The Military Invasion Taking Place UNDER the Border

border wall

In yesterday's article, I made reference to the fact that there were tunnels of a military nature going under our border wall and that Trump's mission to build a wall has morphed into repelling a light infantry attack. The new designs of the border wall reflect this changing goal. Unfortunately, this article reflects a change in operations at the border, but specific details are still to be discovered. However, this can be certainly be said with absolute accuracy, the main concern at the border is centered around an invasion of the United States, not with stopping the influx of illegal immigrants.

 Tunnels Under the Wall/Border Are the Primary Concern

Inadvertently, the MSM is revealing the changing nature of the concern at our border. From the Washington Post:

...One tunnel is about 50 feet long, unfinished, and stretches across two countries. It starts along the drainage channels that a U.S. border town shares with Mexico, and abruptly endsunderneath a parking lot in Arizona.

Another one runs about 80 feet, also unfinished. Its opening was found inside an abandoned store in the Mexican border city of Nogales.

A third one is about 30 feet,also found somewhere in Nogales, though it’s unclear where it starts or ends.

These tunnels, which authorities suspect were built to smuggle illegal contraband or people across the border, were found within the past month, as President Trump continues to demand $5.7 billion to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico....

As usual, the Washington Post missed the main point connected to this story. The writer had the essential, operating phrase "built to smuggle illegal contraband or people across the border..."  The writer missed the point. The illegal contraband, not people comprises the main concern among Trump administration officials.

In conversations with a deep-cover intelligence official, it is what is in these tunnels that is the concern. One deep cover official told me that these tunneling terrorists have been discovered to have possession of anti-tank mines. "More RPG's than you will find on most military bases". Also, and along with 50 calibre machine guns as well as massive amounts of C-4 explosives, gas masks and biohazard suits have been found which suggests even more about what is coming north of the border. This is an example of the "contraband" being found in tunnels going UNDER the wall.  This is the prepositioning of weapons that Paul martin and I have spoken about in the past interviews.  One former ARSOF said this is the Mexican Ho-Chi-Minh trail.

These tunnels are electrified and some contain portable air supplies in case of a cave in. They are often well-stocked in terms of necessary survival supplies including food, water, and medical supplies. Upon being told this, I stated that this is military operation and then came the most stunning revelation.

In a discovered tunnel under Tijuana which extended well into the United States, Chinese made weapons were discovered. One border official told me that he has personally witnessed the confiscation of weapons from over a dozen different countries. The same source said that this is the continuation of Eric Holder's Fast and Furious operation. From information sources, both past and present, I have learned that the operation is largely headquartered in Del Rio, Texas.

From these covert sources, I have been able to learn how interwoven various criminal activities have become. For example, in Del Rio, children, for child-sex-trafficking are flown into the town from various locations around the world. Then, they are distributed to many of the Mexican resort vacation spots. Contraband flows the other way as well. Massive amounts of weapons are flown in as well and are sent to places in Southern Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

An Ominous Warning

One senior intelligence official told me he has limited access to the weapons caches in tunnels under our border. The information is compartmentalized and classified. People are not talking. This speaks to the fact this is likely, in part an inside job involving activine intelligence agents who have the ability to cover their tracks.

Finally, I asked if we could prove that people like Pelosi is making money on illegal border activities. I was told that this is probably true, but they separate themselves from the activities by two an three degrees and it is impossible to prove complicity.

The next article in this series will look at confirmed evidence which supports what was revealed in this article.