Will the Voter-Fraud-Laden Defeat of the Popular Donald Trump Mark the Last Gasp of Freedom In America?

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We Love You

We Love You

We Love You

This is what Trump hears at this rallies as he is campaigning. In my lifetime, I have never seen such an outpouring for a President, or Presidential candidate. Could it be that, since JFK, this is the first President who the people love and genuinely feels that he is on their side? Not even Reagan engendered this kind of support.

Let's take a look back at the Presidents in my lifetime beginning with LBJ and try and understand why large crowds never really expressed the outpouring of emotion we see with Trump. 



My first vague awareness of politics began with LBJ, who represented everything that was wrong with politics. If LBJ had not been in politics, he would have been in the mafia because he performed many mafia deeds in his early political career. LBJ’s main contribution was tied to the false flag attack in the Gulf of Tonkin incident which have the Rockefellers the Vietnam War which JFK had so vigorously opposed. LBJ never had crowds chant “We Love You!”

Richard Nixon

One look at Richard Nixon and you knew we had a crooked President. While serving as Vice-President, he undermined President Eisenhower. He was the CIA’s boy…He helped secure the so-called Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia in order to secure the CIA’s heroin trafficking. While President, he threw away many American boy’s lives on a hopeless Vietnam War. He also conspired with Edgar Kaiser to usher in managed care which has given America one of the worst health care systems in the world. And it is ironic, that his Watergate downfall was the least of his transgressions against the American people. Richard Nixon never had crowds chant “We Love You!”

Jimmy the Stooge Carter

Let’s dress up Barney Fife and make him the head of the FBI. That’s what the election of Jimmy Carter could be compared to. Jimmy Carter was free of scandal which is just what David Rockefeller and Brzezinski ordered. A man with a squeaky clean image who’s administration was infested with members of the newly created Trilateral Commission. Carter was used like an old whore and then cast aside four years later. He was known as the 20-20 President. That would be 20% inflation and 20% interest rates. The Iranian hostage crisis made America an international laughing stock. Carter never had crowds chant “We Love You!”

The First Friend to America Since JFK

In 1980, America finally got see a real man occupy the White House. The only problem was his Vice-President, George HW Bush and his Utah friends conspired to kill him Reagan for daring to go against swamp. Oh, this was the conspiracy that never really got legs. HW Bush and wife had dinner with Hinkley’s the night before Reagan was shot and nearly killed by a Hinkley family member. Reagan, once a champion of the people, Trump style, was never the same. Reagan remained popular throughout his Presidency, but not once did a campaign crowd chant, “We Love You!”

HW Bush

Never let a former CIA director become President, because your nation will see war after it sees false flag attacks. Of course, HW had to save the Kuwait from soldiers that killed babies in incubators. The fact is that HW instructed Albright to give Sadaam the go ahead to invade Kuwait so the US would have an excuse to invade in another war of occupation. HW oversaw the continued loss of American manufacturing jobs and loss of civil liberties. HW fully entrenched the swamp in the White House and the second generation is haunting the American people today.

Bubba Clinton and the Ball and Chain

With the selection of Bubba Clinton and his ball and chain marriage of convenience partner, Hillary, the American presidency reached new lows. The Whitewater affair and the murder of McDougal, to keep him from testifying, were merely footnotes on a trail of murder whose numbers exceeded the killing off of witnesses in order to cover up the JFK assassination. “Arkancide” became the operative terms to describe what happened to those who opposed Bubba Clinton, just ask Vince Foster’s family. It was Clinton that gave us the modern-day version of mainstream media dominance. He was able to repeal the FCC prohibition against owning more than one media outlet in a single market. This led rise to the Soros sponsored Clear Channel Communications who at one time boasted over 1300 radio stations and censorship of conservatives with dissident voices became an art form. Do you dislike Big Tech censorship? Blame Bubba, because open forum laws began to appear from the FCC on his watch. Bubba also pushed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act which gave us the 2008 economic meltdown. And just think, I did not even talk about Hillary’s contributions such as Benghazi. She nearly became, not only America’s first woman President, she almost became the first witch in the White House. Bubba also gave us free trade agreements which sent millions of manufacturing jobs out of the country. And just think, Bubba Clinton did all of this while planting flowers, that would be Jennifer Flowers… and Monica  and whomever….as a presidency became defined by under the banner of sexual addiction and serial sexual harassment! And who would have thought, that this President, who was so busy with his “domestic affairs” would have the time to spend so much of it aboard the Lolita Express with good ‘ole Jeffery. And let’s not forget that Bubba successfully oversaw one of America’s most successful false flag attacks in Oklahoma City. Bubba Clinton never had crowds chant “We Love You!” Instead, the Clintons frequently had people begging for their lives!

