How Rothschild Would Compromise Trump and Netanyahu In Order to Bring Us WW III


The Bank of International Settlments is central banks, main bank.[/caption] Missles are flying, bombs are dropping in the Middle East. The world approaches a major conflict. Why is this happening? Who will win? What are the objectives? Almost two weeks ago, a major Trump campaign donor, Gary Heavin, came on The Common Sense Show, and stated that he had been fooled and that Trump had been compromised for a very long time. I agree with Gary that Trump has been compromised, at least when  it comes to Middle East affairs. I am just not sure for how long Trump has been compromised.  I am saying that Gary is wrong, I am just not sure. However, when it comes to Syria and Iran, there is no question that Trump is compromised. On almost all other issues, he remains in charge, at least for the time being How was Trump compromised? I have contemplated this and have decided to construct a hypothetical set of conversations that Rothchilds, Netanyahu and Trump have likely had to get to this point.  

The Art of Deal: How Central Banking Compromises World Leaders

Rothschild to Netanyahu:  Benjamin, you are a criminal of the highest order. Your criminality parallels Hillary Clinton. You are headed for impeachment and imprisonment. Your people have had enough of the declining standard of living. There is a way out for you.  As you know we need to preserve the Petrodollar for the good of Western banking, just long enough to where we can gain near total control over the world's economy. Iran is at the ccenter of blocking our goal of a one-world economy beyselling oil for gold. Iran must be taken out by any means possible. Syria must be neutralized first before Iran can be taken out. The collapse of Iran will effectively end the BRICS rebellion against the Petrodollar.  We would prefer to take down Syria and Iran without a full-scale invasion. That could invite Russian and possibly Chinese intervention. We would prefer a "death by a thousand cuts" approach which would consist of surgical strikes and economic sanctions designed to cripple the two nations. We want to reduce both countries to to the point where they are no longer a benefit to Russia and Russia will come to recognize the futlility of continued military support which is destroying their national budget. However, if this approach is not successful in the near-term, we will have to create an incident, a false flag event, and launch an invasion. Should Israel prevail, you and your country will be richly rewarded. If you do not cooperate, the only thing that you will soon be ruling over is the toilet in your prison cell. The choice is yours. Do you want to be a national war hero, or a disgraced and imprisoned leader?? Rothschild to President Trump: Mr. President, I will not be calling that much longer if you do ot play ball with us. We can fix it so that your midterm elections are rigged, courtesy of George Soros and friends, and you will subsequently be impeached and maybe even imprisoned. Or you can give us what we need to make every nation a member of the central banks controlled by the Bank of International Settlements. We can make you look like a hero, or you can be a dead man walking.  All we want to is unseat Assad and stop Iran from selling oil for gold. Israel will carry the water militarily speaking, but you must supply logistical support. You must be on board with every false flag created excuse for war we create in the Middle East and you need to let Putin know you will nuke his country if he resists. In the meantime, Mr. President, we will make you the hero of the Korean crisis, Your economy, in the short-term, will continue to show signs of life. The millions that you put back to work will sing your praises. You will be re-elected and we will even allow you to prosecute some criminals from the Deep State which will greatly increase your popularity at home. This all ads up to the fact that you can be a tw0-term president. Russia will back down if you remain resolute and we will destroy the BRICS, they will collapse and capitulate. Or, mr. President,  the Trump Towers can have more 50th floor fires, your daughter could really be in danger next time she opposes the Kushner/Soros agenda, and we will not interfere with the autonomy of groups like the Shining Path who want you dead. Also, if you do not cooperate with the Middle East initiative, we will create such havoc from our 5th column forces embedded in your country, thanks to Obama, we will unleash holy hell in your country. The UN will have their excuse to enter the country under the Kigali Principles and you will preside over a bloody civil war where your head will be the number one prize. The choice is yours, Donald. Oh, by the way, part of your Korean agreement must contain a privision where N. Korea becomes a member of central banking.


Although the text of these conversations are mythical, the context of these conversations, in some form, have clearly taken place. The unseen hand of Rothschild is clearly in play with both Netanyahu and Trump. Will either man stand up against the tyranny? That is not very likely. Will only see surgical strikes in the Middle East, or will we see all-out war? My gut tells me it will be the latter. I hope you are prepared.