A New Phase of Red Dawn Preparation and Activity Has Commenced


As followers of this website, it is clear that a Red Dawn invasion of a weakened invasion is planned. We are now witnessing the unveiling of domestic terrorism on a larger scale designed to weaken America. Meanwhile, south of our border, the Russians have moved in heavy armor in large numbers and are awaiting a sufficiently weakened America before attacking. This report exposes the beginnings of this two-pronged action. MS-13 is on the loose and the Russians are moving tanks into Nicaragua after signing a naval agreement with Ortega. 

The following is a report that is multifaceted and the content is very disturbing. This report contains some elements that I have been warning about for years. Some of my revelations related to the growing military threat in Central America have been met by a few with extreme derision.

The critics of the Red Dawn threat, south of our border, will literally have heart attacks with the revelations that are going to be coming out over a period of time. Paul Preston, the President of New California and myself are literally getting proof that the threat that will one day attempt to militarily cross our southern border has been preceded by a domestic terror threat of unthinkable violence. 

Over the past year, Marilyn Rupar, Alexandra Daley and myself have uncovered incontrovertible proof that the Mexican drug cartel interests in this country are controlled by the Communist Chinese. In the past, I have also revealed from a high level confidential informant that when the United States is sufficiently weakened, Russia and China, under the UN flag, will attack the United States. Both nations have a plethora of 5th column paramilitary forces already inside of the country. The three of us have linked these interests into the Democratic Party as has former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney and former Congressman, Alan West, along with researcher, Trevor Louden. All point to the covert places in place inside of the United States that largely gained entrance to this country in the last Central American migration five years ago. Even the most unaware are cognizant of the fact that the UN and prominent globalists, such as George Soros, are involved. We know key Democratic figures, through the CALEXIT affiliations are involved. Even disgraced FBI Director, Comey, stated on July 4, 2017, that ISIS has a presence on all 50 states. In 2014-15, I detailed, though insider information about how this government, under Obama, was facilitating the entry into this country by hitmen from the cartels and we called them MS-13. 

Paul Preston and the Growing Domestic Threat to the United States

 On Labor Day, Paul Preston was doing show prep for his popular radio show when he received a call before 5:00 am from a law enforcement listener of my show who was located in the Santa Barbara area.  Like many in the media, Paul was just beginning to follow the burning boat story on local TV channels from Los Angeles when his law enforcement listener surprised him with his stunning revelations. In a nearly two hour phone call with Paul on Sunday, September 9th, he revealed to me that this source was impeccable and had never been wrong. The source revealed that the burning dive boat, the Conception, was blown up as a “hit” on several people in the boat. From my conversation with Paul, I have narrowed it down to three individuals. One figure, to be named later, had Epstein connections. Personally, I am sold on this connection without more information. However, the other two alleged targets of this terrorist attack have my attention. Paul Preston revealed the following both to me on the previously mentioned phone call and on his website:

The hit centered around M.S. 13 the international cartel gang that arose in Los Angeles in the late 1980s who were taking out people involved in human trafficking and drug smuggling. In later conversations it was revealed there was a money laundering element involving two of the victims.

We broadcast that morning that the fire may have been a hit by M.S. 13 and there would be more information coming. By noon time I was getting calls that news sources around the nation were stopping their coverage of the story except those in the local area.

For example, Fox and CNN literally stopped covering this event. Local TV did not, but the national media did. Even Drudge pulled back information on the event from his website. 

Please keep in mind that as I relate the following, I am reminded of the fate of the battleship Maine. This was another instance in which a ship was blown up, along with all the enlisted men and only the officers survived. In the case of the Conception, the crew survived, except for one missing crewman who many suspect was a participant in the crime. 

Subsequently and based on new information, Paul Preston posted a Facebook post to Agenda 21 Radio on Friday September 6, 2019. Preston immediately posted this to his website:

“30 + Dead: MS-13’s Callous Disregard Of Collateral Damage:

Folks in positions of authority and power are avoiding an ugly truth as if they dare not touch it like the third rail in a subway. I did however have a few folks make contact because they did not want the truth to be ignored or worse yet to have it deliberately swept under the table. A few days ago a couple of criminals were wiped out and over 30 innocent victims were sent to their graves years before their times. The innocent were in the wrong place at the wrong time and those given charge of the safety and security of those aboard their vessel deserted their responsibilities and aided in the deaths of those innocents.

A casual observer could put two and two together and ask a meaningful question as to how it was that the crew managed to survive the inferno while their passengers did not? Would cowardice be the only thing that those crew survivors had in common or were there lives spared through foreknowledge and complicity? Again, people might ask reasonable questions given the tally of the dead and the convenient selfish actions of the crew.

As I chatted with folks close to the scene and the investigation and those who have experience with gang related activities the details shared with me were that MS-13 has recently employed a strategist in their quest to effectively wipe out enemies or authorities that get in their way. They have never been shy about direct action, nor have they been bothered by collateral damage. They find themselves in every state with a mandate to profit from the misery of others either from the sale of illegal substances, stolen goods, kidnapping, murders for hire, or paying for political influence – these are not choir boys and they have proven their viciousness on a national scale without caring that they will be exposed as the deliberate beneficiaries of the recent carnage.

When police freely share information that is at the moment hidden from public view, you know that some consciences are bothered and there is a fear that justice will not be administered to the guilty. Should the public be bothered, be worried, be fearful? Or would all of the aforementioned by appropriate given this new level of effectiveness on the part of a major lawless element of American society? I am suggesting that we should be bothered, worried, and fearful if the swift execution of justice is not seen to be levied against the lawless”.

