Glenn "Benedict Arnold" Beck Returns to CNN

Glenn Beck gave America the best political commentary, in television, its best moments, ever! There was a time when I compared Glenn Beck to the mythical character, Howard Beale, from the famed movie, Network. At his height, Glennn Beck had no peers. Now, he is exposed and disgraced and is calling for the censorship of the Independent Media.

Glenn Beck a CNN Misfit

My first encounter with Glenn Beck was when he was originally with CNN. One day, I watched in both horror and amazement as Glenn Beck went after the evils of the North American Union while broadcasting on CNN. Beck even invented a term to describe this folly, "CANAMEXAMERICA" to describe his unholy alliance. I hated CNN and only would tune in to monitor what the bad guys were up to. Then there was the show where Beck went after the sacred globalist cow, NAFTA. I simply could not believe my eyes and ears. How was the conservative able to broadcast on CNN and keep his job? Well, he did not keep his job for long. Soon after, Obama was elected and Beck was nowhere to be found. By this time, I was actually becoming a Beck fan and I searched high and low for Beck on CNN to no avail. Beck had become like a flare in the night who made an impact but just as quickly disappeared.

"Hey Dave, Have You Ever Heard of Glenn Beck?"

On my radio show, The Common Sense Show, I lamented the fact that Beck had seemingly disappeared from the airwaves. Shortly after that, I began to receive emails from my listeners telling me that Beck was on Fox. I could not believe it, Fox was just as bad as CNN in those days for lying to the public and obfuscating the truth. I soon discovered that Beck occupied a prime-time spot on Fox and made an enormous splash. I remember Beck saying that he was such a threat to the establishment that he had to hire bodyguards to protect not only him, but his family.

Unprecedented Network Content

In 2009, I was one of the few Americans who actually knew how felon, Bill Ayers, of the Weatherman Underground, had actually launched Obama's political career from his Chicago home. Bill Ayers was a convicted domestic terrorist. Glenn Beck fully exposed these facts and more to the American viewing public and by this time, the Beck show was number one in it type and time slot with over 4 million Americans tuning in each night. It was a globalist nightmare. From Beck, America learned how Obama became President. People like Van Jones were exposed for being the dangerous radicals that they were. As an aside, did anyone see where disgraced Van Jones, now on (where else?) CNN just stated that if teachers are armed, they would purposely shoot Black and Latino students? And he's still on CNN. If I could not watch Beck live, I recorded him. He talked about the Bilderberg, raised questions about Bohemian grove and fully exposed Obama's communist party connections. I thought he would be assassinated at some point. On his show, he used to display the "red phone" which the Presidents of Russia and America could call each other as a last ditch effort to avoid nuclear war. In Beck's case, he displayed the "red phone" to allow the Obama people to call him if anything he said was incorrect. It was great theater. Beck also exposed Rules for Radicals and the Hillary Clinton connection. From a television perspective, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Why Did Beck Go to Fox?

In the 2008 election, my resarch revealed that the owner of Fox News' parent company, Newscorp, had an agenda against the old guard of the New World Order (ie Rothschild and Rockefeller). The owner of Newscorp was Rupert Murdoch who had extensive interest in Dutch Shell Oil. Murdoch was all but ignored by the leaders of the NWO. At this same time, GOP Presidential candidate, John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin was the governor of Alaska and her interests and Murdoch's interests coincided because both parties wanted to do away with the imposed old guard prohibition on drilling on the North Shore of Alaska for oil. Murdoch had been rebuffed by the NWO and this was his way around them. Murdoch snatched Beck away from CNN and employed him at Fox told him "to get" Obama. Beck not only got after Obama, he also went after the sacred cow of David Rockefeller. One day, Fox sent their news crews to Rockefeller Square and filmed a hammer on one side of a door fram and a sickle on the other, played this on air, and then Beck asked on air why Rockefeller supported the exposed communist, President Obama. It was the best television I had ever watched. By the way, during the 2008 election, Murdock cozied up to CITGO (eg China and Venezuela and what would become the BRICS) in aligning against Obama in the election. Yes, that's correct, Murdoch and McCain helped to form the groundwork that led to the formation of the BRICS and it happened because of the 2008 election.

The Empire Strikes Back

Beck's Fox program was sailing along and he was still number one, at least until Murdoch came under investigation by UK authorities for financial corruption. The charges were bogus, but serious enough that the NWO now had Murdoch's attention. Soon, Beck was gone and Fox became, once again, a junior news partner for  CNN. There was one other significant development in the broadcast career of Beck at Fox. In the aftermath and controversy of Jesse Ventura's show, Conspiracy Theory, and Ventura's highly controversial FEMA camp show, Beck decided to go down the same path. One day on his show, Beck announced that he was going to "reveal all" about the world of FEMA camps. The show never materialized and Beck made one excuse after another. Soon, Beck said there were no FEMA camps as he struggled to save his show. A compromised Murdoch then pulled the plug on The Glenn Beck Show.

Beck Goes Independent and Falls on His Face

Beck attempted to go independent and failed miserably. His content was increasingly mainstream and I could not figure out why and then I remembered that Beck had tearfully revealed, before leaving Fox that he had a delibitating eye condition that would undoubtedly one day leave him blind. Beck leaves Fox and his content just went to hell in a hand basket. Today, there is no mention of the eye condition. We know that the globalists treated Magic Johnson's HIV and cured it. Did they do the same for Beck? It appeared so and his content took a 180.

