Is Resonant Frequency Medicine A “Silver Bullet” For China’s Coronavirus Epidemic,And More?


Richard C. Hoagland, Sharry Edwards, Barbara Honegger, Charlie Ziese, & Robert Morningstar What distinguishes this latest “Wuhan, or Chinese coronavirus” from other, typically low-mortality (2%) members of the same viral “family” — like the common cold, or seasonal flu — is the extraordinarily HIGH mortality rate … close to 50% … being observed, but NOT reported (calculated here by comparing the number of people reported to have died so far, to those who have been reported “fully recovered”)! This is Ebola territory! The World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned of a potential “global pandemic” of the Wuhan Coronavirus — which is obviously why the Chinese government has TOTALLY QUARANTINED Wuhan, a city of 11 million people. Medical authorities are now saying that a traditional vaccine, to effectively counteract this horrifying possibility — “50% lethality, on a global scale (the Spanish Flu killed 50 million victims world-wide in 1918 …)” — could take years to properly develop.

So tonight, we will be exploring the practical application of Sharry Edwards’ proven, but radically different “Resonance Frequency Medicine” — as the potential “silver bullet” to preventing such a global medical catastrophe … while we have time.