The Scope of the Civil War Is Rapidly Growing! America's Infrastructure Is Under Attack


While America is still coming to grips with the national house arrest of all citizens except rioters and casinos, the country remains largely ignorant about how far the new Civil War (2) has progressed. 

The Children's Crusade Against the Republic

Mao dispatched young girls armed with knives to attack people who were not on board with his revolution. The same tactic is being employed by the left, but hammers have replaced knives. All segments of our population are being forced to take sides in this growing conflict. 

From Sunrise Movement:

This is not just an uprising, it’s a mothafucking haunting. We will march to their homes at midnight so they understand that we are wide awake to their role in crafting this nightmare. When they try to dine at restaurants we’re forced to work at — despite the risk of COVID — because our unemployment is ending, we will not serve them. When they do nothing to stop federal agents from snatching us off the streets, when they force us to go back to school in unsafe conditions, when they do nothing to stop our democracy from crumbling, we will bang on their doors from dusk until dawn and make them hear us. We will make their lives a waking nightmare until they stand with us or give way to the power of the people and the vision we have for a new world.

The Left has activated young girls, armed with hammers, to come to neighborhoods to inflict damage and death. Millie Weaver and Infowars have exposed the plot. The youth have begun attacking businesses and their employees. However, this element of the new Civil War (2) is not confined to the youth. These youth are being deployed to attack people in suburbia but also they are expected to attack infrastructure sites such as power poles, water treatment, etc. 

Truckers Under Attack

With the growing crime wave in America, the nation's truckers are still expected to deliver goods to very dangerous areas in cities where there is not police protection. Increasingly, truckers are expected to brave trhe dangers of no police. Many truckers are saying this is not worth it and are walking away. The terrorism being directed against truckers is an actual attack upon infrastructure. Without truckers, the just in time deliveries will end. Food shortages will appear immediately. Necessary supplies need to keep the grid up and running will be in short supply. In short, this is an attack upon the infrastructure of the United States.

 Washington D.C. – A trucking group is now calling on the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to arrest and prosecute anyone who interferes with interstate commerce.

In an email sent to Attorney General Bill Barr on Saturday, June 6, James Lamb, president of the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) urged the DOJ to take action against those who have committed acts of aggression towards big rigs and truck drivers amid the ongoing nationwide protests.

These attacks upon truckers are clearly designed to paralyze the nation's economy. 


Another Attack Upon Infrastructure

I recently covered the train derailment in Tempe which paralyzed their central business hub and shut down two major highways. The event, which was too massive to be hidden, has gone silent as the authorities, more than likely the Deep State, has cut off all media inquiries. 

Initially, I was contacted by a first responder at the scene. He was so paranoid that he called me from friend's cell phone after reaching me by email. He said that there were clear signs of explosions. He said the rails holding the ties, four of them to be exact had come loose and caused the train to derail. He said this explanation is nonsense and he knows he's in the middle of a coverup. 

Excerpts from the following email was forwarded to me late last night and it speaks to the suspicious nature of the Tempe, AZ train derailment. 


I will be brief. I am a third generation railroad owner. My grandfather started on the rr in 1928. He bought his rr in 1965. My family has owned 7 different railroads, one of which is a class 1 rr. I am not bragging, rather pointing out that railroading is in my blood. I have a complete understanding of railroad operations, maintenance, and procedures. The derailment in Az is highly suspect. First, bridges and their approaches, switches, and curves are top priority for rrs. Railroads use Sperry railcars which is a mobile eddy current detector. It analyzes every inch of track. This is in addition to weekly inspections. The bridge in question is tangent track, straight not curved, which is the least likely place to derail. My only clues are from the pics and videos online, so I can only speculate. 

 Here is an initial report in which early-on, I expressed my concerns about foul play:


Not so coincidentally, the train derailment took places blocks away from where extreme Leftist, Soros-backed protestors were arrested only a few hours before the "accident". I also documented this event as well. 

TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Seven people were arrested Monday night after demonstrators clashed with police during a protest in Tempe.

The demonstration was organized by Tempe Against Police Violence, Black Lives Matter PHX Metro, Young Democratic Socialists of America and Direct Action Arizona. 

The protest started peacefully at Tempe Beach Park around 5 p.m. But things became unsettled as the crowds moved off the sidewalks and into the streets.

Tempe protest

People in the crowd moved toward police on bicycles, yelled profanities and threw things at officers.

The crowd moved  onto the bridge over Tempe Town Lake, and officers ordered them back onto the sidewalks.  Tempe police tweeted that protesters near Scottsdale Road and Playa Del Norte Drive had been warned by officers to disperse and exit the roadway. Police tweeted: "Participants will NOT be allowed to enter the roadway on Scottsdale Rd in either direction and MUST remain on the sidewalk."

Tempe Towne Lake is where the protesters were and this is where the derailment occured in the same time frame!

Interestingly, the train development involved Union Pacific. Only 48 hours earlier, Union Pacific ordered its security police to not cooperate with the federal government, expecially ICE. In my mind, this exposes the 5th column mentality of Union Pacific and one must assume that they are in support of the national uprising. Additionally, one now has to wonder if these security forces who stood down, did so in an effort to aid this derailment. 


Get ready America, they are coming for your infrastructure. Shortages loom largeQ