Exterminating 40 Million Americans In Re-Education Camps Is the Goal

CSS Offical-New-Logo2 I have been covering how many of our everyday structures are being converted into makeshift detention centers (i.e. FEMA camps).Hundreds of strip malls across Canada, the UK and the U.S. are having guard towers retrofitted to the existing structures. This is even happening with closed and abandoned strip malls. It is happening with newer construction. It is even happening with our schools, as I covered in detail in yesterday's article. Tomorrow, I am covering how sports stadiums will also double as FEMA camps and the conditioning of the public to accept this tyranny has been underway for sometime. Today, I am taking a brief respite from this three part series on FEMA camp conversions to discuss just how serious these conversions are and how some of the elite want to see tens of millions of Americans  exterminated in re-education camps. Of course there are many who will say that Obama would never do such a thing. Really? The people who would utter such uninformed nonsense have never met Bill Ayers, are familiar with his background and understand the profound influence he has over the current President.

Bill Ayers Launches the Political Career of Obama

Bill Ayers launched the political career of President Obama. This is such a well known and well documented fact that even the mainstream media admits, through Fox's Hannity and ABC talk show host, Larry Elder, openly discuss the fact that Bill Ayers launched the political career of Obama from Ayers Chicago home. Futher, these news entities refer to Ayers as a "terrorist". Please watch the brief interview and see what kind of man launched Obama's political career.  If Fox and ABC are reporting that Ayers is the man who launched Obama's political career,  then why would the sheep continue to deny that fact? And why is it important that Bill Ayers is the architect of Obama's career?   After watching this video, you will note that no mention of Bill Ayers announced intention to exterminate tens of millions of Americans was ever referenced. That is due to the fact that the corporate controlled media (all six outlets) are not permitted to discuss FEMA camps. Just ask Jesse Ventura about that reality as he was heavily censored when he covered the topic on this show, Conspiracy Theory. However, we do not need mainstream media cooperation to tell the American people the truth about Ayers genocidal desires for America, we have the work of former FBI special agent, the late Larry Grathwohl, for that revelation. The Weathermen Underground Leader, Bill Ayers, told former FBI Agent and informant, and my late friend, Larry Grathwohl, that he believed that when the Communist takeover happened, he would have to incarcerate 50 million Americans into re-education camps and exterminate 25 million of them. Larry was an FBI special informant who had penetrated the Underground and became a member in order to take down the organization by getting Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorne arrested. Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dorne, launched Obama’s political career from the living room of their Chicago home. Tom Ayers, Bill’s father, funded Obama’s Harvard education. This information also appears in an affidavit obtained by “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio from Maricopa County, AZ.  Bill Ayers still visits the White House. This affidavit has been entered into evidence against Obama by Sheriff Arpaio. Arpaio would go prison is this document was not authentic. And this is why many believe that Obama has unleashed the Justice Department against Sheriff Arpaio in which the Sheriff is accused by the Obama minions of violating the civil rights of illegal aliens. And what has the Sheriff specifically done to warrant the ire of the federal government for the past two years? Arpaio's Maricopa County Sheriffs Department, upon making an arrest for breaking the law, and subsequently determining that the person was not a citizen, turned over illegal aliens to the Immigration and National Service as he compelled to do under federal law. This is why Obama is persecuting Sheriff Joe. Nobody would believe these facts if they appeared in a movie. However, you better believe that this administration will not hesitate to send any of us to a  FEMA camp and the intent is well documented. The reasons for the implementation of the NDAA, indefinite detention of Americans without due process of law, should be readily apparent. Are you still in denial? Then go to the search engine on this website and type in Executive Order 13603. This is the Obama Manifesto in which he gives himself permission to seize control over all food and water, all food production, all natural resources, all manufacturing, all transportation and Obama has granted himself the authority to conscript any American (labeled a "consultant") into a slave labor arrangement in a location of his choice. Again, the proof is hiding in plain site. Does this sound like this is a President who would hesitate to enact the mandates of his mentor, Bill Ayers? I knew the late special FBI agent, Larry Grathwohl, very well. We spoke on the phone often and he appeared on my talk show numerous times. Larry Grathwohl repeated everyone of these allegations, no less than three times, on The Common Sense Show. Here is a video summation of what he repeatedly to my audience and myself in private conversations. At the time that Ayers said that he was prepared to arrest 50 million American, force them into re-education camps in the Southwest and that he was prepared to murder 50% of them, the country has grown by 40% in population. That means that in today's numbers Ayers would be prepared to murder 40 million Americans because they could not be "re-educated".

Ayers Is Not Obama's Keeper

I would be willing to listen to the argument that Obama, at the time he launched his political career with the backing of Ayers, and the fact that maybe that he did not know about Ayers notorious and terroristic background with genocidal intentions. However, how could he not know? And when Glenn Beck went on Fox every night , in 2009, and exposed these connections, and used this information to attack the credibility of the President, how could Obama not know at that point? Yet, Obama continued to meet with Ayers and does so to this day.

Jade Helm, Strip Malls and School Conversions to FEMA Camps

As the events of Jade Helm and well-documented practice for the extraction of political dissidents and the implementation of martial law, coupled with a meteoric rise in FEMA detention facilities, can anyone understand why I, and so many like me are concerned that Jade Helm, or its successor will go live and the nation will follow the script set by the mentor of this current President? Coupled with the unconstitutional passage of the NDAA, which allows for permanent detention devoid of civil liberties and due process, we are all in a great deal of danger.

Maybe, more people need to pay closer attention to the rapid rise of FEMA detention facilities. Who are they intended for? Is this the manifestation of Bill Ayers goal of exterminating 40 million Americans? After reading this, are you really ready to ignore the possibilities? You do so at your own peril.

On July 19th, join The Common Sense Show, as I interview Steve Quayle on the pitfalls and benefits of expatriation given the current political climate and these facts, in part, comprise the current political climate. More details will be forthcoming. Tomorrow, I will be discussing how your favorite  professional sports team is willing to lend its facility to DHS and FEMA for unwarranted detention.

Do you think that mall conversions and school conversions to FEMA camps coupled with stadium and arena conversions add up to 80 million Americans incarcerated and 40 million Americans eliminated from the landscape? 

 And again, all the evidence is hiding in plain sight.

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