Food Riots Coming!!! When Trouble Comes to Your Door Will You Be Part of the 10% Who Know What to Do?


In the past week, I have seen more ignorance, unwarranted bravado, more stupidity and more cognitive dissonance than I have ever seen in the 17 years that I have been covering the nefarious activities of those who want to kill you, or will turn you into a slave.

Modestly, the size of my audience is significant. I realize that my experience and acquired knowledge cannot save everyone. Many people have a psychological makeup that severely inhibits there ability to survive in a crisis.

Ubiquitous research tells us that only 10% of the population can function during a crisis and the average time you have to make a decision is three to five seconds. Here is a scenario that will illustrate what it is I am talking about. You are running for a your life with your family and a close friend. A bullet strikes your friend in the thigh and he collapse on the ground. What would you do, you have three seconds starting right now….one…two…three!  Did you formulate the answer in the time you had to read about the problem? If not, either your friend died or your family was put in more danger than they had to be. What did you say? If you said, you ripped a shirt and tied off the wound and told him to keep pressure on the wound, while yelling at your family to keep running, most would say you are correct. You have 20-30 seconds at most to solve this problem. What to do with your friend….this is a gut-wrenching decision. If he/she cannot get back up and run, you must do an instantaneous triage decision must be rehearsed ahead of time. When you tie off the wound, you must immediately run to catch up with your family that should be running at top speed. You might have time to quickly drag your friend off the street and under a car and leave a weapon behind. But whatever you do, you must run to rejoin your family because they need you to survive. Hesitating beyond tying off the wound and momentarily comforting your friend will likely end your life and lessen the chances of your family’s survival.

This is triage and triage is about ready to be performed on you during this current situation. I am going to be brutally honest about my shift in mentality in terms of how I approach my role on The Common Sense Show. In the past, I tolerated cognitive dissonance, false bravado, and general inexperience or abject stupidity. Today, there is so much that needs to be done to help people to prepare, and a very limited time frame to perform this task, I do not have time to deal with morons who, despite overwhelming evidence that they are in danger continue to follow a course of action that puts both them and their family in extreme danger. I will help when I can, but my focus is centered on helping and advising people that truly appreciate the seriousness of the times that we have entered into. Therefore, I have to perform triage on people who refuse to help themselves and if they engage in obstructionist behavior and detract from this critical mission, I must eliminate them from my forums so they do not impede the progress of disseminating information that could save lives. Therefore, anyone who uses terms like “fear-monger”, or denies the existence of the Coronavirus, will be removed from my platforms.

I do not know the exact numbers associated with transmission of the various strains of the virus, or even the death rate because it is varying in different parts of the world. And even if the virus was a complete hoax designed to usher in a tyrannical dictatorship, it does not matter at this point. My sources are very consistent. Right now, we are under a voluntary shelter in place mandate from federal, state and local authorities. Enjoy this time, because we are going to soon be entering a new reality. And the people who will be making decisions about your life and the lives of your family, could give a damn about your conspiracy theories and insider information, myself included. As I stated, I do not know how bad this virus will be in the United States (see Mike Adams), however, those of you who continue to congregate in public have become the enemy of your country, your community and my enemy. These irresponsivle people are threatening to make the situation far worse than it has to be. 

Friend and trusted source, Paul Martin, contacted me three days ago and told me that his daughter, a nurse, working in Tulsa, reported that people in their 20’s and 30’s were showing up at hospitals and dying from lung and/or heart failure. So much for the myth the CV-19 is not dangerous and that it only attacks people with underlying conditions over the age of 60. Last night, I spoke with a CV-19 survivor and this underlies why I am performing triage on the ignorant in my life as I do not have time to deal with the nonsense when there is so much work to be done. 

If an individual is openly defiant, they will likely, at some point, end up in place not of their choosing and it could be their final residence.

A New Reality

Earlier I mentioned that triage decisions are going to be made. We are already seeing this in Italy. If someone is 80 years old, they have been triaged. In other words, no treatment will be rendered and they will die in the parking lot of a hospital. If an individual has 50% chance of survival vs. someone who has a 25% chance of survival, triage decisions become automatic. The young and the healthiest will be saved and the rest are left to die. This is your new reality. As a general rule of thumb, I would say that anyone over 40 should consider themselves to expendable.

As we have read, the government is taking over food production and food distribution. This is a scary proposition because history is replete with populations being starved into submission. Stalin starved to death 20 million people in Ukraine because they dared to mention the word “freedom”. Who is going to get the food? That depends on who you are, where you live and your potential value to the establishment. Many of you have stored food and that is good. However, long-term, you need seeds to sustain yourself. Learn how to raise food in your living quarters. 

The compliant and non-compliant, the useful and the ==burdensome, the healthy and the unhealthy, the influential and the average Joe are about ready to be triaged in terms of the distribution of valuable resources. In the past few days, I have had several federal law enforcement officials tell me the government is preoccupied with the coming food riots. It is not a matter of if, but when and how many will rampaging through our streets and pillaging everything and everyone in sight. The new mantra could best be phrased as “We either loot or we die of hunger". Triage decisions will be made in terms of saving this neighborhood over another neighborhood because resources will be tight due to the continued collapse of the American economy and the rest will loot and murder in order to meet their needs.

