Jade Helm 16 Is Going Live with the Staffing of Medical Martial Law Camps (Part 2)


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EFS#8  Medical Martial Law

Jade Helm Is Going Live (Part One)


The notion that a Medical Martial FEMA Camp will medically treat incarcerated patients is a fallacy. There is absolutely no proof that these camps of involuntary incarceration are nothing but death camps!

Based upon 5+ years of ressearch on the general topic of Medical Martial Law FEMA Camps, the CSS has come to the conclusion that medical martial law is being implemented in Texas in the form of staffing for these facilities that will house involuntary citizens, both Coronavirus infected, and who would be considered to be imprisoned under false pretenses. The second group, the CSS maintains that they are political prisoners described as infected victims with no real related Coronavirus symptoms. The reason for this belief is based upon the following flimsy reasons associated with forced confinement:

Before one can "legally" transport supposedly infected patients to "death camps" and await the inevitable, the public must be reassured that the rule of law is being followed. When Ebola strikes, the changes in the handling of Ebola patients have already been planned for through a series of legal actions, most of them are Executive Orders. For example, the Executive Order, entitled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Executive Order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals", and Ebola, or the Coronavirus is specifically mentioned. Obama's executive order, entitled, Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Bush's Executive Order 13295, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals  to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.” Even though President Bush specifically mentioned Ebola as an illness which would permit the authorities to utilized forced quarantines, The same will apply to suspected Coronavirus cases. Obama takes this portion of the Executive Order to a whole new level. Obama has granted his administration the authority to detain, in any manner deemed necessary, any person who demonstrates any degree of respiratory distress. This means people with noninfectious asthma could be detained.

These are extremely weak reasons for detainment and being processed into a medical martial law camp. In the above paragraph, It was noted that there is not even one organization that can apply medical treatment. 

Does anyone else find it disturbing that the transport of very sick people will be conducted and the end point is devoid of any medical treatment organizations and/or facilities?  

These camps are death camps. There is not one shred of evidence that these camps are intended to treat or even make comfortable people who will contract Ebola, or the Coronavirus,. The most disturbing thing is that these camps will be death camps for relatively healthy people. If you are a person who is unlucky enough to be discovered to have asthma or merely be temporarily suffering from congestion in one's lungs from allergies or a simple cold, you could find yourself on one of the Federally approved ambulance services (bus, train, plane) and headed to your final destination.  

Jade Helm 16- HEB and Walmart Conversions

From my conversations with a insider (federal senior law enforcement agent), I have learned the following is in process in Texas and it marks the activation of Jade Helm 16. 

The Federal Marshall's Service has offered local law enforcement $50 per hour to provide security for closed HEB store and closed Walmarts. The stores are presently vacant and are located in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. All three cities are "blue cities", meaning democratic. 

If this catches you off-guard and you are wondering why an empty store needs security, it is obvious that the stores are not going to be empty for long. Additionally, the CSS has learned that Allied Signal is also providing security for these stores. If the stores are not going remain empty, then who is going to be housed at these now-empty-stores?

The description of the activities planned for these stores matches what Celeste Solom and myself have been saying about Medical Martial Law FEMA camps. I feel sorry for the people who will end up quarantined in these facilities because the guiding document for this process, EFS #8, does not show any participating group offering medical treatment. In other words, these are death camps and the people that enter have a very low probability of ever leaving alive. 

Welcome to the Hotel California where you can check out but you can never leave. 

There are more breaking stories regarding the Coronavirus and what is truly going on and we will be covering these events here on the CSS.