The Russian Attack Upon China Lake Has Resulted In Magma Movement Through California with Potentially Catastrophic Results

china lake

This article reveals the events which led to an armed confrontation betwween one American and two Russian submarines. The Russians suffered lost of life and craft. This article will also discuss the fact that earthquake weapons were used against China Lake by Putin in retaliation for the incident. Now, with all that is happening, we are left to ponder the real possibility that Putin unleashed a doomsday weapon upon the Western United States as magma flows, resulting from the deep underground earthquake attack on China Lake are making their way west . This will explain the shutting down of PG&E and the mystery underground explosions. The story starts with the submarine battle between the US and Russia in the early summer months of 2019.  

In the strange pattern of earthquakes to hit So California, we have to ask the question: Are witnessing an earthquake attack courtesy of the Russians in the aftermath of the recent submarine batter between the US and Russian in which 14 Russian sailors were killed? The attack on "Area 52" is particularly concerning because this secret base had to be evacuated. Oh, you don't believe in earthquake weather wars courtesy of Project HAARP? Read the document Air Force Owning the Weather 2025. It is published on this website. It contains all the patents pertinent to these two types of warfare. Here is the story that connects the dots.  

After the Russian submarine incident, I received a call from my most trusted insider-source, a former high ranking ARSOF member. The source informed me of the following:

The Russian submarine accident occurred on board the Losharik, one of the Russian Navy's secretive  spy subs. the "accident" also involved a submersible craft that the Losharik had launched, or its larger Delfin-class mothership submarine, the BS-64 Podmoskovye.

My ARSOF source directed me to the following site. According to The Drive, "the submarine in question was actually BS-64, which reportedly serves as the mothership for Losharik. The small nuclear-powered submarine is supposed to ride closer to the mission area underneath the larger BS-64." This is where this gets really interesting. The Drive went on to say the following:

...the Russians also describe their special mission submarines, ranging from the deep-diving, nuclear-powered, yet relatively small submarine Losharik to the new Belgorod, presently the world's longest submarine, as "research" boats. That a mothership submarine carries Losharik ventrally during extended-range missions may be part of the confusion, as well. There is limited information about any of these submarines.

Losharik can reportedly dive to depths as deep as 3,300 feet and its primary mission is to investigate and manipulate objects of interest on the seabed. This could include recovery of sensitive objects for intelligence analysis or to prevent other countries from doing the same, the deployment of sensors or other equipment, or the tapping or cutting of seabed cables supporting military and civilian communications and other networks.

Later, my source discovered that the Russian submarine was looking for alien artifacts from a UFO crash. They were contested by an American submarine when the fight ensued. This is where things got very strange, very quickly. 

Following the submarine battle, there were emergency meetings going on all over the world. Air Force 2 was recalled with Vice President Pence on it and he promptly cancelled all engagements and returned to the White House. Emergency meetings were taking place at the White House this afternoon, with Vice President Pence being called back to the White House and having to cancel his scheduled trip to New Hampshire.

As Pence was being called back to Washington DC, a simultaneous event was reported in the Russian media that Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled a long-standing public event as he was diverted immediately for a meeting with his Defense Minister. Allegedly at the meeting Putin summoned the General Secretary of the Russian Armed Forces to the meeting. Additionally, NATO held a high level meeting in the immediate aftermath and the UK also held high level emergency military meetings. Paul Martin even received a report that the First Lady had been recalled to the White House and was placed in protective custody. Seemingly, the world was on verge of war. How would Putin respond to the attack by the American submarine resulting in the death of 14 Russian sailors. 

At least one other source has the following information, but I am not at liberty to reveal the source because it could endanger their informant. But our stories about China Lake are identical. This is what my source said to me: "Dave, the Russians used earthquake-causing technology to attack China Lake. This is why Trump was trying to buy Greenland as the United States now needed another place to put deep underground equipment that was previously in the deep underground bunkers of China Lake that had been destroyed. This is also why DARPA was publicly advertising for deep underground storage following the destruction of China Lake. And that is not even the worst thing. The attack by Putin was so deep, that it unleashed magma and it is now on the move into California. If this magma makes to the coast, the coastline will be severely imperiled." My source for this is ex-high ranking military with clear and current connections. 

I am not at liberty to reveal the name of the other source that has this information, as stated, but they also believe that the magma is on the move toward the coast. In a coversation between us, we both agree that the explosions being seen all over California are the result of this irregular magma flow. 

Last night, quite by accident, it was revealed in an interview with Alexandra Daley, that magma was present in some of the manhole covers being exploded in California. This was occurring in five different locations in the report as revealed by Daley. This would also explain the need for PG&E to shut down in key locations. This also explains why we are seeing record flights by the military over Ridgecrest and Palmdale, CA. Some of the magma flow is being tracked. I spoke with a geologist this morning that was not cooperative and thought a lot of this was nonsense. But he did state that if any significant level of magma enters the fault lines and the ocean the chain reaction could be felt all the way to Cascadia and the result could be catastrophic. And then this geologist's demeanor dramatically changed. He demanded that I not use his name or cite his university. It was at this moment that I knew, that he knew, what I already suspected.  

At this time, I think it is logical and even prudent to strongly suspect that the magma flow is the reason for these reported spontaneous explosions across California. On last night's show, five locations were revealed by Alexandra Daley. Here is the interview. Also, please bear in mind that this is a story in progress and this is not meant to answer all possible questions. However, everyone should be a little concerned because everyone I speak with is now concerned about the safety of the people west of Interstate 5.