The Three Stages of Martial Law-What Comes Next?

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Intentionally, the scope of this article is rather narrow. The purpose of this article to define terms and phrases so we can best be prepared and make intelligent and possibly life-saving decisions.

The main question on everyone’s mind is whether or not we will be going into full-scale martial early on March 23, 2020. In order to answer this question accurately, we need to be able to define terms and understand how the ruling authority defines terms. In a national Telecast on March 22, 2020, Acting DHS Director Wolf stated that we will ABOSLUTELY not being going into martial any time soon and the mainstream media devotees breathed a collective sigh of relief. However, I know for a fact that the government will never use the term “martial law”, but that does not preclude that martial law won’t be imposed in another name in a kind of “a rose is a rose is a rose by another name”.  See the video below for more detail on Director Wolf’s statements.


My Prediction

For the record, I do not believe that we are going into full blown martial law. However, I am also aware that most people don’t understand the various levels of restrictions that can be imposed by our government. The are three basic levels of restrictions that can be placed upon the people during a crisis, particularly a health crisis, which supersedes the Constitution during a public health emergency.

The Three Levels of Medical Martial Law

 One can subdivide the government’s emerging strategy in dealing with the public during this health crisis. As a caveat to what is following, I want to caution people to not accuse everyone in the government of being in a conspiracy to overthrow the government and take away civil liberties. However, it would also be grossly naïve to believe that politics will not become a major contributor to how this crisis is managed. In the following stages, we will witness a growing progression of power with each successive stage. Frequently, the stages overlap each other. It should also be noted that the CDC and FEMA have failed to mention in that quarantining has ever totally contained a pandemic. One can lessen te impact, but total eradication should not be expected.

Voluntary Shelter-In-Place (VSIP)

This is what the private sector is in now. We are asked to keep social distance and not host events over 10 people. Stay home at all possible, and encouragements for good hygiene are continuously offered. In most places you can still drive to where you want to go and there are no checkpoints, no papers pleases locations. Grocery stores, most gun stores, and pharmacies remain open although shortages are appearing.

 The President issued a 15 day voluntary shelter in place which expires in less than a week.

Mandatory Shelter-In-Place (MSIP)

In most states across the country, MSIP is what is in place for much of the public sector. Sporting events have been closed for weeks now. However, in most states, restaurants, bars, churches, and gyms have been ordered closed. This is not mandator, however, the states are the enforcement agent, not the federal government. It is entirely possible that on 3.23.2020, that the federal government will assume that authority a precursor to assuming even more power. Mandatory shelter in place can be accompanied by curfews. People will need government permission slips to travel. Violators will be arrested. Looters could be shot on sight. One could be quarantined to their homes. In Italy, there are a couple of periodic exceptions that could occur where one will be allowed to travel to the grocery store. The number of people allowed into a store are limited and the time to shop and in what quantities are limited. The permission to shop for food and/or prescriptions could allowed on a randomized basis, “if your address ends in these numbers, etc”… Shortages will be frequent. Of course, politics will play a role. However, genocidal persecutions are not in play.  

Full-Blown Martial Law

This is political and individual and groups are targeted. Extreme quarantines will be put into place. Gun confiscations will occur for targeted populations. These are the darkest moments in history. Usually, a society arrives at this moment in an incremental fashion by proceeding through one, or two, of the previous stages. In this environment, nobody is safe and this is the environment that will spark a civil war in America.


The ruling authority will determine if we have a civil war. If we get to extreme lockdowns and the stories of public abuse of private groups becomes known, the military will divide, and the people will divide. We will be living in the movie, The Purge.

I do not believe that the government, this week will go beyond mandatory shut downs of what is already shut down by the states, only it is now a federal order. The future? Who knows, stay tuned. However, the Democrats will not stop with this. The next part in this series will undoubtedly have something else if the Coronavirus does not result in a coup. That, what else, will be discussed next.