What I learned next is stunning. A couple, who I will not yet identify, for the time being pending the gathering of more data, had deep connections to a casino interest in Southern Arizona and the casino and Native land extended into Mexico. This gave the cartel interests and corrupt government forces direct access to the American based casino. This casino was allegedly the site of much money laundering and just like the Vegas mobs in the 1960's and 1970's, the mob dealt harshly with those who would skim money.

This cartel hit, via their MS-13 assassins which killed 30 innocent citizens demonstrates the viciousness of the cartels and their MS-13 subordinate. However, this story does not end with the individual story of this brutality. Re-enter Marilyn Rupar and Alexandra Daley. Their independent research along with my own efforts have clearly revealed that the cartels are beholding to communist Chinese interests. I have documented this fact dozens of times on the CSS and on our radio show. I have had confirmation of this fact by a multitude of insiders ranging from the DEA to the Border Patrol to the FBI. I even mentioned yesterday a partial list of California politicians who are in bed with the Communist Chinese (eg Feinstein, Harris, Pelosi, et al). I have documented for three years the Chinese connection to CALEXIT. These groups are now being unleashed. I had a DHS agent recently tell me that the false flag (my term) shootings are happening every other week. He said that they expect them to increase with regularity and intensity and will culminate with more loss of life. The blowing up this ship meets the criteria. He also said that he expectation is that we are building for more major disruptions (eg Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, etc). We have clearly moved into this zone. Remember, this is Chinese led. 

Paul Preston also told me a Chinese operative that is operating in Stockton, CA. and has been brought in to coordinate these actions. Further, I have also learned that under this person's direction an incendiary device was used to blow up the ship. I have also learned that the media lied about the ship being 3 miles out to sea. It was twenty yards off of the coast. One of the crewmen is missing. The operating hypothesis is that he was part of the plot and set off the device and swam to shore and disappeared. This is a classic MS-13 hit. But the ramifications of this case cannot get lost in the details of the case. First, our MSM is complicit in covering up the event. Sometimes, it is not what the media says that is important, it is what they do not say. After the other shootings, there was a media frenzy to interview survivors and family members and friends of the victims. Media coverage went on for days until the public grew weary. However, in the case of the blowing up of this ship, the opposite happened. There is a distinct lack of coverage and the human elements that draws viewers was all but ignored. In other words, the fix is in and this event was too hot for the MSM to handle. 

I have long said that with the importation of groups like ISIS, the cartels and MS-13, that it was only a matter of time until America was brought to her knees by a coordinated attack from these groups. I have previously stated that these attacks will be coordinated and are designed to paralyze the US.  I have also stated that when America is sufficiently weakened, the Russians and Chinese will invade. Steve Quayle and myself have discussed this on my radio show many times. We are now officially entering this period where is America is in the early stages of being carved up like the proverbial Thanksgiving turkey. You will not believe what I have uncovered in the past 2 days. For people, who maintain there is no Red Dawn threat, you might want lock and load while you are reconsidering your position. The awakening of these 5th column domestic terrorists inside of the United States is being accompanied by very serious and new military activity south of the border. When one begins to understand these events, the domestic terror under the direction of the communist Chinese and the gathering of military forces south of the border by the Russians is no accident. This is clearly a coordinated activity. 

The Growing Central American Military Threat South of the US Border

Marilyn Rupar sent me documentation of a growing heavy armor Russian presence in Nicaragua. I began to research this and I confirmed and even went further than Marilyn's expressed concerns of what this threat could soon mean to the United States. 

NICARAGUA Sept. 4, 2019
Russian shows it's continued presence as Tanks roll in Managua, Nicaragua parade


*** this is to remind Nicaraguan people that RUSSIA not Ortega is in control of their government. 
Like an undeclared martial law, no?

In July 2018- Russian snipers literally BLEW THE BRAINS out of protesters heads with Dragunov guns
(their brains had to be picked up from the streets)

jpg-russian tanks.png    jpg-russian tanks - 2.jpg


As one can see from the information originally posted, the report came from a tweet which showed Russian tanks parading in a military parade in the capital city of Nicaragua at a military parade. The following is a presentation of three short Youtube videos by the people who posted the tweet. This is extremely concerning. 

And there is more...


In a very concerning discovery, Nicaragua and Russia have a signed mutual defense pact which involves their respective Naval forces. The first thing that came to mind is that a weakened America will not just be attacked through the southern border, there could be an amphibious attack as well from the Gulf, with the help of the Cubans and one the coast of California where one has to wonder if Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris will be there to greet them when they land.


Why would the Russians be parading their tanks in Nicaragua? Wouldn't it be cheaper just to send a delegation? It would be but that is not the objective. The clear objective is to hide these tanks in plain sight. They can only be there for one purpose and it is not to participate in parades. 

Let me play the role of Captain Obvious. The domestic coordination of Russian troop build up in this hemisphere coordinated with the emergence of 5th column terrorist activity within the United States cannot be dismissed as coincidence. This is the beginning of the take down of America. I personally suspect that these forces along with riots, which will be artificially created (eg Antifa) along with embedded terrorists and embedded Chinese are about to unleashed upon America in advance of the election that the Deep State democrats will learn that they cannot win. Armed revolution with the combined forces of foreign militaries and domestic terrorists will comprise the Red Dawn force. For those that have read my previous articles on Red Dawn would agree that the threat is taking shape in a clear and definable manner