Amazon allies with communist-funded Antifa terrorism

antifa and bezos

 By Ethan Huff


If you were wondering where Amazon stands on all the looting and rioting taking place across America, the company has indicated that it is in full support of it.

In a recent statement, the Jeff Bezos-owned e-commerce giant lent its support to the movement to take over cities and wreak havoc, indicating that it is “standing in solidarity with the Black community” and supports the “fight against systemic racism and injustice.”

Bezos and his company want the world to know that they are pushing for an end to the “inequitable and brutal treatment of Black people in our country.” They also support the protests that aim to dismantle the entire system, which supposedly perpetuates it.

Not only do Amazon’s employees support this agenda, but its customers and “partners” supposedly do, too. This is what Amazon indicated on its Twitter page as part of an official announcement.

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how the riots and looting are all part of an engineered destruction of the United States:


Wait, didn’t Amazon work with law enforcement to develop facial recognition technology?

For those with short-term memories, this reassurance by Amazon that the company sides with black people in fighting against injustice might seem genuine. But for those who can remember back even just a year ago, it is easily identifiable as just more empty virtue signaling.

As you may recall, several years back Amazon unveiled a facial recognition technology known as “Rekognition” that it piloted with the help of none other than the Orlando Police Department. That pilot program ended last July, however, after it failed to work correctly.

What Amazon did was team up with police to test out a system of tracking and surveilling people based on their unique facial features. Once all the quirks are ironed out, this will allow law enforcement to have an even greater invasive presence in people’s lives.

How any of this aligns with the goals of Black Lives Matter or Antifa, which Amazon claims to support, is incomprehensible. These two groups would seem to want anarchy and to overthrow the police, while Amazon is working directly with the police to enhance the surveillance state.

Amazon’s partnership with law enforcement was even called out by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which warned that Amazon’s tech endeavors threaten the privacy rights of all Americans.

“Congratulations to the Orlando Police Department for finally figuring out what we long warned – Amazon’s surveillance technology doesn’t work and is a threat to our privacy and civil liberties,” the ACLU announced after this Rekognition partnership between Amazon and OPD came to an end.

Fast-forward to the year 2020, however, and Amazon the corporate chameleon is now claiming to be on the side of civil rights ‘activists,’ some of whom want to abolish the police. The same goes for Twitter, Nike, Netflix, Spotify, and many other large corporations that in the past have aligned with the police state, but are now claiming to oppose it.

“We stand with the Black community – our employees, our partners, artists and creators – in the fight against racism, injustice and inequity,” reads a tweet by Spotify, which appears to have ripped almost the same exact verbiage from Amazon’s tweet.

“We will continue to use the power of our platform to amplify Black voices so they are heard,” the tweet went on to read.

Spotify, in case you missed it, has been caught silencing people’s voices in the past, including those with conservative-leaning viewpoints.

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