China Is Planning to Infiltrate Antifa and BLM In Order to Overthrow the US Government Through the Continued Destablization of Our Democratic Run Cities

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When the news broke about a large contingent of CHICOM troops were discovered in Canada, my initial reaction was to think that the troops, based upon a predetermined signal, would cross the border in force. I still that this is possible. However, I think the Chinese are first going to present themselves  inside of embedded forces within the United States (BLM and Antifa). 

I base this assumption on the fact that the Chinese have a clear and definitive plan on how to gain control over a country. They are more subversive in their military strategy and are increasingly returning to the teachings of Sun Tzu, and they do not often employ a military force as the first option. Based on what I have seen in Ecuador, in the past year, the Chinese will use the tactic of infiltration to wreak continual havoc on America.

I have reason to believe that the Chinese will infiltrate protesters and join the ranks of Antifa as they done in places like Ecuador. I expect that they will even infiltrate, with the Democratic mayor's permission (eg Portland mayor, Ted Wheeler). I am predicting this for two reasons. First, I am told by Federal LEO's that they are expecting the CHICOMS to join Antifa and BLM along with other embedded terrorists. Second, this strategy matches what the Chinese are doing across all of Latin America, not just in Ecuador.

DHS is comingin force to Portland this weekend and they are doing so with great hesitation because of the great unkown. Will they meet Chinese forces embedded in the rands of these so-called social justic warriors?

The Infiltration Strategy Is Working In Ecuador

Each region of the world that the Chinese military front groups have infiltrated speaks directly to military and domestic police control. The methods between Central and South America may seen slightly different, however, the result of the total takeover of the both Central and South America is abundantly clear 

.From the South Morning China Post:.

At some 16 million people, Ecuador’s entire population is smaller than that of Beijing – but despite its size, the country isn’t just attractive to investors from the Middle Kingdom, it has rung up a huge debt with China. Out of 15 countries in Latin America that have received Chinese funding, Ecuador is among the top three borrowers, with a total of 15 loans estimated at US$18.4 billion.

As of last year, only Brazil (US$28.9 billion) and Venezuela (US$67.2 billion) – both major players in the region – received more money from China than Ecuador, according to the China-Latin America Finance Database.

If one controls the economy, eventually, the military is under the control of the financiers and ultimately even the "elected" officials. In Ecuador, the people don;t like it and they protest. But their Chinese puppet government is unresponsive to the will of the people who want to expel the Chinese.

In a protest against the Mirador mine under the control of the Chinese, demonstrators walked 580km from Tundayme to Quito over 11 days in August 2015. Photo: Camara Shuar

The Chinese are locking down key South American countries with their population control technologies. The following paragraphs is merely a small sample size of what is happening in South America. 

From the South China Post:

...New systems already being pioneered in China will link near-total surveillance – made possible by ubiquitous cameras – and access to location data in smartphones, as well as other information on virtually all aspects of a person, including telephone and digital communications, banking and credit card data and complementary commercial transactions, contracts, and public registries,” says the report, titled “The Future of Latin America and the Caribbean in the Context of the Rise of China”....

...Ecuador has bought the ECU-91123 system, designed and built by China National Electronics Import and Export Corp, to integrate its security and disaster relief agencies, including the police, fire services and paramedic units, into one platform...


Since the civil strife, bordering on Civil War emerged in Ecuador, the American mainstream media has refused to cover the highly volatile.

The potential for civil war has been present in Ecuador since last year. Here is a typrical letter I receive on this topic. This is representative communications I have received from American ex-pats living in Ecuador. 

Dear Dave, 

I follow your work almost everyday. I am presently confined to my home. I am not allowed to possess a gun to defend my property. We expats have been ordered to stay in our homes. The situation here is is very dangerous. The people are close to civil war and they hate foreigners and this is why we have been ordered to stay in our homes. The Chinese are stealing the mines and industry from the local population. They have bought off the leaders and want to to toally control the country.

The Chinese forces are helping their puppet Ecuador government stay in power. The are putting Chinese into the military and mostly in the police departments. This allows the Chinese direct access to the protesters  and many have lost their lives.  They are beating and even murdering people who stand against them. It is so bad here that we are making plans to move back to the United States. 