GW Bush

George W. Bush would become the quintessential example of the Peter Principle in the White House. This draft dodger, cocaine user and philanderer fumbled and bumbled his way through his early adulthood. Although it is notable that this low IQ stooge was able to gain entrance into Yale where he managed to find his way to their most notable secret society, Skull and Bones. Georgy, despite his best efforts to fail was handed control of the major league baseball team, the Texas Rangers. And then based on the support of big pharma (ie Eli Lilly) George W. Bush became the most improbable governor in history in a case of Elmer Fudd rises to the top. I am still awestruck on how Bush obtained the Presidency, mostly thanks to generous big pharma backing and the fact that Bush learned to “hang the chads”. His running mate, Dick Cheney was the one really running the country, at least while he wasn’t shooting his friends on hunting trips. Cheney oversaw the false flag of 911 which led to the invasion of several Middle East countries which greatly enriched the oil industry (eg Exxon and BP). How could we forget that Bush promoted the belief that the Constitution was just a G—D—piece of paper as he gave America Patriot Act I and II and all the other unconstitutional surveillance that violated the 4th Amendment! Boy George never had crowds chant “We Love You!”


Then there was Obama. Who? Barry, you say? Who was his high school basketball coach? Who did Obama (ie Barry) go to the prom with? Who was this guy? Will someone please show me the real birth certificate. Some say he was a Ford Foundation Manchurian produced candidate. The Left is upset that Trump did not want to release his taxes, mystery man Obama never released his school records. However, I have one record that is a little more than interesting. Obama’s Soviet Studies professor was Z. Brzezinski. How ironic!!!! So what did Obama give the nation? He returned America to the days of civil rights as he did his best to divide the nation along racial lines. This is something that is really benefitting Joe Biden today. Obama fired an estimated 350 military command officers and replaced them with officers who were communists. He staffed the leadership of DHS with affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s largest terrorist organization. He accentuated free trade agreements and the loss of American jobs. He almost turned America into a corporatocracy, but Trump ended the Trans Pacific Partnership. Obama hated America. But he did make good on producing an Army, as he promised in the 2008 campaign, that was “just as strong, just as…. as our regular Army. And today this army has joined forces with Holder’s Fast and Furious army and is engaged in the overthrow of the present regime. Nobody ever confused Obama as a friend of the American people. Obama never had crowds chant “We Love You!”



Donald Trump did not need to run for President. By doing so, he did not enrich himself like Quid Pro Joe.

Donald Trump did secure a place among the world elite by serving as President.

Trump promised that he would restore America’s economic dominance. He did. He promised a resurgence in American military power. He did. Trump is the first President since Reagan that gave a damn about the American people. Trump has lifted the lives of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and women. He has championed justice reform for Blacks. He established inner city mentor programs. He put China in their place. He has stood strong against the globalist-serving media and Deep State that would collapse America and hand off the remains to the Rothchilds. America, Donald Trump is the only political ally you have at the federal level. And America knows it... as they repeatedly chant "We love you!"  America knows that this is our last hope before we become the next Soviet Union. 

Quid Pro Joe

It is mind-boggling that anyone would vote for a man with dementia, a traitor to his country, an embezzler, and a socialist. A vote for Biden and Harris is a vote to give up your car, your guns and your Constitution. Trump tells people what he is going to do for them. Harris and Biden tells America what they are going to do to them. It is safe to say that Harris and Biden have never had crowds chant “We Love You!”


Trump draws tens of thousands of people, often in freezing weather, to his rallies, while Biden draws tens. Then how is it everyone says Biden is winning? Simple answer! Biden is winning because cheating and voter fraud threatens to rule the day. After all, the Dems have mailed out 80 million ballots to the likes of dead dogs, ghosts and multiple ballots to single voters. There are reports that the CIA is conspiring to rig voting machines in battleground states. Some feel that Trump would have to get 75% of the vote to win. 

Steve Quayle calls Donald Trump, “God’s prosecutor”. I could not agree more!!! Ronald Reagan once said that America is the last bastion of freedom in the world. It can accurately be said today that Donald Trump is America’s last bastion of freedom. If you care about your children. If you care about your American legacy, you cannot allow “heels in the air” Harris, Dementia-laden quid pro Joe to ever enter the White House. Because if they do, some of us are going to entering structures that will not be conducive to our longevity. And it is certain that when the dust settles on the Harris administration, the average American citizen will not be chanting “we love you!”

Pray for Donald Trump, and then pray again that God will strike down the cheating and voter fraud. Pray this prayer in Jesus name. For if you do not, it will not be long until you will not be permitted to utter Jesus' name in public.