Ohio Middle School Tosses Out the 10 Commandments, Dishonors Veterans and Suspends Student for Supporting Both


By Alexandra Daley- CSS Special Report


This is unbelievable! I guess I take umbrage and exception because of the topic - but this is utterly disgusting.

An 8th grader v. 1st A rights - Tyler Carlin's history project was a replica of a battlefield cross to mark the death of a soldier. His teacher told him it was ok to do; made with a helmet, boots and a Nerf dart gun. When he brought the project in, it was promptly taken from him AND he was given a 3 DAY SUSPENSION!!

He got an attorney who wanted the suspension expunged from his record and delay the suspension -- they would not comply!

Instead of showing honor to our troops and the sacrifices they make, they PUNISH children and continue to not only strip rights, but make an extreme "example " so to dissuade the next child ...

These parents at this school ought to storm the district.Add to that, this same school removed the 10 Commandment plaque because the FFRF - Freedom From Religion Foundation found the plaque a "flagrant violation" of the 1st A.

And they have the audacity to say the district's stance on religion (Biblical) makes children who don't believe outsiders. .... How about this - how about if you don't like what is being taught, you don't send your child there and find another school  rather than CHOOSE to go there.

How about you don't move into this neighborhood, because most parents scope out the schools their child will attend before moving in the first place?

How about telling the FFRF to go pound sand?!

The hypocrisy from this group's stance: We want children of non-religion to feel comfortable and accepted (I am betting that the kids themselves have never addressed this), and we want to strip YOUR rights, values and beliefs. Ah yes...tolerance at it's finest. And more proof good and evil cannot coexist.

While I cannot say I am sur.prised, nor should I be at a loss for words (being this is about the 1st A), I am almost speechless and outraged. (Moreso, because my father served in WWII, my uncles in Korea and Nam, my grandfather, and my nephew who has made many tours in the Middle East...the list is long)