What The Bolshevik Democrats Are Going to Do to You Before the CHICOMS Visit Our Neighborhoods


There is no doubt that the CHICOM military will be visiting your neighborhood in the near future. How soon, they will be coming and what their ultimate strategy will be is variable and depends on the situational dynamics at the time. This article takes a brief view of what likely lies in our immediate future.

There is a huge intervening variable that the CHICOMS will be dealing with and that is the portion of the US military that has decided to protect the President. You can believe that with all the Democratic Party rhetoric to impeach or remove the President through the 25th Amendment that the Democratic Party fears the lone remaining option that Trump has up his sleeve.

The left has made it clear to Trump that he is likely a dead man along with key members of the Trump family. When the CHICOMS eventually come to occupy America, Trump would be arrested, if was not already and then executed by the CHICOMS in order to make an example out of him. This is classic Chinese strategy when it comes to occupation.

The Chinese, who own the Democratic Party, through people like Pelosi and McConnell have made it clear to their soon-to-be ruling forces that they expect certain things to happen before they arrive:

  1. Trump would be arrested by the Democrats for the staged event at the Capitol. But the Democrats cannot get to him because of the military protection being afforded to him in Texas where is hiding in an undisclosed location while he plots his final act against this illegal coup against him and the American people. Therefore, even with only 11 days left in his term, the Democrats are moving to impeach him on Monday in order to lessen his ability to carry out EO 13848, which would consist of the martial law takeover of the United States against the allies of parties that conspired with foreign entities to rig the election. As I wrote in the first part of this series, there is ample evidence to support the notion that the President is going to invoke the use of Turkish, Israeli and possibly Russian forces to team up with the foreign forces that Biden will bring into this country to subjugate the American people. Most of the Biden forces will be from the UN, speak  Chinese and wearing blue helmets.
  2. All dissident leaders will be dealt with. This “dealt with” philosophy comes in two phases. First, the dissidents must have their voices silenced in a general manner. This is the censorship that we are seeing right now. Apple and Google have effective neutered Parlor, the new Twitter, by shutting down their app. Faces of Death Book and other social media have begun to purge all the potential organizing voices of the right. This is a preventative move by the CHICOM-serving social media. The American people must be kept in the dark until it is too late for them to organize and act against the Democratic Party occupation forces who will hold the fort until the CHICOMS to carry out their final plan. Censorship is only phase one of this plan. In classic military terms, what is happening right now in social is the classic military action of taking out command and control. Secondly, many dissidents may prove resourceful and they must be dealt with. Yesterday, I received two confirmations that the threatened death list promised by Michelle Obama, AOC and most of all, Kamala Harris, has been activated. I have previously written about this possibility and now possibility is about to become reality. This is classic and historically represents what happened to the Communists in the early days of the Nazi takeover of Germany. There is indeed nothing new under the sun.
  3. Originally, and in advance of the CHICOM takeover, the Democrats were supposed to seize all the guns in order to lessen the occupation of the Chinese from American civilian forces. The CSS has also learned that the Democrats planned to hold McCarthy-type hearings to purge the military of officers that might side with the people. However, Trump may only be days away with his military response against the Left and these options may not be readily available. However, if Biden does take the oath of office, I fully expect him to commence the carrying out of this plan.

When the Biden administration reaches March, I expect the reign of terror to reach a fever pitch. You will no longer hear or read conservative voices in any form of media. Death squads will be utilized to complete the purge commenced by the Kamala Harris “list”. The average American has no idea how bad it is going to get. For many of and solely because you may attended a Trump rally, or visited conservative websites like the CSS and Steve Quayle’s site, you are already on the list and will be targeted. Covid will provide the contextual excuse to keep America locked down while the purge is going on. Most purges, just like the Nazis did will occur in the middle of the night to lessen the eyewitnesses which could culminate into an organizing factor against this death squads and the new regime.

After the military leaders are dealt with, the conservative politicians, like Kristi Noem, will be put on trial for treason against the new regime and they will be summarily executed. The goal of all these actions is to totally eliminate all leadership against what is coming. And what will follow the purge of the Democratic Party, at the hands of the CHICOMS is frightening and it is reminiscent of the Biblical phrase that the fear factor will be so great that men’s hearts will fail them.

Do you enjoy predictive programming. Then, go back and review the series, The Purge. It is about ready to commence unless Trump can stop it with the help of the Israeli's and the Russians.