sensitive areas. Child sex trafficking is the #1 area of concern for the global elite and many of their political puppets.   


I was recently sent the following by one of my readers:

I just watched a re-run today of a Two and a Half Men dated 10/01/07.


Playboy Charlie Harper escorts his mother to the Opera.


His mother is in a Real Estate Agent for the millionaires of Los Angeles.


She points out one women in the lobby of the Opera as someone who has funded a hospital in Guatemala.  


After she gets the orphans healthy & cleaned up she sends them up to Los Angeles to work as "slaves" for her super wealthy friends!


When trying to sell the mansion of her "trafficking" friend she refers to one of the rooms in the mansion as a "media room/slash dungeon".


This is an excellent case of predictive programming. Pedophilia is not a state secret. Who’s involved is as state secret, and those who threaten to expose the perps are quickly dealt with. Just ask the late State Senator from Georgia, Nancy Schaefer who was murdered when she began to expose the Georgia CPS to being a pipeline to sex traffickers, just like Collin-Smith did in Arkansas.

But wait, there are more people seated at the right hand of Satan. The late Linda Collins-Smith had a close friend, Kathy Hall, who was also involved in researching the Arkansas CPS. Kathy Hall who is/was a whistleblower against #CPS Arkansas. She was on her way to DC to testify and now is missing. Her phone was pinged in Colorado. Where is Kathy? Why did she not show up for her testimony? Where is the MSM?

When do Americans collectively stand up and say enough is enough?