Mike Adams Attackers Identified! Dave Hodges & Alexandra Daley Releasing More Burisma Corruption Involving Obama Administration

mike adams

I have been in communication with Mike Adams. Mike, Alexandra Daley and myself have been under attack.

The attackers of Alexandra and myself are as of yet unidentified. We know it is has to do with current information we have and will be releasing on Obama administration officials and corruptoin within Burisma.

We have the ambassador being prepped on what to say regarding Burisma and the Bidens. We have Hunter Biden personally meeting with Obama's Deputy Secretary of State in 2015 about Burisma. This has direct effect on the impeachment hearing.    

There will be an expose late this afternoon on the CSS.

We will be releasing this information early this evening along with some State Department corresponding data numbers. 

Frim Mike Adams:


SOLVED! Natural News subjected to industry sabotage by vaccine dee;:p state
working in conjunction with corrupt, secret California court - incredible story
Culprits identified. Site functionality compromised but recovery under way...
We are very close to live status again... check back for updates.