America's Civil War II- Steve Quayle-CSS-Hour 1

civil war

Dave's interview with Steve Quayle has already been censored by Youtube. It was censored while it was still in pre-publication. The establishment is quite obviously the thoughts and knowledge of Steve Quayle. They are also afraid of Jesus, and they should be.

The liberals don't want the average American to know that our country is in a state of civil war and that we have reached the point of no return. Why? Because if the average, uniformed American were to discover the truth, they might actually be scared into rediscovering their soul and subsequent relationship with Jesus and this is where true resistance to the Satanic global authority will come from.  right now, the number one goal of the globalists is to prevent a Great Awakening!

Steve Quayle joins Dave to discuss the great American divide and just how bad it is going to get. This is a powerful interview that the audience will want to pass along to their social media contacts. If you are part of the resistance, you must share this information. And we would strongly suggest sharing this interview because the days of the Independent Media are numbered!