Phase Two Lock Down Will Introduce the Kill Shot to America


I do not want to write this article. As I put these words on paper, I realize I am writing the epitaph of a country, its noble protections of civil liberties, the continuance of the Republic and the tremendous genocide that has arrived on our door step will go forward unabated.

Some of you will be shocked by what you read. Some of you will say “Dave, you have covered this in different forms for years.”

In 2012, I reported on a personal friend in FEMA who bugged out with like-minded people. He told me that America was to be destroyed because of the growth of populism. My friend and colleague Doug Hagmann introduced “Rosebud” to the world with the same message.

My source told me that the globalists had grown weary of the rise of populism in America. In actuality, it was the adverse reaction to the communist and treasonous policies of former President Obama. I was told by my former FEMA friend, a counter-bioterrorism operative, that our agencies, controlled by the Deep State, had biological weapons in which the world had no idea that we possessed. These weapons were unmatched in lethality by a factor of a thousand. My source was afraid that we would be considered to be a Brownshirt, so he and others bugged out.

I asked him for a time frame for dispersal and he said, in 2012, that he felt the 2016 election had to go their way or all hell would be unleashed. This was 3 full years before the unveiling of Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate.

It would appear that the globalists took the ascension of one of their own the Presidency, Hillary, for granted. Before  the so-called pandemic, 40% of the countries on the planet were experiencing a defiant rise in populism. Remember Brzezinski’s admonition that it used to easier to subjugate a million than kill a million? Then he reversed himself in 2011 when he said it had not become easier to kill a million than try to control them. We are now living out the latter.

The globalists are in the process of throwing the kitchen sink at the American people. Here is an email that illustrates just angle of this attack:


Steve, Dave, & Dr. Ted

Here is an email I received this morning from a company I have an account with. Thought this might be of interest to your Listeners.  I prefer you don't share my email

address.  First name ok.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day !!




The email sent by our source presumably to myself, Steve Quayle and Dr. Ted Broer is as follows:


   ---- Forwarded Message -----

From: SilverLungs <

To: xxx xxxx  user email blocked by request >

Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2020, 12:27:56 AM CST

Subject: SilverLungs "Black Listed" with U.S. Customs!


SilverLungs "Black Listed" with U.S. Customs!

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic became global, The Food and Drug Administration apparently began monitoring incoming shipments addressed to SilverLungs, Inc and recently sent an official letter that they have seized and refused passage of an incoming shipment of respiratory nebulizers. SilverLungs was given the option of paying to return the shipment to our manufacturer or have the shipment destroyed.

This has put SilverLungs on a “black list” with U.S. Customs requiring a mandatory inspection of any incoming shipment addressed to us.

As a reminder, ever since COVID-19 was announced, we have seen Whole Foods remove colloidal silver from their shelves and website with no reason given, Google “AdWords” has banned the entire colloidal silver industry worldwide from their “pay-per-click” advertisements and many colloidal silver companies in the industry have been sent threatening letters from The Food and Drug Administration concerning claims of colloidal silver having any efficacy against the virus. We are clearly entering dark times.


Why would this be done? Clearly, something is coming and the antidote cannot be readily be made available to the public.

Yesterday, I took this to a trusted source that would be able to accurately define the contents of this email and my instincts proved correct:

US Intelligence has foreknowledge of another CHICOM outbreak that is coming our way and it attacks the lungs. Any agent that could possibly retard the effects is being banned by Customs and as one can see that the FDA is involved in the obfuscation of treatment agents which could act as an antidote as to what is coming.

In yet another Deep State complication, I have been told that the Deep State is still highly concerned about the election. They may be able to bribe/threaten appellate judges in Pennsylvania, however, the Supreme Court is quite another The only question remaining on the Supreme Court is how compromised Justice Kavanaugh might be. And if this election is kicked to the House, by the Supreme Court, Trump will win 31-19. This threat is enough to have set into motion a coming genocide.

There is much more to this story, however, I am going to release this one subject at a time so that the public can set aside their political ADHD and focus on one life-threatening issue at a time. I will leave the people with a teaser. The Deagel report has repeatedly called for the reduction of the US population by 85 percent. The readers are about ready to learn how this is going to happen. And the surprising conclusion is that the lung-killing pathogen coming our way is only the fire-starter, it does not constitute the main threat.

Oh by the way, my researchers have conclusive proof linking Kamala Harris’ husband to the voting machine fraud. More revelations to come!