I am afraid that the Chinese soldiers could do the same in America as they are doing in Ecuador. What do you think? 

These concerns are validated by the US embassy.

From the Embassy in Ecuador 

From: <>
Sent: October 17, 2019 0:06
Subject: Message for U.S. Citizens: Crisis Abroad: Be Ready - U.S. Mission, Ecuador, October 16, 2019

Think Ahead

Recent events in Ecuador serve as a reminder that crises may occur anywhere at any time.  The country is prone to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcano eruptions.  The U.S. Mission in Ecuador reminds U.S. citizens of the importance of preparing for potential crises before they occur and offers the following suggestions as you prepare.  Don’t delay – prepare today to be ready tomorrow!

Be Prepared 

  • Have a minimum two-week supply of food and water for each member of your household – and do not forget your pets!  A crisis can make it impossible to leave your home or make the local water undrinkable.
  • Your emergency kit, whether for remaining in place or leaving in a hurry, should include your passports, birth abroad certificates for children born overseas, medical, vaccination, and school records, cash, credit cards, and a card with local translations of basic terms.  If you have pets, be sure to have their vaccination records.  Learn more about items to include in an Emergency Kit or Go Kit.
  • Households with infants and young children should plan for food and supplies, such as diapers and wipes, formula or baby food, a few favorite toys, and a change of clothing.
  • If you take medication, make sure to have at least a two-week supply at any given time – if you can, we encourage enough for a month.  Have a copy of your prescriptions handy.
  • If you use assistive or medical devices that require a power supply, be sure to find backup power or other ways that will sustain your device or equipment during a power outage.
  • We recommend making sure you have health insurance whenever you are traveling abroad.  For more information, see Insurance Providers for Overseas Coverage.
  • Make sure your passport is ready for use in case you should need to travel suddenly.  Most countries require that it be valid for at least six months after the end of your trip and that it have two or more blank pages.  See our passport page for information about renewing passports in Ecuador.

Be Connected 

  • Keep a list of your emergency contacts handy and create a communication plan for reaching family and friends in the event of a crisis. 
  • Phone lines are often affected during a crisis.  Think about other ways to communicate.  For example, update your social media status often and send messages as regularly as possible to let friends and family know how you are doing.
  • The U.S. embassy and consulate, along with the Bureau of Consular Affairs, use social media to provide information – connect with us! TwitterFacebook
  • For more information, see Ways to Contact Loved Ones in a Crisis Abroad.
  • Share the information in this message with family, friends, neighbors, and other U.S. citizens. 

Be Safe 

  • Have an exit strategy.  Know how you will get out of harm’s way without needing to rely on assistance – a crisis may prevent or delay emergency responders’ ability to get to you and there will be many people needing help. 
  • Be sure you know more than one way to get towards safety – the crisis event may make some roads unpassable or unsafe.
  • Follow instructions from local authorities about security and evacuation.  Doing so could save your life.  ECU 911 and Agencia Nacional de Transito provide useful information. 
  • Monitor local radio, television, and other sources for updates.  Situations can change quickly, limiting the time you have to get out.
  • If you are staying in a hotel, talk to the staff to be sure you know the hotel’s emergency plan for a variety of crisis events – fire, flood, electrical outage, storms, civil unrest, earthquake, volcano eruption, etc.
  • Keep in touch with your tour operators, hotel staff, airline, cruise company, and local officials for itinerary changes or evacuation instructions.
  • Contact the U.S. Embassy in Quito and U.S. Consulate General in Guayaquil if you need emergency help.  Please keep in mind that this will not alert emergency responders – if you need emergency medical attention or police assistance, contact the local authorities directly if you can.  Learn more about Ecuador’s emergency service, ECU 911.


·       U.S. Embassy Quito, Ecuador

+(593)(2) 398-5000

+(593)(2) 398-5000 (after hours)


Why Did we not hear about this?

It is abudantly clear that the Chinese, who have adopted the practice of infiltration in South Africa, to South America, will do the same here. Look for these Chinese troops to join the ranks of Antifa and BLM!