Are You Ready and What Should You Know?

Unless you have experienced hand-t0-hand combat, you have no idea what the coming food riots will be like. There are an estimated 400 million handguns in America and many of you will be caught in the middle.

Many decades ago, I was part of an elite martial arts group and as part of our community service, we provided training for groups, individuals and institutions and self-defense strategies. Building on my past experience, let’s take a brief look at some common sense solutions for the issues coming our way. Please note, this is by no means a complete list of the preparations that you should take. The purpose of the remainder of the article is provide some useful tips, but also to spur people to do their own research and move quickly to action. The defense of every property is unique and one size does not fit all. However, in the remainder of the article, I will endeavor to present strategies that are fairly universal in their application. 


In the coming weeks, we will either be in a state of shelter in place or a complete lockdown. Either condition will bring on the coming violent food riots.

Do not keep all of your food, water, guns, ammo,  and gold in one place. DHS can take any resource they want and rogue agents may take from you just to support their family. Hide, in different locations, your staples of life. Get a CVC pipe and put a gun, ammo and gold in the ground and plant a tree over it. Also, store canned food and a water filtration device.

Today, if a hostile person approached me in a non-life-threatening manner, I would not engage them. I would either strategically withdraw or talk them down. However, if that same person shows up at my home, with perceived hostile intentions and enters my home, I will engage with extreme prejudice. I say this because you need to make the decision when you will apply deadly force. Citizens and even Christians have the right to self-defense. Remember whatever decision you make, the research is clear, each life-saving deicsion must be acted upon within three seconds, or you will likely forfeit your life. 

The remainder of the article is spurred on by the fact that the biggest worry for federal law enforcement officials right now, is the extreme food riots that are going to occur and they could very easily come to your door. 

When Danger Comes to Your Door: A Few Tips That Could Save Your Life

When trouble startes, let nobody into your home. Your friends and neighbors could be used as hostages in order to gain entry into your home. A popular trick in the Bosnian civil war was to have children come to the door begging for help, and when the owner opened the door, they were shot in the head from 100 yards away with a sniper rifle.

Make your property look and feel like there is nobody home and it has been abandoned. A favorite trick that this is often used is to take a couple of chest of drawers and put some clothes in them and scatter them throughout your front yard. This gives your property the look that the house has been picked over and entering it is a waste of time.

If you have to bug out, have rallying points for your family. Stay off the main roads as there will be people who will wait for the inevitable grid lock to occur and go from car to car shooting and robbing people. Always have bug out bags ready and make sure that bag includes a firearm with ammunition.

Have a gun for each member of the family over 12. Why? Because anyone can be shown how to point and shoot. Shotguns are best for home defense. Position yourself to be able fire at anyone entering a window or door. If your door in being beat down, fire one shotgun blast through the door, it will discourage some. When crashing of your door happens, you will have less than 3 seconds to decide to fire. Remember, 3-2-1, if you have not fired,  you are probably dead. Conduct constant empty-gun-practice-dry-firing as you kneel on the floor (don’t stand). Biologists tell us it takes 270 repetitions to form a habit. I just told you how many times you must practice this act. Constant rehearsal will reduce the chance for hesitation. Anyone coming into your house must be shot, when the conditions have turned dire. Do not wait to identify any intruder in a riot situation. Unless you are an expert, aim for the torso with your first shot and then the head. This increases your chances of contact.

Have your magazines preloaded, it is too late when trouble breaks out. Practice putting in the magazine to your gun and practice changing magazines. It is the mechanics of a slow draw or not being ready to shoot within three seconds that can spell the difference between life and death.

Retreat to hallways or dead ends where you have a shooting advantage if one or more rioters enters your home.

If you lack guns and ammo, make sure you have collected wasp spray. It can be fatal or at least blind an intruder. One can also use a squirt gun filled with 75% ammonia and aim it at the face and eyes of the intruders. Even if you have guns and ammo, you could run out. Therefore, these backup weapons should be stored and ready. I know some who keep containers of acid available as well.

Make your home a refuge for close friends and family. You need to have enough people to guard each and every entrance into your home, and 24 watch is necessary. That means while some sleep, some are on watch. Communication should occur with the “watchers” every 10 minutes to make sure that they are awake.

Ration your food and water as early as possible so the people in your home are not fighting each other for control.

Decide on a chain of command. Decisive leadership will limit hesitation for many of the followers. Practice, practice, practice!!!

Lights off at night and keep talking and noise to a minimum. You want to remain invisible and this is a prime ingredient of survival.

If your group has to bug out, do not bunch up. Have an experienced person take the point. Have the more vulnerable people in the middle. Have a rear guard that is inconspicuous and several yards behind because their unanticipated appearance could save the day and do not forget to protect your flank. Make sure your group knows how to seek cover and stay in place when necessary.

Turn off the GPS on your phone so you cannot indiviudally be tracked. 

After a firefight, immediately repair all windows and doors.

I would suggest conducting an inventory on your house or apartment and act accordingly. Do research, talk to experts you know. Train and train again, your life could depend on it.