 Beck Goes Full Circle

In the past few days, it was announced that Glenn Beck was returning to CNN to serve along side of Van Jones, the very man that his Fox show drove from government with his exposure of Van Jones extreme beliefs. Part of me is still in shock over Beck's return to CNN. However, I have known for sometime that Beck was compromised before leaving Fox. I have also known some talk show hosts, who used to be skilled and credible. However, when they went to work for Glenn Beck, their work suffered greatly and I could not even stand to talk to talk to them anymore. In short, they became compromised. Anyone that works for Glenn Beck will soon be compromised.

Who do You Trust?

Beck was never a member of the Independent Media, he is a political whore who was brought into Fox to assassinate the character of Obama in a vengeful move by Murdoch. Anyone who has worked for Beck is now comrpomised. You can now return to your regularily scheduled programming in the Independent Media and leave the imposters behind.   For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show



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Oh the delicious irony of it all!


Did the NWO "cure" Glenn's eyes? Not very likely. It's much more likely that Glenn was lying through his teeth about his "condition" the whole time! And about EVERYTHING else. That's what gov't whores do.


I, and more importantly my wife, have been a fan of Beck for some time, even though some of the things he does leaves me speechless! If he does in fact return to CNN to work alongside socialist Van Jones, I will turn him ff never again to watch! He could be a phony, we'll see. In the same vein, I have been a follower of The Common Sense Show for some time, in spite of some of the articles that leave my head spinning! I will say this: If it comes to pass that Beck makes a move to CNN, I will forgive you for whatever transgressions I feel you have in your past and will believe wholeheartedly that you do in fact have some very reliable deep sources feeding you information. If on the other hand, this turns out to be a falsehood and a fabrication, an attempt to besmirch and discredit and destroy Beck, I'm going turn you off forever! This is either astounding news or the biggest smear campaign imaginable.


This may put a smile on your face in the middle of a trying day…(3 min)


I remember Beck on CNN, I actually credit him for waking me up to what was really going on in this country. This eventually led to my discovering independent media sources like yours. I too watched with dismay as Beck eventually became unrecognizable. I haven't watched him or been to his website in years. It's really sad what fear and greed will do to a person.


And now the gatekeepers include Hannity, who never mentions things like the pedophile arrests and the radical Islamic connection to the Cowards of the County.


It is about time that an article on the truth about Glenn Beck was put down on paper. Thank you, Glen Beck follows the money, and his self orientation, Glen Beck follows the path of satan himself.


"Beck was compromised." That pretty much says it all. I too used to watch Beck almost daily and I could see that he was being truthful and exposing the Left wingers, Obama, Soros, Van Jones, Hillary, Fabian Socialism, ISIS, all of that and more. Beck left TV and swore to have the greatest plan to expose all of it, even better than before. I waited. It never came about. He came up with the Blaze website, which was rather weak and flaccid by comparison to what he had once been doing on CNN and FOX. Then I discovered Alex Jones and could see that he was honest and vigorous in exposing the NWO crowd and the Left. My goodness, Alex had even stealthily penetrated Bohemian Grove and had the film to prove it! Amazing. Then I saw that Glenn Beck was attacking Alex. Something did not mesh as I could tell Alex was fearlessly telling the truth and laying it all on the line. I then became very skeptical of GB and have been ever since. Either GB was never on the level or else he has been compromised, perhaps for fear for his life. I don't know. But I do know that if he has gone back to CNN (the devil himself) and is working with Van Jones then he is ruined. Any person of real integrity could not do that.


Steve Quayle shares your feelings, in spades! And Beck will not/has not responded to e mails I sent asking for a confirmation or denial.........silence speaks volumes!


I wonder if Tomi Lahren will go after Glenn Beck in the wake of her controversial exit from The Blaze, and what will Glenn do with that now?


Like you, I watched Glenn faithfully. He did show the "fema camps" but quickly dismissed them as a hoax. I also watched his show when he exposed Van Jones and to now hear he will be working alongside this communist is surprising. I came off Glenn Beck when he started bringing in his Mormon beliefs and when his subject matter didn't really have much content.. Thanks for the alert on this subject Dave. I never watch CNN. I hope Glenn wakes up soon. The days are growing darker.


Tempted to say the jury is still out on this. I have watched and listened to Beck for as long as I can remember and have seen him grow, retract, grow again, cover, make errors (like we all do) but he always knew what was coming next. So the liberals will now call him a nut or a liar, very typical, and the right media will be so distracted or confused on this move, they'll hate him just for that reason. Not really understanding the animosity as I love to read you too Dave (no consideration)? Beck may or may not be "wrong" in his flight on CNN but it may be he really does aim to bring America together. And it really isn't such a bad idea. He can't possibly do that because there already is so much bloody hatred going on and the left sure does thrive on it and can he try? Honestly, maybe the left is entertained! It was through Beck that I learned to love liberals. Now I have many friends who are and through our conversations, have found there is an awful lot we actually do have in common in the end. They listen to me and I listen to them and we concur due to a conscious awareness anything could go south at any single moment, but we are smarter now and opinions soften and I love not having to be approached by an armed attempt to persuade. Jury's out.


I understand exactly what you are saying, I loved Glenn Beck and credit him with opening my eyes to what is going on in this country. That said I can't stand him any longer. He used to say to do your own research and not to just believe him. So when he started attacking Donald Trump I was confused, why would he try to destroy Trump and promote Hillary. Then I saw where he had received money from the Clinton Foundation. Then he started attacking his listeners for supporting Trump. I literally can not stand the hypocrisy of him.


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